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Recent widows need support, advice.

COUNTRYSIDE: Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been reading COUNTRYSIDE for quite some time now and like everyone else just love it. I have gotten so many ideas, helpful suggestions, etc., from the magazine it's hard to express how much I love reading it.

My letter today is to say thank you so much for the articles on single homesteading. Last month I lost my husband and wondered how much I could endure and handle on my 19 acre farm. I am 60 years old and in good health with a very stubborn work ethic. I have been doing most everything for some time because my husband was in bad health. Your article gave me the encouragement I needed just knowing I am not alone. I would love to hear from readers. Thanks again.--Jill;

COUNTRYSIDE: I read with great interest the responses from the single homesteaders. I noticed most of them had family nearby. I'd like to hear from those who do not. How do they manage? My husband and I sold our six acres in Oregon and headed for the Southwest and warmer, dryer weather nearly three years ago. We had barely begun our search for a new homestead when he died suddenly, unexpectedly. I moved back to Oregon where I have family. I have only recently emerged from a fog of grief and tears. (It was an exceptionally happy marriage). But I am now ready to find that homestead for myself, by myself ...

I don't have family in New Mexico, but that is where I want to live. I love it there! I'd very much like to hear from anyone homesteading in that state; especially the central New Mexico area (near Albuquerque). I am 77, but have no medical problems other than the depression that envelops me when away from the country and animals. However, I am just under 5 ft. tall, and weigh 102 lbs., so I will be careful not to have really big animals! I'm thinking chickens and rabbits and a miniature cow. I already have a big Black Lab, a tiny Mi-Ki (rare and super little dogs) and two cats.

I would love to hear from other "old" (of course I am not!) homesteaders in the Southwest.--Aline Post Fitzgerald, Toledo, Oregon (But not for long!); happycamper
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Title Annotation:Country conversation & feedback
Author:Jill; Fitzgerald, Aline Post
Publication:Countryside & Small Stock Journal
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Sep 1, 2004
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