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Recent price changes.

Material        Producer         Increase                     Effective

Thermoplastic moulding materials

Styrenics       Ineos Styrenics  A minimum of [euro]40/tonne  May 1
                                 on general purpose
                                 polystyrene. The premium on
                                 high impact polystyrene
                                 goes up to

Polyethylene    Dupont           [euro]0.15 per kg on DuPont  June 15
terephthalate                    Rynite PET

Ethylene vinyl  Dupont           10% on DuPont Elvax EVA      June 1
acetate                          copolymer resins

Polyamides      Lanxess          [euro]0.30 per kg on         May 25
                                 Durethan PLA.

Polybutylene    Lanxess          [euro]0.30 per kg on Pocan   May 25
Terephthalate                    PBT.

Polycarbonate   Styron Europe    [euro]100/tonne on Calibre   May 2
                                 polycarbonate and Emerge
                                 polycarbonate compounds and
                                 polycarbonate blends.


                Bayer            [euro]300/tonne on all       May 1
                MaterialScience  polyurethane products.


Nitrile         Lanxess          Up to [euro]250/tonne on     April 1
                                 Perbunan and Krynac NBR.


Colorants       Evonik Carbon    Up to 10 per cent on         May 1
                Black            Corasol, Derussol, Tack and
                                 Colcolor pigment blacks and
                                 pigment preparations.

                Gabriel-Chemie   Up to 13 per cent on         April 1
                Group            additive-, colour- and

                Cristal Global   [euro]250/tonne on all       March 31
                                 anatase and rutile Tiona
                                 and Cristal titanium
                                 dioxide products in Eastern
                                 and Western Europe.

Fillers and     Evonik           Up to 10 per cent on         May 1
reinforcements  Industries       precipitated silica.

Impact          Chemtura         25 per cent on on Royaltuf   April 4
modifiers       Corporation      polymer modifiers.

Stabilizers     BASF             Up to 25 per cent increase   June 1
                                 on antioxidants and process

Antioxidants    Songwon          Up to 20% increase on        June 1
                                 Songnox antioxidants,
                                 Songlight and Songsorb UV
                                 stabilizers, Songstab acid
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Publication:British Plastics & Rubber
Date:Jun 1, 2011
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