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Recent World Bank discussion papers.

No. 338 Cost Sharing in the Social Sectors of Sub-Saharan Africa: Impact on the Poor. Arvil Van Adams and Teresa Hartnett

No. 339 Public and Private Roles in Health: Theory and Financing Patterns. Philip Musgrove

No. 340 Developing the Nonfarm Sector in Bangladesh: Lessons from Other Asian Countries. Shahid Yusuf and Praveen Kumar

No. 341 Beyond Privatization: The Second Wave of Telecommunications Reforms in Mexico. Bjorn Wellenius and Gregory Staple

No. 342 Economic Integration and Trade Liberalization in Southern Africa: Is There a Role for South Africa? Merle Holden

No. 343 Financing Private Infrastructure in Developing Countries. David Ferreira and Karman Khatami

No. 344 Transport and the Village: Findings from African Village-Level Travel and Transport Surveys and Related Studies. Ian Barwell

No. 345 On the Road to EU Accession: Financial Sector Development in Central Europe. Michael S. Borish, Wei Ding, and Michel Noel

No. 346 Structural Aspects of Manufacturing in Sub-Saharan Africa: Findings from a Seven Country Enterprise Survey. Tyler Biggs and Pradeep Srivastava

No. 347 Health Reform in Africa: Lessons from Sierra Leone. Bruce Siegel, David Peters, and Sheku Kamara

No. 348 Did External Barriers Cause the Marginalization of Sub-Saharan Africa in World Trade? Azita Amjadi Ulrich Reincke, and Alexander J. Yeats

No. 349 Surveillance of Agricultural Price and Trade Policy in Latin America during Major Policy Reforms. Alberto Valdes

No. 350 Who Benefits from Public Education Spending in Malawi: Results from the Recent Education Reform. Florencia Castro-Leal

No. 351 From Universal Food Subsidies to a Self-Targeted Program: A Case Study in Tunisian Reform. Laura Tuck and Kathy Lindert

No. 352 China's Urban Transport Development Strategy: Proceedings of a Symposium in Beijing, November 8-10,1995. Edited by Stephen Stares and Liu Zhi

No. 353 Telecommunications Policies for Sub-Saharan Africa. Mohammad A. Mustafa, Bruce Laidlaw, and Mark Brand

No. 354 Saving across the World: Puzzles and Policies. Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel and Luis Serven

No. 355 Agriculture and German Reunification. Ulrich E. Koester and Karen M. Brooks

No. 356 Evaluating Health Projects: Lessons from the Literature. Susan Stout, Alison Evans, Janet Nassim, and Laura Raney, with substantial contributions from Rudolpho Bulatao, Varun Gauri, and Timothy Johnston

No. 357 Innovations and Risk Taking: The Engine of Reform in Local Government in Latin America and the Caribbean. Tim Campbell

No. 358 China's Non-Bank Financial Institutions: Trust and Investment Companies. Anjali Kumar, Nicholas Lardy, William Albrecht, Terry Chuppe, Susan Selwyn, Paula Perttunen, and Tao Zhang

No. 359 The Demand for Oil Products in Developing Countries. Dermot Gately and Shane S. Streifel

No. 360 Preventing Banking Sector Distress and Crises in Latin America: Proceedings of a Conference held in Washington, D.C, April 15-16,1996. Edited by Suman K. Bery and Valeriano F. Garcia

No. 361 China: Power Sector Regulation in a Socialist Market Economy. Edited by Shao Shiwei, Lu Zhengyong, Norreddine Berrah, Bernard Tenenbaum, and Zhao Jianping

No. 362 The Regulation of Non-Bank Financial Institutions: The United States, the European Union, and Other Countries. Edited by Anjali Kumar with contributions by Terry Chuppe and Paula Perttunen

No. 363 Fostering Sustainable Development: The Sector Investment Program. Nwanze Okidegbe

No. 364 Intensified Systems of Farming in the Tropics and Subtropics. J.A. Nicholas Wallis

No. 365 Innovations in Health Care Financing: Proceedings of a World Bank Conference, March 10-11,1997. Edited by George J. Schieber

No. 366 Poverty Reduction and Human Development in the Caribbean: A Cross-Country Study. Judy L. Baker

No. 367 Easing Barriers to Movement of Plant Varieties for Agricultural Development. Edited by David Gisselquist and Jitendra Srivastava

No. 368 Sri Lanka's Tea Industry: Succeeding in the Global Market. Ridwan Ali, Yusuf A. Choudhry, and Douglas W. Lister

No. 369 A Commercial Bank's Microfinance Program: The Case of Hatton National Bank in Sri Lanka. Joselito S. Gallardo, Bikki K. Randhawa, and Orlando J. Sacay

