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Recess at home ... children's rooms as indoor playgrounds.

You don't need swings or a jungle gym to turn a child's room int an indoor playground. These two rooms offer a variety of innovative ideas for transforming beds, storage cabinets, and platforms into brightly colored structures for learning and play.

Los Angeles architect Jeffrey Tohl of The Architecture Studio designed and built what he calls a "bedroom landscape" for his two-year-old nephew, Michael. Irregularly shaped platforms step down from the center of one wall in three intervals: the highest level is a triangular ledge between the bed and the wall; the rectangular middle level supports the bed; the lowest level, angled and curved, extends across most of the 12-by 13-foot room to create a distinctive play area.

The platforms are made of 5/8-inch plywood resting on 2-by-6 risers; plywood was sanded and painted. Plywood door veneer tacked to 2-by-4 filler blocks forms the curved edge of the lowest platform. Two storage canisters, made of 18-inch-diameter painted cardboard tubes, were droped into cutouts in the lowest platform. The tubes are concrete forms purchased from a building supply yard.

Designer Antonio Torrice of San Francisco took another approach for two-year-old Eliza Johnston's attic playroom. He treated the space as an informal classroom, efficient but fun. By separating elements and spreading them along the perimeter of the room, he kept the floor open for free play.

For a simple but complete transformation of the 17- by 22-foot space, Torrice painted the walls brilliant red--Eliza's favorite color--and edged the room with a rainbow. A new skylight and track lighting along the ceiling brighten the space further. The built-in furniture is scaled down, making the room seem all the more spacious. A heavy cotton duck curtain across the opening of a shallow closet turns one corner of the room ito a puppet theater. Three windows in the curtain allow a variety of puppet antics.
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Date:Apr 1, 1984
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