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Reality Interactive partners with The Third Generation to accelerate QS-9000 compliance for automotive suppliers.

DETROIT--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 18, 1996--

Noted Quality Consultant Will Assist Automotive Suppliers in

QS-9000 Compliance Efforts Using CD-ROM Knowledge

Base Drawn From Own Expertise

Reality Interactive, Inc. (NASDAQ: RINT), a leading developer of digital enterprise knowledge solutions, today announced that it has signed a formal agreement with The Third Generation, Inc. (TTGI) for ongoing marketing and support of its multimedia-based approach to the Big Three's QS-9000 automotive quality requirements. Under the terms of the agreement, TTGI will be licensed to distribute Reality Interactive's quality management products, and to incorporate them into its own management consulting practice.

"Reality Interactive's QS-9000 Compliance Series is more than just a training tool it's a complete process and methodology that companies can use to move through the QS-9000 implementation process at an accelerated pace," said Gregory Gruska, President of TTGI. Mr. Gruska, a Fellow of the ASQC (American Society for Quality Control), contributed his 25-plus years of automotive and quality experience as the main subject matter expert for the development of Reality Interactive's four-part QS-9000 Compliance Series. The CD-ROM series, which was produced in cooperation with ASQC's Automotive Division and the Big Three Supplier Quality Task Force, was released last September and addresses core team training, project planning, documentation, and auditing. Adds Gruska, "Given the depth of design work we have done with Reality's development team to create and validate this interactive multimedia approach to the QS-9000 process, it is only natural that TTGI would choose to incorporate these tools into our own practice."

"This relationship provides an outstanding resource to organizations pursuing the QS-9000 mandate," said Randy Richardson, who represents Reality Interactive in the Great Lakes region, including Michigan. "Our goal is to provide expert resources to users of Reality Interactive products, when the need is to have someone onsite. Gregory Gruska has proven expertise in the area of QS-9000 and comprehensive knowledge of the content and application of our QS-9000 Compliance Series. He is in the perfect position to save our customers significant time and money by showing them how to accelerate their QS-9000 implementation process by leveraging our digital content and tools."

Adds Bruce Fischer, Reality's Director of Business Development, "People often have the misperception that using computer-based instruction and tools somehow precludes working with an expert consultant but it's hardly an either/or proposition. The multimedia curriculum provides base knowledge, reinforcement, and ongoing project support and documentation tools that help keep the QS-9000 project team focused between site visits by TTGI. At the same time, TTGI can offer its customers significant time and cost savings because multimedia education and training is much more efficient than conventional standup presentations, and can be repeated as many times as needed. What we are doing with TTGI is an excellent example of a savvy consulting group leveraging Reality's computer-based approach to optimize its value to customers and at the same time reach a far broader audience than would otherwise be possible."

About The Third Generation and Gregory Gruska

The Third Generation, Inc. assists organizations in the development and effective use of strategies and technology to achieve quality and performance excellence and customer delight. Its president and principal, Gregory Gruska, has personally assisted large and small companies in North America and Europe in the development and implementation of strategy, benchmarking, process control planning, customer satisfaction and quality systems. He has also worked with companies in the preparation of internal or external assessment utilizing criteria such as QS-9000, and MBNQA. He is ASQC Automotive Division's representative on the development groups for the Statistical Process Control and Measurement Systems Analysis manuals of the Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors Supplier Quality Requirements Task Force. He has authored over 40 papers and 18 books and manuals in the areas of business and quality performance management, strategy and implementation structure development, and technical methodologies such as variation management, variation simulation, optimal tolerance allocation, non-normal and multivariate sampling and data analysis, measurement systems analysis, inspector effectiveness and statistical process control. His latest book is Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award: A Yardstick for Quality Growth from Addison Wesley. Mr. Gruska has been a faculty member of ASQC's Professional and Technical Development activity as well as at Michigan State University, University of Michigan, Wayne State University, Lawrence Technological University, and Madonna University. He has advanced degrees in mathematics and engineering from the University of Detroit, Michigan State University and Wayne State University. Mr. Gruska is a charter member of the Greater Detroit Deming Study Group. He is an ASQC certified Quality Engineer and a licensed Professional Engineer (CA - Quality).

About Reality Interactive

Founded in 1994, Reality Interactive, Inc. designs, develops and markets interactive multimedia knowledge solutions for industrial companies worldwide. Products include the ISO 9000 Registration Series, a five title CD-ROM set that helps companies comply with the ISO 9000 worldwide quality standard; the QS-9000 Compliance Series, a four-part CD-ROM set that helps companies comply with the Big 3 automakers' global quality requirements; and the ISO 14000 EMS Conformance Series, which addresses the new ISO 14000 worldwide environmental management standards. Reality's CD-ROM products provide comprehensive education and training, as well as electronic performance support tools that simplify the work tasks relating to complying with such standards and requirements. Based in the Minneapolis area, the company can be reached at (612) 996-9600. Its Website can be found at

CONTACT: Randy Richardson

Reality Interactive

(513) 748-4982


Greg Gruska

The Third Generation

(810) 363-1654
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Date:Dec 18, 1996
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