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Reasoning doesn't work with nuts.

The words on the cover of THE NEW AMERICAN of February 20 are "Is It Nuts to Let Iran Go Nuclear?" The answer is "Yes."

If Iran, a nation that has referred to the United States as the Great Satan, develops an A-bomb, then it is certain that a nuclear blast will go off in Omaha or Kansas City--the center of the nation--for maximum psychological effect.

Charles Scaliger, in the article that is referenced on that issue's cover, says that an act of nuclear terrorism against the United States is slight, given the likelihood of massive retaliation by the United States. But what if a madman comes to power?

A theocratic regime that values martyrdom, and believes in rewards for martyrs in the hereafter, is not likely to be deterred from violence by the threat of retaliation. Also, if an A-bomb goes off in America, who would know where it came from? It could come from China or North Korea--other nations with whom we have trouble.

Then there's Murphy's Law: Anything bad that can happen will happen.

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Author:Van Haven, George Bernard
Publication:The New American
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Apr 9, 2012
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