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Consumer Food Buying during a Recession. Lusk, Jayson L.; McFadden, Brandon R. Jul 1, 2021 5231
UK think tank: Unexpected trade, manufacturing gains averted 'double-dip' Q2 recession. Jun 10, 2021 730
Reviving economy from recession. Atiq-ur-Rehman May 30, 2021 1144
Longest recession since Marcos era. May 17, 2021 758
Community initiative: Response to continuing recession. May 14, 2021 467
-4.2%. May 12, 2021 942
COVID-19 and the U.S. Economy. Weinstock, Lida R. Report May 1, 2021 8586
LONDON MARKET MIDDAY: Eurozone recession and Barclays slide quash gain. Apr 30, 2021 1269
PLM President: PH may face second year of recession without additional cash aid. Apr 29, 2021 299
Ghana exits recession, Resumes Economic Growth. Apr 26, 2021 1170
World Bank Expresses Surprise at Nigeria's Quick Exit from Recession. Apr 6, 2021 286
11: Recession, Contraction and Perseverance: 1970-2000. Apr 1, 2021 392
Nigeria looks to build back after pandemic havoc: Africa's largest economy is recovering from the recession brought about by falling oil prices and the effects of Covid-19 in 2020, but is growth likely to be in line with optimistic forecasts? Games, Dianna Cover story Apr 1, 2021 1915
Beyond The Snappy Recession. Mar 9, 2021 1331
Buhari, Ngige and Nigeria's exit from recession. Mar 3, 2021 1556
NEW DEAL SPURS NEW THINKING: "The 'Roosevelt Recession, ' as Republicans especially liked to refer to it, was to alter FDR's policies in two ways.... It marked the winding down of the New Deal [and] signaled the beginning of 'Keynesian' fiscal policy, first as a matter of necessity, but soon enough as a matter of genuinely revised beliefs.". Selgin, George Mar 1, 2021 2820
Policies to help the working class in the aftermath of COVID-19: Lessons from the Great Recession. Burkhauser, Richard V.; Corinth, Kevin C.; Holtz-Eakin, Douglas Mar 1, 2021 6455
Recession exit: Test of resilience of Nigeria's economy. Feb 28, 2021 1518
Double-dip recession dodged but GDP down 10%. Feb 13, 2021 263
UK economy suffers biggest slump on record... but avoids double-dip recession; The UK's economy shrunk faster than at any point in 100 years in 2020 as coronavirus restrictions hit output. Scott Reid Feb 12, 2021 610
Nicosia welcomes EU forecast on weaker recession. fm Feb 11, 2021 238
Pre-need firms more than doubled losses amid pandemic-induced recession. Feb 11, 2021 318
Velasco bats for P420-B fund for Bayanihan 3 as economic recession continues. Feb 7, 2021 582
Fiscal Policy and Recovery from the COVID-19 Recession. Gravelle, Jane G.; Marples, Donald J. Report Feb 1, 2021 12531
What happened to temps? Changes since the Great Recession. Luo, Tian; Mann, Amar; Holden, Richard J. Feb 1, 2021 5749
UK To Avoid Double-Dip Recession Amid "Brighter" Outlook - Think Tank. Jan 28, 2021 542
UK to avoid double-dip recession, says think tank. HOLLY WILLIAMS Jan 28, 2021 528
Eyes on CBN as Nigeria battles worst recession. Jan 25, 2021 2579
Double-dip recession on cards for UK economy after private sector slump; A double-dip recession looks even more likely after the UK's private sector saw activity slump this month due to the latest round of lockdowns. Scott Reid Jan 22, 2021 351
UK set for double-dip recession. HENRY SAKER-CLARK Jan 16, 2021 497
UK economy heads back into recession. Jan 16, 2021 187
UK hurtling towards fresh recession after 'alarming' GDP figures; Britain is heading for a double-dip recession after official figures showed that output tumbled in November amid lockdowns and restrictions on both sides of the Border. Scott Reid Jan 15, 2021 610
UK economy contracts in November; 'double-dip recession' in view. Reuters News Service Jan 15, 2021 525
FTSE 100 drops to October lows on recession fears. Hannah Godfrey Jan 15, 2021 783
PH in 2021 - from recession to recovery. Jan 14, 2021 428
Financial Expert Advises FG On How To Pull Out Of Recession. Jan 11, 2021 477
