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Recent books of interest.

These recently received books of interest are listed because of the breadth or range of their subject matter or freshness of their approach. Listing of a book here does not preclude a noting or review of that book.

Horace M. Albright and Marian Albright Schenck. Creating the National Park Services: The Missing Years. University of Oklahoma Press. 1999. 350 pages. Cloth $34.95. Paper $17.95.

Charles Altieri. Postmodernisms Now: Essays on Contemporaneity in the Arts. Penn State University Press. 1999. 316 pages. Cloth $50.00. Paper $22.50.

Aphra Behn. Oroonoko. St. Martin's Press. 1999. 473 pages. Cloth $39.95.

Gene H. Bell-Villada. Art for Art's Sake and Literary Life: How Politics and Markets Helped Shape the Ideology and Culture of Aestheticism, 1790-1990. University of Nebraska Press. 1998. 340 pages. Paper $18.95.

Malcolm Bowie. Proust Among the Stars. Columbia University Press. 1999. 348 pages. Cloth $28.50.

Paul Budra and Betty A. Schellenberg, eds. Part Two: Reflections of the Sequel. University of Toronto Press. 1999. 220 pages. Cloth $55.00. Paper $19.95.

Franklin Burroughs. The River Home: A Return to the Carolina Low Country. University of Georgia Press. 1998. 208 pages. Paper $15.95.

J. Douglas Canfield. Heroes and States: On the Ideology of Restoration Tragedy. University of Kentucky Press. 1999. 272 pages. Cloth $39.95.

Bert Cardullo, Harry Geduld, Ronald Gottersman, and Leigh Woods, eds. Playing to the Camera: Film Actors Discuss Their Craft. Yale University Press. 1998. 384 pages. Cloth $30.00.

Guglielmo Cavallo and Roger Chartier, eds. A History of Reading in the West. University of Massachusetts Press. 1999. 478 pages. Cloth $40.00.

Maurice Charney. Shakespeare on Love and Lust. Columbia University Press. 1999. 234 pages. Cloth $27.95.

Patrick Cheney and Lauren Silberman, eds. World Making Spenser: Explorations in the Early Modern Ages. University of Kentucky Press. 1999. 296 pages. Cloth $39.95.

Steve Clark, ed. Travel Writing and Empire: Postcolonial Theory in Transit. Zed Books. 1999. 264 pages. Cloth $65.00. Paper $22.50.

Alan Cobban. English University Life in the Middle Ages. Ohio State University Press. 1999. 272 pages. Cloth $45.00. Paper $20.00.

Krista Comer. Landscapes of the New West: Gender and Geography in Contemporary Women's Writing. University of North Carolina Press. 1999. 302 pages. Cloth $45.00. Paper $18.95.

Eleni Coundouriotis. Claiming History: Colonialism, Ethnography, and the Novel. Columbia University Press. 1999. 211 pages. Cloth $49.50. Paper $16.50.

Gordon A. Craig. Theodor Fontane: Literature and History in the Bismarck Reich. Oxford University Press. 1999. Cloth $35.00.

Anne J. Cruz. Discourses of Poverty: Social Reform and the Picaresque Novel in Early Modern Spain. University of Toronto Press. 1999. 297 pages. Cloth $55.00.

William C. Dowling. Literary Federalism in the Age of Jefferson: Joseph Dennie and The Port Folio, 1801-1811. University of South Carolina Press. 1999. 142 pages. Cloth $24.95.

Andrew Elfenbein. Romantic Genius: The Prehistory of a Homosexual Role. Columbia University Press. 1999. 262 pages. Cloth $49.50. Paper $17.50.

James K. Finn and Frank J. Groten, Jr., eds. Res Publica Conquassata: Readings on the Fall of the Roman Republic. Wayne State University Press. 1998. 248 pages. Paper $24.95.

