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Reason prevails. (Editor's Picks).

It's heartening to see that in the midst of these uncertain and trying times that government and private industry can quickly come to an agreement regarding matters of national concern, lam referring of course, to the recent announcement that Bayer will be selling Cipro to the government at greatly reduced prices. Not being a student of government law, I find it hard to believe that our government could have stripped Bayer of its patent and let other manufacturers produce the drug. At least not without first declaring war which gives the government unbelievable power and authority. It would have been a very odd twist of fate if Bayer were forced to give up its patent on Cipro. Bayer, as you may know, lost the right to produce another "wonder" drug in the last century - Aspirin. After World War I, all of Bayer's assets in the United States were seized and auctioned off. It took the company most of last century to get those rights back. How close history came to repeating itself is probably anyone's guess at this point but it seems this time around cooler heads prevailed. In retrospect, everyone got what they wanted; the government got the drug of choice for fighting Anthrax and Bayer got to keep its patent. Bayer will now begin ramping up its production of Cipro to meet the government's requirements. Let's all hope and pray that we never have to use it.
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Author:Auerbach, Michael
Publication:Pharmaceutical Processing
Date:Nov 1, 2001
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