UK offers extra APS4.6 billion to firms to soften new COVID-19 recession. Jan 6, 2021 553
UK set for double-dip recession as latest lockdown follows bleak ak end to 2020, warns BCC. Jan 6, 2021 381
New car sales nosedive to recession levels. SARAH SLATER Jan 5, 2021 157
Double dip recession almost a certainty as new lockdown brought in; After the first lockdown plunged the UK into the worst recession for more than 300 years, the latest one looks certain to wipe out any recovery we might have had before it even had a chance to get going. By, James Andrews Jan 5, 2021 377
How Oil Fortunes' Fall Contributed To Second Recession. Jan 5, 2021 594
2021 Economic Outlook: Uncertainty prevails, yet experts remain positive. Barbour, Tracy Jan 1, 2021 2400
I COVER STORY 3 Author Dana Vorisek Author Franziska Ohnsorge Author M. Dec 31, 2020 3436
Impact of Covid-19 on Emerging Market and Developing Economies. Dec 31, 2020 3423
Second coming of recession: What hope for Nigeria? Dec 27, 2020 2005
PHL facing a W-shaped recovery, long-drawn recession, says expert. Dec 23, 2020 662
Energy: The COVID-19 Recession Impacts Prices. Polzin, Paul E. Dec 22, 2020 729
Nigeria's recession: board member, London Business School, proffers solution. Dec 21, 2020 791
Why Nigeria's Economy Is In Recession - LCCI. Dec 14, 2020 460
Nigerian consumers demand for financial products remains strong amid recession. Dec 10, 2020 848
Recession: What Nigerians should do to survive -Dr Bello, development economist. Dec 6, 2020 1711
Emefiele Has Halted Threat Of Recession, Energized Naira- ACJHR. Dec 6, 2020 370
TOP NEWS: Australia Exits First Recession In Almost 30 Years. Dec 2, 2020 516
Oil Price Crash May Prolong Nigeria's Worst Recession. Dec 1, 2020 1008
Recession: Prof Uwaleke suggests way out. Nov 29, 2020 2255
Recession Sends Panic Wave Across Advertising, Marketing Industry. Nov 29, 2020 635
Recession: The Dangers, The Positives. Nov 29, 2020 1348
History, Recession And A Sector In Progressive Decay. Nov 27, 2020 1322
Recession: Economy still buoyant, FG insists. Nov 27, 2020 441
Recession: economy still buoyant, FG insists. Nov 26, 2020 445
Experts Disagree With FG On Quick Exit From Recession. Nov 25, 2020 1478
How maritime sector can fast-track recession exit. Nov 25, 2020 992
Recession: FG Won't Recall 2021 Budget a Minister. Nov 25, 2020 1337
COVID-19, Recession And Vindication Of Yahaya Bello. Nov 25, 2020 709
Nigeria: Recession With A Glimmer Of Hope. Nov 25, 2020 1406
How Nigeria Will Exit Recession, By FG. Nov 24, 2020 2368
ESP Implementation To Reverse Recession - FG. Nov 24, 2020 1549
Recession: You're not running economy well, PDP tells Buhari. Nov 23, 2020 1198
Hopefully Nigeria WiIl Exit Recession By Q12021 - FG. Nov 23, 2020 762
Recession: 2021 Budget Must Target Aggressive Local Production Of Consumables - Daramola. Nov 23, 2020 296
Recession: Yoruba Group Blames Politicians, Restates Commitment To Self-Determination. Nov 23, 2020 422
Atiku, Analysts List Measures To Exit Nigeria From Worst Recession. Nov 23, 2020 2821
Hard times as Nigeria slip into worst economic recession. Nov 22, 2020 805
Bankruptcy bell tolls, expert warns over 2nd recession. Nov 22, 2020 770
Reactions As Nigerian Economy Suffers Another Recession. Nov 22, 2020 1389
Failure To Heed Patriotic Counsel Leads To Recession - Atiku. Nov 22, 2020 1302
Recession: Yoruba Group Restates Commitment To Self-Determination. Nov 22, 2020 421
Senseless Economic Policies Pushed Nigeria To Recession- Awelewa, Lagos Activist. Nov 22, 2020 310
Nigeria slides into worst economic recession. Nov 21, 2020 274
Recession imperils PHL banks' stability-SandP. Nov 17, 2020 555
Germany sees growing risk of recession. Andrew Rosenbaum Nov 16, 2020 345
Japan exits recession as GDP grows 5.0% in Q3. Nov 16, 2020 601
Opening Borders May Safeguard Recession-Bound Nigeria. Nov 16, 2020 907
Recovery takes us free from recession amid future fears. Nov 13, 2020 472
Recovery takes us free from recession amid future fears. Nov 13, 2020 472
