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Reality Bites.

 the slip underneath my dress her valedictory address is showing
the future for the overeducated english major is living in a flop house
buying chips and beer on your father's gas card until he cuts you
off folding perfect t-shirts in a go-nowhere retail job documenting the
apathy and fear of your friends as they roll in and out of bed with a
long list of anonymous lovers terrified they might die of aids i was
going to class forgetting class watching my roommate a korean baptist
who covered a hole in the wall next to her bed with a poster of jesus
fall messily in love the fiddlestick of hedonism unfurled for the both
of us i reeked of clove cigarettes of the transient thrill of breaking
up with your first love before he beats you to it everything was excess
rip it out damn it get rid of it damn it courtney love ditched her dress
stripped to the underslip so the boys fueled by cisco and testosterone
launched the furniture out of the seventh floor window we were one part
teen spirit one part american spirits in my pocket everyone was smoking
themselves silly i was getting hard i was getting soft my mouth burned
like a stranger to my mother's food i grew a sailor's tongue
salty and swollen a thriving and invasive new colony of individualism
and irony while the language of childhood atrophied the untranslatable
bits faded into a was-i-ever-there home movie could i explain this newly
discovered tragi-romance wall whitman singing heartily of himself henry
rollins lunging and thrusting into his robust quads body surfing the
mosh pit trusting the hands that buoy you until you fall nikki giovanni
talking black arts black revolution litwack quoting public enemy
don't don't don't believe the hype clutching foucault to
my chest deconstructing everything to smithereens the naked man in a
loincloth imagined feathers in his hair like a statue of quetzalcoatl if
you look closely you'll see everything in my bloodshot eyes 

Summi Kaipa received her MFA in poetry from the Iowa Writers' Workshop. She has authored three chapbooks: The Epics, I Beg You Be Still, and The Language Parable. Kaipa was the recipient of the Holmes Award from Fourteen Hills Review and the Potrero Nuevo Fund Prize in 2002 for her first play. Suturai Kaipa founded and edited Interlope, a magazine devoted to innovative writing by Asian Americans, from 1998 to 2003. She is a co-editor of Indivisible, the first anthology of South Asian American poetry (2010) and is also working on her first full-length collection of poems. She lives in Berkeley, California.
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Title Annotation:Indian Poetry: Part 3
Author:Kaipa, Summi
Publication:World Literature Today
Article Type:Poem
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Nov 1, 2010
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