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Real-time monitoring ebro EBI 10.

The new innovative temperature datalogger EBI 10 from ebro Electronic in Ingolstadt/Germany uses the EBI 10 wireless technology which enables the wireless, real-time monitoring of pasteurisation and sterilisation processes.

It allows the operator to watch the action live on the monitor and to immediately stop a potentially faulty process. This saves work and time during pasteurisation or sterilisation.

The EBI 10 logger can be used for routine checks during pasteurisation and sterilisation of all food, which is subject to a heat process, F-value calculation in food production, or validation of processes in food production and development

The totally water--and steam-tight EBI 10 (IP68) has a temperature range from--40 to +150[degrees]C and a pressure range from 1 mbar to 3500 mbar. The memory capacity is 30,000 measured values, which allows a recording process of up to 8 hours with measuring intervals of 1 second. The temperature and pressure accuracy of [+ or -]0.1[degrees]C or [+ or -]15mbar is very high and documented in the associated ISO certificate. Accessories and adaptors for the various processes are available. The logger is operated with the special EBI 10 interface (4-fold). It transmits on the worldwide approved frequency of 2.4 GHz and meets the IEEE radio standard 802.15.4, providing total conformity.

For evaluating the recorded data, the EBI 10 wireless system is complemented by the new software. can be used for both routine checks and validation. The whole system complies with 21 CFR Part 11.

Contact Klipspringer (ebro UK Service Agent) on tel 01473 741 500 or
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