India to shore up manufacturing, jobs after recession warning. Nov 12, 2020 541
Indonesia tumbles into first recession for 2 decades. Nov 5, 2020 376
Impact of the Recession on Medicaid. Mitchell, Alison Nov 1, 2020 1546
COVID-19 and the U.S. Economy. Weinstock, Lida R. Report Nov 1, 2020 8442
Potential Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Income Security of Older Americans. Li, Zhe; Cooper, Cheryl R.; Davies, Paul S.; Donovan, Sarah A.; Huston, Barry F.; Isaacs, Katelin P. Report Nov 1, 2020 27409
The true cost of upheaval; Suppliers are counting their costs as coronavirus, recession and Brexit are offset against one another. Alec Mattinson Oct 24, 2020 3146
Alistair Darling urges Rishi Sunak to fight Covid recession 'like a war'; Former Chancellor Alistair Darling has warned the economic effects of coronavirus could last a decade and urged the UK Government to support businesses and jobs "through to the end" as he likened tackling the coming recession to a war. Gina Davidson Oct 19, 2020 721
STR - Europe's Recovery From the Last Recession. Oct 13, 2020 916
STR - Europe's Recovery From the Last Recession. Oct 13, 2020 918
Nigeria Sliding Into Recession Again, Buhari Confirms. Oct 8, 2020 1053
How Will Insurers Navigate This Recession? Kenneth Saldanha Oct 5, 2020 1109
The first female recession threatens to wipe out decades of progress for U.S. women. Rockeman, Olivia; Pickert, Reade; Bloomberg, Catarina Saraiva Oct 4, 2020 1096
How to perceive global economy in middle of pandemic, recession. Noha El Tawil Oct 2, 2020 1714
Employment Outcomes for College Graduates since the Great Recession. Scherer, Lauri Oct 1, 2020 464
In recovery mode: manufacturers try to bounce back after COVID-19 disruptions. Moutray, Chad Report Oct 1, 2020 6647
Economists tackle the challenges of a pandemic. Swonk, Diane; Cook, Lisa D.; Coronado, Julia; Morris, Emily Kolinski; Paulson, Anna; Poterba, James Oct 1, 2020 8260
Spatial Analysis on the Health Effects of Economic Recession in Michigan. Onicescu, Georgiana; Valdmanis, Vivian Sep 22, 2020 5337
COUNTERCYCLICAL PROPERTY TAXES. Hayashi, Andrew T. Sep 22, 2020 22819
Indiana's foreign direct investment and its occupation effects. Zheng, Ping "Claire" Sep 22, 2020 1456
The Costs of Cutting School Spending Lessons from the Great Recession. KiraboJackson, C.; Wigger, Cora; Xiong, Heyu Sep 22, 2020 3197
Investing in times of recession. Sep 21, 2020 784
Global recession not as deep as expected in 2020: OECD. Sep 17, 2020 180
Nigeria bank deposits rise faster than loans despite CBN credit push as economy dives into recession. Sep 9, 2020 556
We've slipped into recession. CIARA PHELAN and CILLIAN O'BRIEN Sep 8, 2020 480
Recession Provides Fuel for Agency Start-ups. Tony Caldwell Sep 7, 2020 695
Forex, looming recession and how to stem the tide. Sep 6, 2020 2633
Averting the looming recession. Sep 5, 2020 701
Recession will smother the boom, say experts. Sep 3, 2020 186
Recession will smother the boom, say experts. Sep 3, 2020 186
Is Nigeria Heading for a Technical Recession? Sep 2, 2020 674
TOP NEWS: Australia Enters Recession After Three Decades Of Growth. Sep 2, 2020 367
Indonesia at 'near-certain recession' as recovery depends on virus control, economists warn. Sep 1, 2020 656
Germany's Economy Minster expects recession due to COVID-19 impact to be weaker than predicted. Sep 1, 2020 191
Germany's Economy Minster expects recession due to COVID-19 impact to be weaker than predicted. Sep 1, 2020 195
Old habits die hard. Sep 1, 2020 699
Assessing the Not-So-Great New Deal. Selgin, George Sep 1, 2020 6842
Of Recessions and Recoveries. Kurkul, Doug Sep 1, 2020 575
COVID-19 recession is tougher on women. Karageorge, Eleni X. Sep 1, 2020 697
Management of Deep Gingival Recessions by Modified Coronally Advanced Tunnel Technique with Titanium Platelet Rich Fibrin Membrane or Connective Tissue Graft: 36 Months Follow-up Clinical Study. Koyuncuoglu, Cenker Zeki; Ercan, Esra; Uzun, Bilge Cansu; Tunali, Mustafa; Firatli, Erhan Clinical report Sep 1, 2020 4965
