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Realistic ECU testing comes to the workbench.

Vector has developed a modular system for ECU functional tests. It promises to help engineers achieve a high level of test coverage previously only attained in later phases.

The VT System also supplies values of the ECU's physical inputs and outputs to the test and analysis tool CANoe. This can make cost-effective testing at the workbench possible.

Vector said: "The Vector VT System, used with CANoe, provides a flexible test environment that executes tests at the network level and also tests ECUs with real inputs and outputs."

Two test modules are currently available for the VT System. If real actuators are unavailable, the VT System's VT1004 load and measurement module is capable of providing reliable evaluations of ECU output behaviour.

This involves having user programmed CANoe test cases reproduce and control the electronic loads of the VT 1004. It then checks the output voltages at the ECU and introduces specific faults such as short circuits or line breaks.

To test the ECU's inputs, the VT2004 stimulation module generates typical sensor signals with predefined voltage curves or decade resistors.

When actuator and sensor hardware become available, the VT modules simply switch over to them. The reusability of test cases makes it possible to make quick comparisons.

"Setting up large test benches is more efficient and economical too," said Vector. "Each of the module's four channels directly supports the voltage and current ranges typically required in automotive test setups. This eliminates the need for complicated and expensive interface circuitry.

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