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Recent grad made the right call.

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Name: Gloria "Teresa" Montes

Age: 19

School: Willamette High School

Grade: She graduated last Friday.

Family: Father, Benjamin Montes; mother, Maria Montes; sisters, Rosalba Nava, 24, and Adriana Montes, 16. Both her parents work at Whittier Wood Products. Rosalba is graduating from the University of Oregon and wants to be a teacher. Adriana is a sophomore at Willamette.

Home: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Her family moved to Eugene when she was 6.

What brought them here: Work and educational opportunities were scarce where they lived. "My parents wanted us to have an education and be able to be someone in life," she says.

Highlight of her year: In February, Montes was named a "distinguished finalist" in this year's Prudential Spirit of Community Awards, a nationwide program honoring young people for outstanding volunteerism.

She earned the honor for her work coordinating a Latino Phone Line Network that gives school information recorded in Spanish for the district's growing number of Latino families.

Principal Jim Jamieson, English-as-a-Second Language teacher Margy Zimmerman, Montes' parents and other Willamette students surprised her with the news at school. "I just went straight to my parents and started crying," she says. She received a bronze medal at a senior awards ceremony last week.

More about the phone line: Montes began working on the phone line her freshman year with junior Julia Adalco, who had just started the service. The pair called every school in the district each week to get a list of events and other useful information, which they would record to be ready on Fridays. The girls spread the word about the phone line at school and at the district's regular Latino Parent Nights. She's not sure how much use the line received, and she's recently worked to change the service so parents can ask specific questions. Her sister Adriana will be one of three students to take up her duties next fall.

Other activities: At Willamette, Montes participated in cross country, soccer and track and field and was a member of Mujeres con Destino, a club for Latino girls.

Outside of school, she dances in Ballet Folklorico, a local traditional dance troupe, and sings in her church choir at St. Mary's Catholic Church. She was a Big Sister at Clear Lake Elementary her junior year.

Work: She's worked part-time at the Carl's Jr. restaurant on West 11th Avenue since she was 16. She'll go full-time this summer.

College plans: The University of Oregon in the fall. Once she's finished, she'd like to join the Peace Corps and serve in Guatemala.

She became interested in the country after taking Kyle Hearn's Latin American studies class at Willamette.

Career plans: She'd like to work in medicine, possibly as a pediatric nurse practitioner. After taking a medical terminology class at school, she's not interested at this point in becoming a doctor.

"We learned more about what doctors do, and I kind of like the more hands-on work," she says.

Role models: Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu, an indigenous rights activist from Guatemala, and Margy Zimmerman at Willamette. "She's helped me a lot since I was a freshman," she says.

Best subjects: English, math and Latin American studies

Worst subject: Economics

Pastimes: Hanging out with friends and doing things outdoors, such as riding her bicycle and going for walks. She's done a bit of rock climbing and would like to do more.

Favorite movie: "Ever After"

Favorite book: The "Anne of Green Gables" series

Favorite TV show: A forensic medicine show on Tuesdays on the Discovery channel

Favorite music: Cumbia, which is similar to salsa "but faster," she says.

Favorite food: Zopes

- Anne Williams


Gloria "Teresa" Montes, who graduated from Willamette High School last week, was honored for her work in launching an information hot line for Hispanic families in the Bethel district. Her sister, Adriana, will take over some of her duties.
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Date:Jun 9, 2003
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