COVID-19 Crisis, Impacts on Catholic Schools, and Potential Responses Part I: Developed Countries with Focus on the United States. Wodon, Quentin Sep 1, 2020 14870
The gathering storm: Farmers fear unprecedented challenges from the triple threat of pandemic, Brexit and global warming; Experts warn of devastating impact ting impact as rural economy bears brunt of coronavirus, floods and recession A FARMER'S STORY. Krissy Storrar Aug 30, 2020 1445
Virus resurgence stokes fears of double-dip recession. Aug 25, 2020 686
Economic indicators 'truly disturbing' - PCCI. Aug 21, 2020 1067
'Larger stimulus no guarantee for milder recession'. Aug 21, 2020 672
FG predicts recession, as revenue plummets. Aug 20, 2020 1372
Cash still has a role to play in the economy -- especially in a recession. Marc Terry Aug 19, 2020 741
June remittances up 7.7% amid recession. Aug 18, 2020 549
Japan economy shrinks at record 7.8% in April-June quarter. Aug 17, 2020 597
COVID-19: Global recession influenced 2021-2023 MTEF/FSP -Ahmed. Aug 14, 2020 587
Investment manager warns of double-dip US recession in event of Trump election victory. Aug 14, 2020 692
Investment manager warns of double-dip US recession in event of Trump election victory. Aug 14, 2020 690
If Trump wins the US presidential election, will the US economy see a double-dip recession? Aug 14, 2020 725
StanChart: Bangladesh economy shows signs of positive growth despite global recession. Aug 13, 2020 479
Turkey on brink of recession as economy collapses. Arab News Aug 13, 2020 315
UK in recession as GDP plummets 20.4% over lockdown period. Aug 13, 2020 693
Market Report: FTSE gains despite UK recession gloom. Aug 13, 2020 316
Britain collapses into its deepest recession on record after lockdown. JAMES PUGH Aug 13, 2020 511
Britain collapses into its deepest recession on record after lockdown. JOHN CORSER Aug 13, 2020 509
UK collapses into largest recession. Aug 13, 2020 290
IRELAND ON THE BRINK OF WORST RECESSION EVER; Pandemic and Brexit trigger economic woes. PAT FLANAGAN Aug 13, 2020 447
WORST IN EUROPE; CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: PM SHAMED BY SHOCK DOUBLE BLOW Recession worse than UK neighbours' Death toll of 41,329 is more than any in EU. GRAHAM HISCOTT Head of Business Aug 13, 2020 800
WORST IN EUROPE; UK hit hardest by lockdown recession>>Death toll of 41,329 is more than any in EU. GRAHAM HISCOTT Head of Business Aug 13, 2020 802
WORST IN EUROPE; CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: PM SHAMED BY SHOCK DOUBLE BLOW>>Recession worse than UK neighbours'>>Death toll of 41,329 is more than any in EU. GRAHAM HISCOTT Head of Business Aug 13, 2020 800
Virus puts Britain in biggest recession on record. HOLLY WILLIAMS Press Association reporter Aug 13, 2020 707
Do house prices drop during a recession? How an economic downturn can impact the cost of housing as UK enters deepest recession in history; Housing markets have slumped in the wake of recent recessions - but this time could be different. Finlay Greig Aug 13, 2020 430
UK economy nosedives into biggest recession since records began; ONS figures show the UK economy shrank by more than any other major nation during the coronavirus crisis in the three months to June. Gary Flockhart Aug 12, 2020 697
UK now in recession, figures from ONS confirm. Aug 12, 2020 374
UK braced to hear a declaration of recession. Aug 12, 2020 277
After entering recession, Philippines set for record collapse this year. Aug 12, 2020 716
Britain officially enters recession as economy plunges 21 per cent; It is the worst performance in Western Europe, and the worst since the financial crisis of 2009. By, Neil Shaw Aug 12, 2020 432
UK Chancellor May Delay Autumn Budget As Data Set To Confirm Recession. Aug 12, 2020 463
LONDON MARKET EARLY CALL: Stocks Seen Lower As UK To Enter Recession. Aug 12, 2020 554
