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Recent Developments in Flavour and Fragrance Chemistry.

This text forms the Proceedings of the 3rd international Haarmann and Reimer symposium, held last year in Kyoto, Japan. Nearly 300 delegates attended and had the opportunity of listening to 16 presentations.

Since the previous symposium was held in 1979 there have been significant advances in both the theory and practice of flavour and fragrance chemistry, and the aim of the H and R programme of speakers was to set out these latest developments.

By its very nature this is bound to be a very specialist text but will be of considerable interest to all those dealing with research on flavours and the application of such research. The 16 presentations carried titles: Asymmetric terpene synthesis; Some highlights of H and R research; Synthesis of new floral fragrance substances supported by molecular modelling; Isolation, synthesis and olfactory properties of new compounds from essential oils; Bio-organic methods in synthesis of bioactive terpenes and other natural products; Investigation of volatiles from flowers - analytical and olfactory aspects; The essential oil constituents of some useful plants from China; New perfume compositions containing novel fragrance ingredients; Formation of flavour compounds by Maillard reaction; Flavour chemistry of meat volatiles - new results on flavour components from beef, pork and chicken; Thermal generation of flavour compounds from thiamin and various amino acids; Synthesis of new flavour ingredients; The biosynthesis of thujane monoterpenes; The biochemistry and molecular genetics of olfactory signal transduction; Hydrolytic flavour release from non volatile precursors in fruits, wines and some other plant-derived foods; and The enzymatic and fermentative production of lactones and their use in natural flavours.
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Date:Sep 1, 1993
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