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Reception, staging, onward movement, and integration (RSOI) MICLIC range. (CTC Notes: National Training Center).

To improve the battlefield performance of combat engineers, in particular MICLIC employment, the 52d Infantry Division now mandates in-theater training on the MICLIC by RSOI4. Historically, units that have fired live rockets and high-explosive line charges during RSOI have maintained better MICLIC launcher operational-readiness rates and have had fewer misfires during the live-fire portions of their rotations. The Sidewinder team recognizes the tremendous potential this additional training offers and will ensure that every effort is made to include this event in each rotation.

Initial coordination for the RSOI MICLIC Range should occur during the LTP. During the LTP, the Sidewinder Team will provide the unit with a compact disk (CD) containing the MICLIC Range SOP that has a general overview of the event, rotational unit responsibilities, range layout with surface danger zones, sample memorandums required by Fort Irwin Range Control, Fort Irwin POCs, and a sample battalion operations order (OPORD). A MICLIC CD is also available from the Sidewinder team and includes TTP, photos, and other information to prepare units in their train up.

The following are keys to successful execution of the RSOI MICLIC range:

* This is a battalion effort; a single company cannot plan and resource this training.

* Issue a battalion OPORD for this training before deployment.

* Get the range officer in charge and range safety officer to range control on RSOI 1 or during the LTP.

* Coordinate with the Sidewinder team for MICLIC inspections on RSOI2 or 3.

* Check your blasting machines with voltmeter (M34-220 volts, CD450-4J-220 volts, and a fresh 9-volt battery).

* Draw ammo no later than 1600 RSOI 3 and coordinate with the Sidewinder team to conduct joint inspection of ammo on RSOI 3.

* Plan to begin range operations no later than 0700 on RSOI 4; this will get you off the range by 1200.

* An M985 heavy expanded, mobility tactical truck (HEMTT) is required (M977 series does not have lift capacity for MICLIC tubs).

The POCs for the RSOI MICLIC range are MAJ Michael Rose (SW03), e-mail and CPT Jim Koeppen (SW11), DSN 380-7055, or e-mail
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Author:Captain Koeppen, James R.; Major Rose, Michael W.
Publication:Engineer: The Professional Bulletin for Army Engineers
Date:Jan 1, 2003
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