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Realistic sales projections.

The ordering and installation of point-of-purchase and on-shelf displays is getting much simpler and faster. StayinFront has teamed with Augment to develop 3D mobile software systems that allow retail buyers to see how the displays will actually look on the selling floor. StayinFront provides its software to direct store delivery (DSD) suppliers in the cookie/cracker, bread, candy, soft drink, health and wellness and other categories.

"Augment is helping us take that next step toward visualization with the store manager," says Sam Barclay, managing director North America at StayinFront, based in Fairfield, N.J. He says the sales rep is able to call up a virtual image of the display on an iPad and show the manager how much floor space the display will take up in the aisle, how tall it will actually look, how many products it may be blocking on the shelves, etc. Augment is providing the 3D application component. "It gives the manager an exact sizing and it knows where the floor is so it will show the display as it would actually look on the floor. The sales rep can digitally spin the unit around and show how much space it will take up on the aisle. Once the sales rep has shown it and the store manager agrees to it and says yes, a photo can be taken, and put onto the StayinFront application and attached to the promotion contract that the retailer signs," he adds.

The sales rep can also email the photo to the merchandiser who is coming in the next day through the software. When the merchandiser comes in they know exactly where it goes, Barclay says, adding that it provides other benefits to the retailer, including integrating real data into the sales pitch.

"When the rep describes the display that is being put up in the store it is very difficult to mentally visualize what that is. The sizing and positioning of the display makes a big difference to the retailer," Barclay says. "Our partnership with Augment is designed to take the sales pitch one level further to help them visualize what they are selling into the store."

The software application is also appropriate for chains where merchandising decisions are made at the corporate level and operate different size stores, Barclay says.

"This can also be shown against existing photos that were taken in the store, rather than a live photo," he says." At a headquarters level it is a much more data based discussion and that is where they use the pitch book to have more detailed discussions about what impact the display will have on actual sales."


Barclay adds, "All of this at the end of the day is leading toward a process where you get a much more accurate order, and the store manager is much more knowledgeable about what is being approved."

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Date:Apr 1, 2016
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