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Reality Hillbillies. (TV).

Television executives are taking the expression "life imitating art" to a whole new level. CBS has announced it plans to recast the 1960s hit sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies as a reality show. In the original, Jed Clampett's poor mountain family moves to Beverly Hills after accidentally striking oil. In the new version, CBS plans to take a real-life rural, lower-middle-class family and transplant them to a Beverly Hills mansion. Critics say the show will resurrect negative stereotypes of rural America. But TV execs see the marketing potential. Fox TV now says it's planning a reality series in which a rich city family is plopped down in farm country and told to make do. Sound familiar? It's based on another '60s hit, Green Acres.
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Title Annotation:reality television shows planned
Publication:New York Times Upfront
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Date:Oct 18, 2002
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