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Articles from Reason Magazine (November 1, 2015)

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$77,000 question: freedom of information. Denning, C.R. Brief article 233
25 years ago in Reason. Mehta, Prabhat; Wooster, Martin Morse Brief article 143
A libertarian-gay divorce? Government-sponsored discrimination is nearly eradicated. So what's left to work together on? Shackford, Scott 3266
A win for vouchers: school choice upheld. Denning, C.R. Brief article 124
America innovates, and prospers. Slade, Stephanie Brief article 135
Brickbats. Oliver, Charles 480
Constitutional prostitution: a California lawsuit could bring sex work out into the open. Weissmueller, Zach 787
Cuddles incorporated: what's wrong with selling snuggles for $1 per minute? Beato, Greg 1437
Debunking Gasland. Bailey, Ronald Movie review 155
Dodd-Frank and death in the Congo. Slade, Stephanie Interview 583
Everybody loves a good apocalypse; even as the world gets better and better, people continue to stubbornly believe the end is nigh. Bailey, Ronald Survey 1292
Founder of a movement. Doherty, Brian Brief article 166
Free forum radio. Walker, Jesse Brief article 162
Interpretive dance: anti-discrimination laws. Shackford, Scott Brief article 243
Junk science and campus rape: a new inquiry casts serious doubt on the most influential study on collegiate sexual assault. Soave, Robby 2355
Let states build their own highways; Congress can't pass a real transportation bill. And it shouldn't have to. de Rugy, Veronique 1352
Mission failure: SpaceX explosion. Mangu-Ward, Katherine Brief article 206
Navy on a diet: chow hall changes. Brown, Elizabeth Nolan Brief article 213
No public access: FOIA fail. Krayewski, Ed Brief article 189
North Korea's grassroots capitalism: how creeping market forces are improving life in the Hermit Kingdom. Lankov, Andrei Book review 1654
Quotes. Brief article 146
Room to improve: Obama's commutations. Sullum, Jacob Brief article 206
Social insecurity: trust fund depletion. Suderman, Peter Brief article 258
Speakeasy coffee. Mangu-Ward, Katherine Brief article 153
Stalin's prosecutor: RIP Robert Conquest, the historian who held the Soviets accountable. Garvin, Glenn Obituary 1093
Superman vs. the cops. Suderman, Peter Brief article 225
Surviving Nagasaki: history, memory, and nuclear devastation. Gregory, Anthony Book review 992
The baseball commissioner who made Bush president: the culture, politics, and economics of baseball in the Bud Selig era. Fisher, Anthony L. Book review 2964
The feds shouldn't prosecute Dylann Roof; redundant charges against the Charleston shooter highlight the unconstitutional absurdity of the federal hate crime statute. Sullum, Jacob 663
The GOP's nativist summer: how the Republican Party lost its marbles over immigration. Welch, Matt 1325
The new sex ed: classroom oversight. Brown, Elizabeth Nolan Brief article 243
The sun hasn't set on capitalism. Krayewski, Ed 397
The war on sex trafficking is the new war on drugs; and the results will be just as disastrous, for "perpetrators" and "victims" alike. Brown, Elizabeth Nolan 7257
Three days in jail: the death of Sandra Bland. Krayewski, Ed Brief article 217
Uber targeted: ride-booking regs. Doherty, Brian Brief article 204
Waiting for answers: DHS lawsuit. Shackford, Scott Brief article 218

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