LONDON MARKET PRE-OPEN: UK Economy Officially Enters Recession. Aug 12, 2020 1269
LONDON MARKET OPEN: Stocks Shrug Off UK Recession; Admiral Rises. Aug 12, 2020 1076
EXTRA: Analysts Fear Worst Is Yet To Come As UK Enters Recession. Aug 12, 2020 895
UK in recession for first time in 11 years as GDP figures confirm record 20.4% plunge; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. By, Talia Shadwell Aug 12, 2020 699
What is a recession -and how will it affect you? The UK has officially entered its largest recession on record -but what does that actually mean, and how will it affect ordinary people? By, Daisy Naylor Aug 12, 2020 369
Time to recalibrate. Aug 11, 2020 755
RIP: Recession, inflation and pandemic. Aug 11, 2020 976
Raising revenues for universal health care. Aug 10, 2020 759
UK heading 'into worst recession in a century' as four million Brits face dole; EXCLUSIVE: The worrying figures, released this week, will lay bare the true cost of coronavirus as economy shrinks by a fifth and millions on job market. By, Stephen Hayward Aug 8, 2020 454
Expedite SAP 2 to help poor Filipinos cope with recession, gov't urged. Aug 7, 2020 238
Drilon says 'shotgun' approach vs COVID-19 drove PH into recession. Aug 6, 2020 815
Palace renews calls to pass Bayanihan 2, tax measures as PH dives into recession. Aug 6, 2020 418
Officially a recession: PH GDP shrank 16.5% in Q2. Aug 6, 2020 196
Authorities weigh measures to get PH out of recession. Aug 6, 2020 707
Senators not surprised by PH going into recession. Aug 6, 2020 600
Andanar sees the positive side in GDP contraction and COVID-19 response. Aug 6, 2020 514
COVID-19 Pushes S Korea Into Recession. Aug 5, 2020 1098
When they lost their jobs they went to work for themselves: Periods of economic recession often lead to a rise in solopreneurs. Penrod, Emma Aug 1, 2020 1715
Spain enters steep recession, wiping out six years of growth. Reuters News Service Jul 31, 2020 249
Start of pandemic-hit recession. Jul 26, 2020 485
BDO fears PH headed toward deepest recession in 35 years. Jul 21, 2020 837
Will there be another recession post-COVID-19? Justin George Varghese, Staff Reporter Jul 18, 2020 738
UNESCO warns of drop in int'l support for education due to COVID-19. Jul 18, 2020 512
The World Bank's assessment of emerging market economies (Part Two). Jul 17, 2020 2489
'Convoluted' home market was years in the making: Pandemic and recession have exacerbated existing trends. Kitch, Michael Jul 17, 2020 898
Pandemic knocks Singapore into recession as GDP plummets 41% in Q2. Reuters News Service Jul 14, 2020 648
Virus-hit Singapore plunges into recession. Jul 14, 2020 334
Avoiding depression during PH recession. Column Jul 13, 2020 1313
Singaporeans vote in shadow of pandemic and recession. Jul 11, 2020 707
UK reopens gyms, pools, as Treasury chief warns of recession. DANICA KIRKA Associated Press Jul 10, 2020 631
Global Economy Slumped into Recession in H1 2020. Jul 7, 2020 456
The Scottish areas facing the most severe job cuts due to Covid-19 recession; A new report has revealed that Edinburgh and Glasgow are likely to be severely affected by the looming economic downturn triggered by the Covid-19 lockdown as a result of the two cities' reliance on banking and finance jobs. Gina Davidson Jul 6, 2020 1049
The Path Forward: U.S. Consumer and Food Retail Responses to COVID-19. Melo, Grace Jul 1, 2020 3542
The consistency of economic recoveries over the 1949-2019 period. Yoe, Jonathan Jul 1, 2020 653
Recession economics a recipe for disaster. CM Guest Columnist Jun 28, 2020 1529
Banks At Risk As Nigeria Heads To Worst Recession - W/Bank. Jun 26, 2020 1010
Banks At Risk As Nigeria Heads To Worst Recession - W/Bank. Jun 26, 2020 958
Moody's: Policies not enough to offset recession risks. Jun 25, 2020 461
IMF projects deeper global recession on growing virus threat. Jun 24, 2020 981
