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Real-time updates available for FED LOG users.

Beginning with the March 2005 release of FED LOG, users with access to the Internet can link from FED LOG to the Web-based version of the Federal Logistics Information System, WebFLIS, to get the latest item information on more than 7 million national stock numbers. This new capability provides a real-time link that allows users in the field to have confidence that the ordering decisions they make are based on current information.

Through either five compact discs or one DVD, FED LOG provides highly portable logistics information that contains items of supply and supplier data from the Federal Logistics Information System as well as unique data from other sources, including the military services and Defense Logistics Agency supply centers. FED LOG can operate as a standalone product, or it can be used to perform on-line queries via the Internet. As a standalone product, it is an invaluable tool for deployed units that do not have Internet availability. FED LOG disks continue to be delivered to more than 37,000 customers monthly.

FED LOG has many new features, including highlighting of environmentally preferred items and hazardous or radioactive items and providing conversions for U.S customary measurements to metric measurements and decimals to fractions.

Further information on FED LOG is available at
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Date:Jul 1, 2005
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