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Reasoning, rationality and dual processes; selected works of Jonathan St B. T. Evans.


Reasoning, rationality and dual processes; selected works of Jonathan St B. T. Evans.

Evans, Jonathan St. B.T.

Psychology Press


278 pages



World library of psychologists


This volume collects self-selected writings by cognitive psychologist Evans, who first proposed dual process theory (in which heuristic processes selecting important information precede analytic processes making judgments based on that information in the human thought process), that provide a review of the key theoretical and experimental concerns that have characterized his work over the past four decades. The first pair of chapters presents early experimental work on the Wason selection task (a deductive reasoning experiment) and syllogistic reasoning, followed by a chapter discussing recent experimental work on conditionals. Later chapters are more theory-oriented, and include presentation of his heuristic-analytic theory of cognitive bias, exploration of the relationship between bias and rationality, and discussion of recent paradigm shifts in the psychology of reasoning. Psychology Press is an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group.

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Date:Feb 1, 2014
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