Peter Edgerly Firchow. Envisioning Africa: Racism and Imperialism in Conrad's Heart of Darkness. University of Kentucky Press. 1999. 296 pages. Cloth $34.95.

Byrne R. S. Fone. The Columbia Anthology of Gay Literature. Readings from Western Antiquity to the Present Day. Columbia University Press. 1998. 829 pages. Cloth $39.50.

David Fuller and Patricia Waugh. The Arts and Sciences of Criticism. Oxford University Press. 1999. 265 pages. Cloth $39.95.

Harvey L. Gable, Jr. Liquid Fire: Transcendental Mysticism in the Romances of Nathaniel Hawthorne. Peter Lang. 1998. 352 pages. Cloth $32.95.

Irene Gammel, ed. Confessional Politics: Women's Sexual Self-Representation in Life Writing and Popular Media. Southern Illinois University Press. 1999. 214 pages. Cloth $44.95. Paper $24.95.

Eleanor M. Gates, ed. Leigh Hunt: A Life in Letters. Falls River Publications. 1999. 693 pages. Cloth $44.95.

Jill Gordon. Turning Toward Philosophy: Literary Device and Dramatic Structure in Plato's Dialogues. Penn State University Press. 1999. 182 pages. Cloth $32.50. Paper $17.95.

Jan Nordby Gretlund and Karl-Heinz Westarp, eds. The Late Novels of Eudora Welty. University of South Carolina Press. 1998. 218 pages. Cloth $22.95.

Mary Beth Haralovich and Lauren Rabinovitz, eds. Television, History, and American Culture: Feminist Critical Essays. Duke University Press. 1999. 222 pages. Cloth $49.95. Paper $17.95.

Richard Harland. Literary Theory From Plato to Barthes: An Introductory History. St. Martin's Press. 1999. 302 pages. Cloth $59.95. Paper $19.95.

Lynn A. Higgins. New Novel, New Wave, New Politics: Fiction and the Representation of History in Postwar France. University of Nebraska Press. 1998. 272 pages. Paper $15.00.

J. Michael Hogan. Rhetoric and Community: Studies in Unity and Fragmentation. University of South Carolina Press. 1998. 353 pages. Cloth $39.95.

Richard P. Horwitz. Hog Ties: Pigs, Manure, and Mortality in American Culture. St. Martin's Press. 1998. 312 pages. Cloth $27.95.

Nicole Ward Jouve. Female Genesis: Creativity, Self and Gender. St. Martin's Press. 1998. 259 pages. Cloth $59.95. Paper $19.95.

Fred Kaplan. Dickens: A Biography. Johns Hopkins University Press. 1998. 607 pages. Paper $19.95.

Michael Kearns. Rhetorical Narratology. University of Nebraska Press. 1999. 207 pages. Cloth $45.00.

Christopher Kleinhenz and Fannie J. LeMoine, eds. Fearful Hope: Approaching the New Millennium. University of Wisconsin Press. 1999. 222 pages. Cloth $45.00. Paper $19.95.

Donald F. Koch, ed. Principles of Instrumental Logic: John Dewey's Lectures in Ethics and Political Ethics, 1895-1896. Southern Illinois University Press. 1998. 272 pages. Cloth $39.95.

Laura Hanft Korobkin. Criminal Conversations: Sentimentality and Nineteenth-Century Legal Stories of Adultery. Columbia University Press. 1999. 247 pages. Cloth $49.50. Paper $18.50.

Christopher Lane, ed. The Psychoanalysis of Race. Columbia University Press. 1998. 445 pages. Cloth $49.50. Paper $19.50.

Jean-Jacques Lecercle. Interpretation as Pragmatics. St. Martin's Press. 1999. 251 pages. Cloth $69.95. Paper $24.95.

Jerrold Levinson, ed. Aesthetics and Ethics: Essays at the Intersection. Cambridge University Press. 1998. 328 pages. Cloth $54.95.

