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Recent C.D. Howe Institute Publications.

Recent C.D. Howe Institute Publications

September 2018    Laurin, Alexandre. "Unhappy Returns: A Preliminary
                  Estimate of Taxpayer Responsiveness to the 2016 Top
                  Tax Rate Hike." C.D. Howe Institute E-Brief.

September 2018    Ezra, David Don. Making the Money Last: The Case for
                  Offering Pure Longevity Insurance to Retiring
                  Canadians. C.D. Howe Institute Commentary 521.

September 2018    Robson, William B.P. Jeremy Kronick, and Jacob Kim.
                  Tooling Up: Canada Needs More Robust Capital
                  Investment. C.D. Howe Institute Commentary 520.

September 2018    Meunier, Denis. Hidden Beneficial Ownership and
                  Control: Canada as a Pawn in the Global Game of
                  Money Laundering. C.D. Howe Institute Commentary

August 2018       Skuterud, Mikal, and Zong Jia Chen. Comparing
                  Outcomes: The Relative Job-Market Performance of
                  Former International Students. C.D. Howe Institute
                  Commentary 518.

August 2018       Milligan, Kevin, and Tammy Schirle. "Rich Man, Poor
                  Man: The Policy Implications of Canadians Living
                  Longer." C.D. Howe Institute E-Brief.

August 2018       Dachis, Benjamin. "Hosing Homebuyers: Why Cities
                  Should Not Pay For Water and Wastewater
                  Infrastructure with Development Charges." C.D. Howe
                  Institute E-Brief.

August 2018       Ciuriak, Dan. "The March into Trade Wars: US Policy
                  Aims and the Implications for Reconciliation." C.D.
                  Howe Institute Verbatim.

July 2018         Schwanen, Daniel. "Foreign Direct Investment in
                  Canada--The Case for Further Openness and
                  Transparency." C.D. Howe Institute E-Brief.

July 2018         Dachis, Benjamin. "Speed Bump Ahead: Ottawa Should
                  Drive Slowly on Clean Fuel Standards." C.D. Howe
                  Institute E-Brief.

July 2018         Zelmer, Mark, and Jeremy Kronick. International
                  Prudential Standards in a World of Growing
                  Nationalism and Protectionism. C.D. Howe Institute
                  Commentary 517.

July 2018         Genest-Gregoire, Antoine, Luc Godbout, Rene Beaudry,
                  et Bernard Morency. << Report des prestations des
                  regimes de retraite : un outil de flexibilite. >>
                  Institut C.D. Howe Cyberbulletin

June 2018         Genest-Gregoire, Antoine, Luc Godbout, Rene Beaudry,
                  and Bernard Morency. "Deferring Receipt of Public
                  Pension Benefits: A Tool for Flexibility." C.D. Howe
                  Institute E-Brief.
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Publication:C.D. Howe Institute Commentary
Date:Oct 1, 2018
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