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Reason to cut MPs; yourLETTERS.

WE refer to the article in your paper about the Liberal Democrat plan to reduce the number of MPs across the UK (Daily Post, December 20).

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The Lib Dems have led the way on promising to cut down on the bloated cost of politics. There are nearly 650 MPs in Westminster and with power devolved to the nations and regions of the UK, this number needs to go down. We have 60 AMs representing Wales in key areas such as health, education, economic development and with more and more powers coming to Wales and years of difficult cuts ahead, we need to reduce the number of MPs.

Plaid Cymru have been irresponsible in misleading the people of Wales by suggesting that we would decrease their representation. Our plans would explicitly allow the Independent Boundary Commission to increase the number of seats allocated to be edited published at the discretion Wales if this was appropriate.

The Bill is at an early stage but we want to achieve a fair voice for Wales in Westminster. The Welsh Liberal Democrats have long argued that we should devolve powers from Westminster to the National Assembly and we will be fighting for a yes vote if a referendum is announced.

If Plaid Cymru had their own way, they would get rid of all our MPs, leave us with no representation in the UK and a much poorer Wales with their irresponsible independence plans. Mr Williams should ask the people whether they want 40 MPs elected under an unfair system or a leaner number working alongside our AMs in Wales.

Kirsty Williams AM and Roger Williams MP, Leader and Deputy Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jan 22, 2010
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