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Real-Time Hazard Simulations Generate Optimal Results from PortBlue's CommandAware(TM) -- New Hospital Incident Response System; Successful Product Testing Leads to Agreement for System-Wide Adoption by Utah's Intermountain Health Care.

LOS ANGELES -- PortBlue (, a leading provider of web-based expert systems, today announced the successful results of earthquake and fire hazard emergency simulations conducted at six key Intermountain Health Care (IHC) hospitals in Utah.

As a result of this latest simulation, PortBlue expects to enter into an agreement to implement a system-wide adoption of CommandAware(TM) (, its hospital incident response system. The system would then be used in every IHC hospital for "All Hazards" emergency preparation, mitigation, response and recovery.

Recognized both as one of the country's leading hospital systems and a trailblazer in adopting technology to improve the environment of care it provides for its patients, IHC has been working with PortBlue to assure that CommandAware meets or exceeds best practices for disaster management in its 21 hospitals. The simulations were conducted in April at six IHC hospitals, located in the Utah communities of Mt. Pleasant, American Fork, Ogden, St. George and Salt Lake City, the hospitals testing CommandAware ranged in size from 30 to 520 licensed beds.

"From an emergency preparedness standpoint, CommandAware has standardized what we do as an organization," said Mike Rawson, Corporate Director of Safety and Security, Intermountain Health Care. "CommandAware has all of our hospitals developing a consistent format for their emergency management procedures, including our smaller rural hospitals where there is often no full-time emergency planner. By inputting the correct data and parameters in the pre-incident phase and customizing the system to each hospital's individual needs, CommandAware becomes an invaluable management tool during a critical incident. And by prompting decision-makers to ensure everything is completed as required -- while tracking and summarizing the event -- CommandAware offers the ability to retrospectively evaluate our incident responses, document costs and resources required, as well as ensure that the lessons learned from previous emergencies benefit us in future ones."

"Working with Utah's IHC group has provided our hospital incident response system with valuable design guidance, expert insights, and real-world validation," said Paul Dimitruk, CEO, PortBlue. "We have shown that our system will enable all hospital functions to increase the tempo and quality of response in incidents, from patient 'surge' to large scale mass casualty events."

"By providing an easy-to-use Web interface and by enabling all functions in a hospital incident command system to combine in an integrated incident response -- whether disaster management professionals, clinical personnel, or hospital management -- CommandAware provides the expertise and work process tools required to respond to any incident with competence and confidence," he said. "After Hurricane Katrina the need to raise the standard of disaster preparedness, response, and recovery in American hospitals has never been more compelling."

CommandAware is hosted on PortBlue's secure servers and is accessible to hospital personnel 24/7/365 from any location. The application requires no installation or IT support from hospital subscribers -- all that is required is a browser. CommandAware can be easily configured for the specific organization structure of any hospital from the smallest to the largest. It provides all key hospital functions with critical operational information and situational awareness, dynamically generated customized job action sheets required in their response to the specific incident as it evolves, two way communication, reporting and "request and response" tools connective all key functions, and date and time stamped logs for "after action" reporting and remediation.

Central to CommandAware is its capacity management functionality, with built in tools for tracking beds, personnel and supplies. The CommandAware Recovery Module helps identify and evaluate weaknesses in incident response and implement remediation strategies. The Recovery Module also provides guidance and templates for post-incident expense reimbursement from government agencies and healthcare payers.

CommandAware incorporate a best practices Hazard Vulnerability Assessment Tool enabling a hospital's Emergency Management Plans to be customized for hazards that are prevalent in their environment.

"Task assignment and situational awareness are the keys to success when confronting an emergency situation," said Glosper Bowman Jr., Director of Security for Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City. "It's absolutely vital for an Incident Commander to have access to accurate, timely information. CommandAware allows for continuous input, assessment and modification of a Commander's Incident Action Plan (IAP) as changes occur. CommandAware's precise and easy-to-use checklists give instant feedback, then further prompt responders to ensure the assessment is completed according to the specific conditions facing that institution. The customization of these task lists is what sets PortBlue's system apart."

About PortBlue Corporation

Founded in Los Angeles in 2000, PortBlue(R) Corporation ( provides a highly innovative system for building web-based expert systems. The practical know-how of recognized experts is rapidly transformed into web-based training, work process and decision-support tools and systems in the form of PortBlue hosted applications accessible 24/7. PortBlue's systems effectively mentor and guide users -- be they employees, customers, or trainees -- through tasks and processes to optimal decisions and outcomes.
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Date:Jun 7, 2006
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