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Real-Time tracking of entire IM system. (Computers & Plastics).

EZ-Track version 1.0 from Moldflow is designed for monitoring all machines and equipment on the injection molding (TM) shop floor. The software continuously tracks production in real-time and collects detailed information on such matters as machine performance, materials, labor, and scrap.

Based upon an entirely new input/output unit (I/OU) that integrates a touch-screen display with advanced data acquisition hardware, EZ-Track has the ability to count parts, rejects, packed cases, start-up shots, and up to four additional user-defined items. It detects downtime automatically and allows classification into an unlimited number of causes. Scrap and rejects can also be classified by cause. Cycle time of every shot, on every machine, is measured and is plotted using real-time SPC charts. Also, seven additional time measurements can be made each cycle and compared with predefined limits. The system is configurable and can track from one machine to hundreds of machines. It can be linked to other CIM systems, including ERP and MRP systems, so that production data can be efficiently interchanged.

Some of the key I/OU features include sixteen high-speed digital input channels for automatic timing, counting, and production rate determination; eight digital output channels for activating alarms, diverting parts, and exerting control; over a dozen major screens displaying hundreds of statistics on shift and job performance; and user-defined parameters for recording time-based measurements.

The PC-based software consists of several modules. Among these are the Floor Module for entering data and viewing the status of machines, production, labor, and materials, and the Log Viewer module, which provides a real-time record of every transaction. Other modules concern scheduling issues and specific customer requirements. EZ-Track labor tracking software monitors and reports labor hours and activity, and material tracking software records all material moves.
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Title Annotation:monitoring software from Moldflow
Comment:Real-Time tracking of entire IM system. (Computers & Plastics).(monitoring software from Moldflow)
Author:Johnson, Dava
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Date:Jul 1, 2001
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