Police chief fears surge in holiday let brothels; 'SEX TRAFFICKING GANGS WILL SEEK TO EXPLOIT COVID-DRIVEN RECESSION'. KELLY WILLIAMS Daily Post Chief Reporter Jun 23, 2020 621
Spending in a time of recession. Jun 23, 2020 738
Impacts of Free Cash Flow on Firm Performance during Market Contractions. Cohee, Garrett Lane; Piccolo, Ronald F.; Kiymaz, Halil Clinical report Jun 22, 2020 6308
The US Labor Market during the Beginning of the Pandemic Recession. Cajner, Tomaz; Crane, Leland D.; Decker, Ryan A.; Grigsby, John; Hamins-Puertolas, Adrian; Hurst, Er Report Jun 22, 2020 10027
Global economic recession will be deep, but won't last for long. Justin George Varghese, Staff Reporter Jun 20, 2020 780
JOB FIGURES HINT AT FUTURE SLUMP; Benefits claims also rose dramatically sparking fears of the recession that lies ahead. JAMES PUGH Jun 17, 2020 351
Experts, OPS, Labour, tip diversification, tax incentives to avert recession. Jun 15, 2020 2313
7th LASU Virtual Public Lecture: Lagos Finance Commissioner Foresees 2-Yr Post-COVID-19 Global Recession. Jun 12, 2020 1362
Fed faces tricky balancing act in recession response. Jun 10, 2020 916
COVID-19 pandemic pushes US into recession. Jun 9, 2020 154
Economists: Recession began in February Recession: World Bank projects largest hit to global economy in seven decades. Christopher Rugaber AP Economics Writer Jun 9, 2020 779
WB sees PH poverty worsening in COVID-19 recession. Jun 9, 2020 748
Taiwan chip giant TSMC optimistic about company despite global recession. Jun 9, 2020 194
WB: COVID-19 to plunge global economy into worst recession since World War II. Jun 8, 2020 1145
Covid-19 global recession worst since World War II: WB. Jun 8, 2020 639
Japan Economy Better Than Feared But Still In Recession. Jun 8, 2020 499
World may face double-dip recession: survey. Jun 7, 2020 572
Personal Capital launches Recession Stimulator to offer insights into effects of past market recessions. Jun 5, 2020 267
Personal Capital launches Recession Stimulator to offer insights into effects of past market recessions. Jun 5, 2020 269
Gulf states face worst recession in their history. Andrew Rosenbaum Jun 4, 2020 566
Cannabis investments +recession proof' says industry data firm. Jun 3, 2020 599
State and Local Fiscal Conditions and Economic Shocks. Driessen, Grant A. Jun 1, 2020 971
Employment Tax Incentives to Promote Recovery from the COVID-19 Recession: Policy Options. Guenther, Gary; Sherlock, Molly F. Jun 1, 2020 1186
THREE-YEAR RECESSION ON THE WAY; CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: FEARS OF IMPACT ON FRAGILE ECONOMY>>Concern over rising debt>>Financial 'distress' worry. FERGHAL BLANEY Political Correspondent May 27, 2020 638
Economy Heading Towards Deeper Recession - Finance Minister. May 22, 2020 1090
Without stimulus, Nigeria's economy will shrink by 8.9% in deepest recession - finance minister. May 21, 2020 356
Covid recovery: Why UK economy will bounce back - Bill Jamieson; Human ingenuity and enterprise will find ways to get the economy back on its feet, writes Bill Jamieson. Bill Jamieson May 20, 2020 1027
Japan enters recession as world leaders mull ways to end lockdown. ASSOCIATED PRESS May 19, 2020 1273
Japan slips into recession, worst yet to come as pandemic wreaks havoc. May 18, 2020 679
Japan slides into recession -- with forecasts of worse to come. May 18, 2020 311
Question Time: Ex-Pizza Express chairman slammed for claims 'pandemic is propaganda'; Former Channel 4 and Pizza Express chairman Luke Johnson claimed the Government has created a "campaign of fear" surrounding Covid-19 and Britain's worst recession for 300 years will kill more. By, Ryan Merrifield May 15, 2020 828
INSULT TO INJURY; CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: 'MEGA SLUMP' THREAT TO HEROES; Key workers and pensioners may face two-year pay freeze; Budget deficit of PS337bn and worst recession since 1709. BEN GLAZE Deputy Political Editor & MIKEY SMITH Political Correspondent May 14, 2020 1095
