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Real time process control.

Thermoteknix has announced the launch of its 'Miricle' infrared camera range. This high performance, rugged infrared camera is calibrated for temperature measurement in the harshest of conditions for continuous process control, R&D, testing and a wide range of other applications at an affordable price. Measuring 12cm long and weighing under 1 Kg, 'Miricle' features motorised remote control focus and is built to withstand high levels of shock and vibration with an environmental protection rating of IP67 NEMA 6. A wide range of options and accessories is available for the camera including a choice of lenses, filters and supporting software. With temperature ranges from -20 to 2000 [degrees]C, sensitivity of 65 mK (0.065 [degrees]C) and a long wave (8 -13 micron) wavelength uncooled focal plane detector array at 30 Hz frame rate, the 'Miricle' camera range offers new opportunities for online product inspection, thermal imaging and process control.

Thermoteknix' ThermaGRAM system provides a firewire interface and software for 'Miricle' cameras for on line control and real-time data processing of the infrared images. Capable of controlling and capturing data simultaneously from one or more cameras, the ThermaGRAM system provides image and data presentation, capture and investigation of thermal events with direct record-to-disc capability.


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Publication:Plant & Works Engineering
Date:Aug 1, 2004
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