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Rebels posing as gov't officials raid police camp.

MANILA, June 11 Kyodo

Communist rebels posing as government and army members made a daring raid Friday on a regional police camp in the central Philippines' Bohol Province, carting away at least 50 firearms and taking two policemen hostage, police said. Initial reports said more than 100 rebels -- some aboard two vans with markings of the Department of Interior and Local Governments (DILG), others prepositioned around the camp -- raided the police camp in the town of Batuan. No shots were fired and no one hurt in the incident. Edmundo Larroza, acting chief of the Philippine National Police,

said one of the New People's Army rebels was wearing a government army uniform while others pretended to be DILG personnel. "They introduced themselves as officials of DILG. There was a woman with them and a uniformed person who introduced himself as a member of the Philippine Army," Larroza told a radio interview. After gaining entry to the camp, the rebels then proceeded to disarm the some 40 policemen present, carting away at least 50 firearms. The rebels then commandeered a passenger bus for their companions and withdrew towards an adjacent town, taking two policemen with them as hostages. Larroza said he has already given orders for an investigation into the incident and possible firing of camp officials for their laxity in following security procedures. Other police units in the region, backed by three military helicopters, are conducting pursuit operations. The raid is the most daring action by communist rebels since breaking off last month from peace talks with the administration of President Joseph Estrada and threatening to step up offensives against the government. Communist insurgents have been waging a guerrilla war for three decades to establish a communist state in the Philippines.
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Publication:Asian Political News
Date:Jun 14, 1999
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