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Rebuilding justice; civil courts in jeopardy and why you should care.


Rebuilding justice; civil courts in jeopardy and why you should care.

Kourlis, Rebecca Love and Dirk Olin.

Fulcrum Publishing


239 pages




Kourlis (founder of the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System and former Colorado Supreme Court judge) and Olin (a legal affairs journalist who is editor and publisher of Corporate Responsibility Magazine) present an agenda for civil court reform for the United States, arguing that the process has become corrupted in a manner that is undermining the ability of civil courts to play the role for which they were intended by the Founders. Among the problems they address are the intrusion of politics and money into judicial elections, the decreasing role of the jury in civil trial suits, legislative interference in court priorities exacerbated by falling court budgets that serve to de-prioritize civil cases, failure to update the rules of civil court procedure, documentary overload caused by changes in information technology and outmoded rules of documentary discovery, and excessive litigation costs. They further address how these factors play out in the realm of divorce court, the views of court insiders on needed reform, and their vision of "citizen-centered" courts.

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Date:Dec 1, 2011
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