INSULT TO INJURY; CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: 'MEGA SLUMP' THREAT TO HEROES >>Key workers may face 2-year pay freeze & OAPs lose triple lock >>Budget deficit of PS337bn and worst recession since 1709. BEN GLAZE Deputy Political Editor & MIKEY SMITH Political Correspondent May 14, 2020 1105
INSULT TO INJURY; CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: 'MEGA SLUMP' THREAT TO HEROES >>Key workers and pensioners may face two-year pay freeze >>Budget deficit of PS337bn and worst recession since 1709. BEN GLAZE Deputy Political Editor & MIKEY SMITH Political Correspondent May 14, 2020 1094
Long recession could lead to 'significant number of deaths', UK stats chief warns; Chancellor Rishi Sunak warned that it is 'very likely' that the UK will face a 'significant recession' as a result of the coronavirus crisis. By, Mikey Smith & Oliver Milne May 13, 2020 473
Worst recession for300 YEARS; But British economy will bounce back. Graham Hiscott May 10, 2020 365
Morning Report: FTSE 100 climbs despite 'deep recession' warning from Bank of England. May 8, 2020 313
Philippines faces recession as virus shuts down economy. May 7, 2020 510
Bank of England warns UK economy is being pushed towards its deepest recession on record; It says interest rates could plunge 30%. By, Holly Williams, PA & Cathy Owen May 7, 2020 431
COVID19: EU predicts a sharp -7.4% Cyprus recession. fm May 6, 2020 980
TOP NEWS: Eurozone Economy To Shrink 7.7% In "Historic" Recession. May 6, 2020 151
Global experts predict worldwide recession of 1.9% in 2020. Xinhua May 2, 2020 392
Is your supply chain ready for the next recession? Remember the Great Recession? More than 10 years later, are supply chains better prepared now than in 2007? Arntzen, Bruce C. May 1, 2020 2702
RECESSION READINESS 2020: Did we learn anything? The laws of gravity still apply: What goes up will come down. Yet time and again, a strong business cycle and fading memories convince us the good times will go on forever. We surveyed 100 manufacturing firms to find out if businesses are ready to fight through the next recession. Arntzen, Nima Kazemi And Bruce C. May 1, 2020 2789
Intensification of Sorghum Production in Flood Recession Agriculture in Yelimane, Western Mali. Traore, Kalifa; Traore, Bouya; Synnevag, Gry; Aune, Jens B. May 1, 2020 7950
Experts predict worldwide recession of 1.9% in 2020: German ifo Institute. Xinhua Apr 30, 2020 364
The economics of coronavirus. Apr 30, 2020 1021
Post COVID-19 economy: Fears heightened as recession, depression loom. Apr 26, 2020 2352
V-shape recovery in China unlikely; recession seen in Asia. Apr 16, 2020 856
Nigeria to experience worst recession in 30 years -IMF. Apr 15, 2020 555
Pandemic causing deep recession, and it could get worse: IMF. Apr 15, 2020 748
Coronavirus: UK facing worst recession in 300 years if lockdown lasts until summer; More than two million people could lose their jobs and the economy may fall off a cliff edge because of the coronavirus lockdown, the UK's fiscal watchdog has said. By, Harriet Line & Elaine McCahill Apr 15, 2020 746
IMF warns of a widespread global economic recession due to COVID-19. Anup Oommen Apr 15, 2020 287
NPLs seen to rise as PHL economy faces recession amid virus spread. Apr 15, 2020 707
COVID-19 to plunge global economy to 'worst' post-war recession IMF. Apr 14, 2020 851
Nigeria heading for worst recession in 30 years, warns IMF. Apr 14, 2020 346
Why Economists Foresee Recession In Nigeria This Year. Apr 13, 2020 1050
Pakistan may fall into a recession due to COVID-19: World Bank. Shahbaz Rana Apr 12, 2020 1280
COVID-19 May Push Nigeria, Others Into Recession, World Bank Warns. Apr 10, 2020 593
World Bank Sees Sub-Sahara Africa's 1st Recession in 25 Years. Apr 10, 2020 629
COVID-19 Pushes Africa To First Recession In 25 Years a World Bank. Apr 9, 2020 496
Coronavirus plunges world economy into brutal recession. Apr 9, 2020 656
