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Recent trend of stability continues.

I am writing this Vista after my first fall ACEI Executive Board Meeting. As part of our continuing cost-cutting efforts, we met at ACEI Headquarters and crammed six months of activity and decision-making into two short days. While details of this meeting far exceed my allotted column space, 1 would like to share some highlights.

First of all for a third straight year, ACEI appears headed for long-term fiscal stability under Jerry Odland's leadership. This trend should make us more attractive to external funders who are most concerned with the financial status of organizations applying for grants. Because of Headquarters' cost-cutting and streamlining efforts, as well as increasing income from generous bequests, we are currently considering the purchase of a building for ACEI Headquarters. Such a purchase would increase our assets and stop the loss of funds to rent payments. A committee will soon be established to consider this exciting possibility. It will be great to once again have a place of our own.

Second, I remain impressed with the volume of work that gets done at Headquarters with only a shoestring staff of highly competent and caring individuals. I urge all members visiting the Washington area to include in their sightseeing agenda a true monument to caring for the world's children - ACEI Headquarters. Also remember that a few flexible internships are available at Headquarters for those who would like to learn first-hand about the operations of a truly professional organization. Contact Jerry Odland for further details.

Third, one issue that consumed a significant amount of our time was our status as a review agent for the NCATE folio review process. Rapidly escalating dues structures (15 percent increase last year and 36 percent increase this year), decreasing numbers of institutions applying for review (only 7 in spring 1993) and questions about accreditation being provided for institutions not adhering to ACEI guidelines have left us rethinking our affiliation with NCATE. Please forward your concerns regarding this issue to the Teacher Education Committee or Headquarters.

Fourth, many state and local affiliates are gearing up for a true celebration of teacher success during ACEI's Week of the Classroom Teacher. Letterhead that can be used in planning your festivities is available from Headquarters, along with an information packet. The packet includes sample proclamations, a press release and ideas for activities. Let's find as many ways as possible to recognize those exemplary people who work so hard to educate our children.

Fifth, because of my particular interest in expanding our international mission, 1 was pleased to hear that Glen Dixon has been working with OMEP World Organization for Childhood Education). We hope that in the near future OMEP might have their annual U.S. Committee meeting in conjunction with our annual study conference. In addition, we are exploring the possibility of having our annual summer study tour at the site of OMEP's annual international meeting.

Sixth, Marilyn Gardner reported on what promises to be one of the most successful conferences ever. The program is currently being finalized and promises to make our visit to New Orleans most memorable. See you in Dixie!

Finally, this was the last meeting with Lucy Prete Martin as Director of Publications. Her retirement began November 1, 1993. My suspicion is that Lucy is not retiring, just retreading. She has been an inspiration to so many of us over the years. While we will all miss her, Lucy's tradition of competence, caring and leadership has already been demonstrated by our new Director of

Publications, Anne Watson Bauer. Welcome Anne!
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Title Annotation:ACEI Exchange; Association for Childhood Education International
Author:Hoot, James L.
Publication:Childhood Education
Date:Jun 22, 1994
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