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Recent canonizations.

On February 16, 2009, the Holy See announced the coming canonization of ten more saints: four Italians, two Spaniards and one each from Belguim, France, Poland and Portugal. The one probably best known in the West is the Belgian priest Damien de Veuster ((1840-1889) who volunteered to look after lepers on the Hawaiian island of Molokai. Pope John Paul II beatified Father Damien in 1995. (See the article by Kelly Wilson, "Father Damien of Molokai and Robert Louis Stevenson's response to a self-appointed Devil's advocate" C.I., Oct 2008, pp 9-10. (Also on the C.I. website, In April, Rome's Congregation for Saints' Causes presented five more Beati (Blesseds) for canonization, three priests and two nuns (four Italians, one Portuguese). (, Feb 16, 2009.)

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