SSA's growth to slump to all time low of -5.1%, to drop into first recession in 25 years- World Bank says. Apr 9, 2020 591
Coronavirus drives Sub-Saharan Africa toward first recession in 25 years. Apr 9, 2020 944
Looks like PH can't escape recession this time, says think tank. Apr 7, 2020 878
Markets slump at recession forecast. Apr 4, 2020 357
A recession survival guide for small businesses. Apr 1, 2020 1050
Illinois officials warn of looming recession in state Recession. Peter Hancock Capitol News Illinois Apr 1, 2020 517
With a Coronavirus Economic Recession Approaching, Are We Doing Enough to Stop Fraud. Apr 1, 2020 393
M. Ayhan Kose and Franziska Ohnsorge (eds.): Review of A decade after the global recession: lessons and challenges for emerging and developing economies. Estenssoro, Amalia Book review Apr 1, 2020 1806
Shoveling Out Trillions to Stave Off Recession. Smith, Richard Apr 1, 2020 780
Nigerians hold onto their hats for a rocky ride: With the recent plunge in oil prices and the new threat of coronavirus adding to the country's longer term economic problems, Nigeria's economic outlook is far from certain. Games, Dianna Country overview Apr 1, 2020 1905
Morgan Stanley, Goldman Declare Global Recession Under Way. Mar 31, 2020 824
Illinois officials warn of looming recession in state. Peter Hancock Capitol News Illinois Mar 31, 2020 517
IN THE KNOW: Berenberg Says Sell Ashtead As US Looks Set For Recession. Mar 30, 2020 451
Coronavirus sets UK on a course for deep recession. ANGHARAD CARRICK @angharadcarrick Mar 30, 2020 402
As feared, virus-sparked recession grips the world: IMF. Issac John Mar 28, 2020 567
COVID-19: Global economy now in recession - IMF. Mar 27, 2020 632
State officials warn of possible recession Amid COVID-19 outbreak, revenues could fall 20%. Peter Hancock Capitol News Illinois Mar 27, 2020 521
State officials warn of possible looming recession. Peter Hancock Capitol News Illinois Mar 27, 2020 521
State officials warn of possible recession REPORT: Amid COVID-19 outbreak, revenues could fall as much as 20%. Peter Hancock Capitol News Illinois Mar 27, 2020 521
Advisory panel warns a recession could drop state revenue by 20%-BYLN- By Peter Hancock Capitol News Illinois Peter Hancock Capitol News Illinois Financial report Mar 26, 2020 526
Coronavirus outbreak likely to send UK into recession worse than 2008, experts say; It's too soon to say how Britain will recover from the decline in the long-term. By, Jillian MacMath Mar 26, 2020 481
[INTERVIEW] 'This is the fastest recession ever'. Mar 26, 2020 809
UK industry dives as recession likely; COVID-19 IN BRIEF. Mar 26, 2020 202
Recession possible amid pandemic. Mar 25, 2020 897
Korean economy on course toward recession. Mar 24, 2020 815
Economic recession 'can't be ruled out' amid COVID-19 pandemic - Pernia. Mar 24, 2020 510
Lebanon's economy and industry suffer under coronavirus impact. Thomas Schellen Mar 23, 2020 2614
Low-wage workers could be especially hard hit by this recession. Andrew Van Dam The Washington Post Mar 22, 2020 1234
What's Up with the Phillips Curve? Negro, Marco Del; Lenza, Michele; Primiceri, Giorgio E.; Tambalotti, Andrea Report Mar 22, 2020 19212
Comments and Discussion. Blanchard, Olivier Critical essay Mar 22, 2020 4540
Brokers fear of recession. PAT FLANAGAN Mar 21, 2020 181
Analysis: How a Recession Affects Return to Work by Injured Workers. John Ruser, Ph.D Mar 20, 2020 665
The Geography of Housing Market Liquidity During the Great Recession. Famiglietti, Mathew; Garriga, Carlos; Hedlund, Aaron Mar 19, 2020 10708
Covid-19: Insurance recapitalisation under threat, global recession imminent -Experts. Mar 19, 2020 1267
FocusEconomics expects global recession over 40% in next 12 months due to COVID-19. Shaimaa Al-Aees Mar 17, 2020 584
'Impossible to say' when we'll hit bottom Stocks: Recession could happen April-June. Stan Choe and Damian J. Troise AP Business Writers Mar 17, 2020 800

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