No. 370 Sri Lanka's Rubber Industry: Succeeding in the Global Market. Ridwan Ali, Yusuf A. Choudhry, and Douglas W. Lister

No. 371 Land Reform in Ukraine: The First Five Years. Csaba Csaki and Zvi Lerman

No. 373 A Poverty Profile of Cambodia. Nicholas Prescott and Menno Pradhan

No. 374 Macroeconomic Reform in China: Laying the Foundation for a Socialist Economy. Jiwei Lou

No. 375 Design of Social Funds: Participation, Demand Orientation, and Local Organizational Capacity. Deepa Narayan and Katrinka Ebbe

No. 376 Poverty, Social Services, and Safety Nets in Vietnam. Nicholas Prescott

No. 377 Mobilizing Domestic Capital Markets for Infrastructure Financing: International Experience and Lessons for China. Anjali Kumar, R. David Gray, Mangesh Hoskote, Stephan von Klaudy, and Jeff Ruster

No. 378 Trends in Financing Regional Expenditures in Transition Economies: The Case of Ukraine. Nina Bubnova and Lucan Way

No. 379 Empowering Small Enterprises in Zimbabwe. Kapil Kapoor, Doris Mugwara, and Isaac Chidavaenzi

No. 380 India's Public Distribution System: A National and International Perspective. R. Radhakrishna and K. Subbarao, with S. Indrakant and C. Ravi

No. 381. Market-Based Instruments for Environmental Policymaking in Latin America and the Caribbean: Lessons from Eleven Countries. Richard M. Huber, Jack Ruitenbeek, and Ronaldo Seroa da Motta.

No. 382 Public Expenditure Reform under Adjustment Lending: Lessons from World Bank Experiences. Jeff Huther, Sandra Roberts, and Anwar Shah

No. 383 Competitiveness and Employment: A Framework for Rural Development in Poland. Garry Christensen and Richard Lacroix

No. 384 Integrating Social Concerns into Private Sector Decisionmaking: A Review of Corporate Practices in the Mining, Oil, and Gas Sectors. Kathryn McPhail and Aidan Davy

No. 385 Case-by-Case Privatization in the Russian Federation: Lessons from International Experience. Harry G. Broadman, editor

No. 386 Strategic Management for Government Agencies: An Institutional Approach for Developing and Transition Economies. Navin Girishankar and Migara De Silva

No. 387 The Agrarian Economies of Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States: Situation and Perspectives, 1997. Csaba Csaki and John Nash

No. 388 China: A Strategy for International Assistance to Accelerate Renewable Energy Development. Robert P. Taylor and V. Susan Bogach

No. 389 World Bank HIV/AIDS Interventions: Ex-ante and Ex-post Evaluation. Julia Dayton

No. 390 Evolution of Agricultural Services in Sub-Saharan Africa: Trends and Prospects. V. Venkatesan and Jacob Kampen

No. 391 Financial Incentives for Renewable Energy Development: Proceedings of an International Workshop, February 17-21.1997, Amsterdam, Netherlands. E. Scott Piscitello and V. Susan Bogach

No. 392 Choices in Financing Health Care and Old Age Security: Proceedings of a Conference Sponsored by the Institute of Policy Studies, Singapore, and the World Bank, November 8,1997. Nicholas Prescott, editor

No. 393 Energy in Europe and Central Asia: A Sector Strategy for the World Bank Group. Laszlo Lovei

No. 394 Kyrgyz Republic: Strategy for Rural Growth and Poverty Alleviation. Mohinder S. Mudahar

No. 395 School Enrollment Decline in Sub-Saharan Africa: Beyond the Supply Constraint. Joseph Bredie and Girindre Beeharry

No. 396 Transforming Agricultural Research Systems in Transition Economies: The Case of Russia. Mohinder S. Mudahar, Robert W. Jolly, and Jitendra P. Srivastava

No. 398 Land Reform and Farm Restructuring in Moldova: Progress and Prospects. Zvi Lerman, Csaba Csaki, and Victor Moroz

No. 400 Russian Enterprise Reform: Policies to Further the Transition. Harry G. Broadman, editor No. 401 Russian Trade Policy Reform for WTO Accession. Harry G. Broadman, editor No. 402 Trade, Global Policy, and the Environment. Per G. Gredriksson, editor

No. 404 Health Care in Uganda: Selected Ussues. Paul Hutchinson, in collaboration with Demissie Habte and Mary Mulusa

No. 405 Gender-Related Legal Reform and Access to Economic Resources in Eastern Africa, Gita Gopal
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Publication:Ghana Gender Analysis and Policymaking for Development
Date:Sep 1, 1999
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