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Recently published doctrine.


Field Manual (FM) 4-90.7, Stryker Brigade Combat Team Logistics (10 September 2007), provides doctrinal guidance for the organization and operation of a Stryker brigade combat team's (SBCT's) brigade support battalion. SBCT logistics support is unique because the SBCT lacks forward support companies, which are employed in all of the other types of brigade combat teams. The field manual details the operation of the maintenance, medical, and distribution companies and discusses augmentation from other units, an important aspect of SBCT logistics.

FM 4-20.108, Airdrop of Supplies and Equipment: Rigging Military Utility Vehicles (10 September 2007), provides instructions for rigging the following configurations for airdrop: one 80-centimenter minibike, one or two 250- to 300-cubic centimeter motorcycles, one 350-cubic centimeter Yamaha four-wheeled quad-runner on a combat expendable platform, and one 500-cublic centimeter Polaris four-wheeled quad-runner on a combat expendable platform. This FM supersedes FM 4-20.108 (7 May 2004) and FM 10-500-77 (1 February 2000).

FM 4-20.121, Airdrop of Supplies and Equipment: Rigging Tractors and Tractor Dozers (6 September 2007), presents doctrine for rigging D5B tractor-dozers, John Deere 450G LT full-tracked commercial bulldozers, deployable universal combat earthmovers, T200 Bobcat compact track loaders, 420D and 410 backhoe loaders, small emplacement excavators, 277 multi-terrain loaders, and A/S 37U3 all-purpose remote transporters. This FM supersedes FM 4-20.121 (20 March 2003) and FM 10-539 (29 May 1984).

FM 4-20.142, Airdrop of Supplies and Equipment: Rigging Loads for Special Operations (19 September 2007), describes rigging procedures for the high-speed low-level aerial delivery system (HSLLADS), the inflated combat rubber raiding craft, the rigging alternate method zodiac (RAMZ) in an A-22 container for low-velocity airdrop, Naval special warfare rigid inflatable boat for low-velocity airdrop, advanced rescue crafts rigged on a combat expendable platform for low-velocity airdrop, and wind-supported aerial delivery system Snow Goose unmanned aerial vehicle. This FM supersedes FM 10-542 (7 October 1987).

FM 4-20.152, Airdrop of Supplies and Equipment: Rigging Dragon and Javelin Missiles (6 September 2007), provides rigging instructions that cover Dragon and Javelin antitank and assault missiles for low-velocity airdrop. This FM supersedes FM 1-552 (1982).

FM 3-34.214, Explosives and Demolitions (1l July 2007), describes explosive and demolition procedures that support combat operations and provides instructions for charge placement, bridge demolition, and demolition training and safety.
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Publication:Army Logistician
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Date:Mar 1, 2008
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