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Reason-ably good performance.


Although the term 'difficult second album' sounds like an exhausted expression, Hundred Reasons know exactly what disastrous connotations it can hold.

After a solid debut album in the shape of Ideas Above Our Station, the Surrey quintet fell short of Columbia Record's expectations with their follow-up Shatterproof Is Not A Challenge and subsequently they were dropped from the demanding label.

After taking a few steps back and becoming familiar with less grand venues again, the band have found that their resilience has paid off and with a new recording contract via V2 and a less-pressured third album on the way, Hundred Reasons are back on rock music's higher rung.

Currently headlining Kerrang's Most Wanted tour, Hundred Reasons arrived on stage full of rejuvenated swagger and opened with the riff-heavy What You Get.

Lead singer Colin Doran was spindly in his movement and his once bird-nested haircut has been severely shorn for a more respectable look.

The rock histrionics of I'll Find You followed with its fragile melody layered by Doran's shouted vocals that were for the most part muffled in their delivery.

After some mediocre rock workouts the band rediscovered their live form and The Perfect Gift had the crowd in the Barfly crashing against each other in a heated mosh-pit.

The sweat levels increased further with Silver, a commendable slice of no-nonsense garage-rock and towards the closing stages of the set, Hundred Reasons had reminded all present why they used to be metal's brightest young hope.

The encore had Doran offering the appreciative crowd a million thanks for their support and new single Singles Club 3 was no match for closing lament If I Could, the band's first genuine breakthrough into the big time and a soaring anthem that has never been bettered.

Next year will see Hundred Reasons capitalise further on their musical resurgence but for the most part of their set they showed mere flashes of brilliance and in all honesty the brilliance was mustered from former glories.

The new material may take some time to settle but Hundred Reasons have to do more than this to earn their stripes.
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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Dec 15, 2005
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