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Realize and fulfill ZAB Dream: Free Pakistan from Foreign Slavery.

ONE more commemoration of hanging to death anniversary of a great leader Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto went by with winners in celebrations making grand speeches and showmanship but the occasion was sadly marked by their majority of losers without practice of ZAB ideology, perhaps crying over failure of self-serving political rulers in servitude to internal and external vested interests without free and independent policies and actions in Pakistan. ZULFIQAR Ali Bhutto was showered much praise in absentia, some by those who displayed courage of convictions neither in his lifetime, especially during his trial, imprisonment and hanging, nor practiced his antislavery ideology after his execution.

THEN there are others who sharply condemn him, saying he "deserves national wrath for nationalizing national assets, wealth and resources"! Returning this country's national wealth back to this nation as its rightful owner and beneficiary was described by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto's adversaries as an unforgivable crime.

That shows the nature of the kind of enemies ZAB was faced with during his lifetime, and faced by this nation after his death. MAJORITY of followers of Pakistan People's Party, of which he was a founder, believe that ZAB gave the world the vision of a modern Islamic nation, and that he was a thought, a philosophy and a university, an institution and a government in himself for the people he loved so much, lived and died for.

ZULFIQAR Ali Bhutto was the hope for the common man. He gathered leaders of the Muslim world for unity and united Islamic power worldwide, and gave this nation the atomic bomb program, with Pakistan eventually becoming the only Muslim nuclear power country in Islamic world.

EVEN many of ZAB enemies believe that this country needs another leader like the great Bhutto ZAB once more.' Other leaders have rightly acknowledged that the nation was still suffering from the horrible consequences of one wrong action and in aftermath of 1979 execution of a socialist PPP founder and once prime minister of Pakistan Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Pakistan's ruling clique was, it's believed, encouraged to kill him for his fire-like speeches that made the masses simply mad with joy. ONE concept badly needed ever since ZAB was hanged in a dictatorial era in Pakistan is still acutely felt to be concept of freedom and sovereignty, independence and non-slavery, without affiliation or subservience to any big power, be it America, Saudi/Mideast, India, Russia or China.

THIS was one agenda almost totally absent from most Pakistani governments who captured power through what's generally alleged and believed to be unfair and bogus elections. PPP and nation must now support reformers if they ever valued their party founder who died for them too. ZAB was a people's leader through and through.

They sang with him, they sobbed with him, they became angry like ZAB at repressive and undemocratic policies. With that end in thoughts, his party or whatever is left of it, and his followers alike, must support reformers and make way for active electoral reforms taking place for true democracy, not a sham democracy.

CONCEPT of freedom and independence from inhuman and unjustifiable interference of any kind at any plane and expediency is one overall agenda that must always be present in Pakistani and Muslim world politics, to avoid further slavery and unjust dependence on evil foreign influences and to decrease and terminate a series of anti-people policies and actions by both ruling and opposition parties propped up on crutches provided and held by big powers and their satanic divide and rule policies and their killing and plundering series. FOR making and breaking of governments in Pakistan and other Muslim countries, master minding foreign insurgencies and foreign rebellion as well as declaring war on other countries, making them fight against each other too, is an agenda of big powers followed by most Pakistani leaders and governments.

That must change for benefit of a nation and must not be made to result in a national loss, as is the case now. Pakistan is reportedly involved in many wars abroad, wars that are outright inhuman and unjust for those people or nations on whom a foreign war is declared. Pakistan has thus become a partner in crime along with other invading countries and has committed an act of invasion along with foreign warring forces.

UN has become a tool of big powers for licence to war, rather than seek and establish peace. REFORMS at UN and in leadership of big powers can be an agenda for Pakistan to follow for conducting world affairs properly, as well as for righting a wronged Muslim world, especially Mideast where brothers are killing brothers, on sectarian grounds in particular. Muslim countries have also become a tool in the hands of big powers. Pakistani leaders can enlighten the world with existing realities, the ignorance and suffering of Muslim world, to stop these wars by big powers and by so called Islamic regimes against other Muslim states, to end the servitude of Muslim leaders. The list is almost endless.

PAKISTAN must not have become a part of wars and bloodshed of the wrong side worldwide. It must even go against it with proper diplomacy, not outright hypocrisy, lies and deception for material and selfish gains: Announcing something publicly as foreign policy, either in parliament or in speeches to open gatherings is something, but contradictory practices and actions at the same time is again something else. These characteristics cannot be recalled with any good name or attribute. Pakistan must emerge out of its prolonged self deceiving shell of being a partner in crime in international league of big criminals.

ZAB opposed these policies and spoke openly against it. He even rejected the UN which he said was an unjust international organization. ZAB policies and actions can help Pakistan regain its lost glory, dignity and position on world scale. PPP founder Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto captured the hearts and minds of the younger generation, awakened workers to demand their rights and restored the honour and prestige of one and all nations worldwide. He laid down the foundations of Pakistan's defence capabilities leading to acquiring of nuclear deterrence for Pakistan.

He brought together warring Muslim nations by holding the Islamic summit in 1975 for a united power. It was during his tenure that Pakistan got its unanimously adopted 1973 constitution. SAD and unfortunate that the PPP of today has very little in common with either the philosophy or the manifesto or the ideology of Z A Bhutto. Under Asif Ali Zardari, the PPP has been reduced to a regional party and is almost finished. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto (ZAB) was arguably the most popular democratic leader in Pakistan's history. His formulated but now ignored policies must be implemented.
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Publication:The Messenger (Karachi, Pakistan)
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Date:Jul 1, 2019
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