Julio Lopez-Arias and Gladys M. Varona-Lacey, eds. Latin America: An Interdisciplinary Approach. Peter Lang. 1999. 307 pages. Paper $29.95.

Arabella Lyon. Intentions: Negotiated, Contested, and Ignored. Penn State University. 1998. Cloth $45.00. Paper $17.95.

Richard Marback. Plato's Dream of Sophistry. University of South Carolina Press. 1999. 169 pages. Cloth $24.95.

Susan Miller. Assuming the Positions: Cultural Pedagogy and the Politics of Commonplace Writing. University of Pittsburgh Press. 1998. 339 pages. Cloth $50.00. Paper $22.95.

Gilbert H. Muller. New Strangers in Paradise: The Immigrant Experience and Contemporary American Fiction. University of Kentucky Press. 1999. 280 pages. Cloth $29.95.

Susan J. Navarette. The Shape of Fear: Horror and the Fin de Siecle Culture of Decadence. University Press of Kentucky. 1998. 328 pages. Cloth $37.95.

Ronald J. Pelias. Writing Performance: Poeticizing the Researcher's Body. Southern Illinois University Press. 1999. 168 pages. Cloth $34.95.

Constantin V. Ponomareff. In the Shadow of the Holocaust and Other Essays. Editions Rodopi B.V. 1998. 127 pages. Cloth $27.50.

Thomas A. Prendergast and Barbara Kline, eds. Rewriting Chaucer: Culture, Authority, and the Idea of the Authentic Text, 1400-1602. Ohio State University Press. 1999. 301 pages. Cloth $55.00. Paper $26.00.

Marie Riccoboni. The Story of Ernestine. Edited and translated by Joan Hinde Stewart and Philip Stewart. Modern Language Association of America. 1998. 80 pages. Paper $7.95.

Anne Shaver, ed. The Convent of Pleasure and Other Plays: Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle. Johns Hopkins University Press. 1999. 280 pages. Cloth $47.50. Paper $15.95.

Clifford Siskin. The Work of Writing: Literature and Social Change in Britain, 1700-1830. Johns Hopkins University Press. 1998. 285 pages. Cloth $39.95.

Michael Skau. "A Clown in a Grave": Complexities and Tensions in the Works of Gregory Corso. Southern Illinois University Press. 1999. 248 pages. Cloth $34.95.

Pieter Spierenburg. Men and Violence: Gender, Honor, and Rituals in Modern Europe and America. Ohio State University Press. 1998. 279 pages. Cloth $39.95. Paper $17.95.

Jack Stewart. The Vital Art of D. H. Lawrence: Vision and Expression. Southern Illinois University Press. 1999. 251 pages. Cloth $39.95.

Jordan Stump. Naming and Unnaming: On Raymond Queneau. University of Nebraska Press. 1998. 193 pages. Cloth $35.00.

Emily Thiroux. The Critical Edge: Thinking and Researching in a Virtual Society. Prentice Hall. 1999. 291 pages. Paper $24.00.

Douglas Torgerson. The Promise of Green Politics: Environmentalism and the Public Sphere. Duke University Press. 1999. 218 pages. Cloth $49.95. Paper $17.95.

Michel Tournier. The Mirror of Ideas. Translated by Jonathan F. Krell. University of Nebraska Press. 1998. 137 pages. Cloth $25.00.

Gerald Vizenor. Fugitive Poses: Native American Indian Scenes of Absence and Presence. University of Nebraska Press. 1998. 238 pages. Cloth $35.00.

John Whalen-Bridge. Political Fiction and the American Self. University of Illinois Press. 1998. 206 pages. Cloth $39.95. Paper $17.95.

Robert J. Yanal. Paradoxes of Emotion and Fiction. Penn State University Press. 1999. 164 pages. Cloth $35.00. Paper $17.95.

Rose A. Zimbardo. At Zero Point: Discourse, Culture, and Satire in Restoration England. University Press of Kentucky. 1998. 216 pages. Cloth $34.95.
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