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Real estate cadastre established in all Macedonia.

By signing the latest contract with the village of Dracevo, a complete real estate cadastre has been established on the entire territory of the country, said Slavce Trpeski, director of the Real Estate Cadastre Agency. He added that in parallel with the establishment of the cadastre, the number of cases has climbed up from 389,000 in 2007, 8,300 of which were unresolved, to 1,027,000 this year, only 1,967 of which were unresolved.

With the rising number of cases at the cadastre, Trpeski stressed that the number of mortgages has also increased, which reflects the situation in the state and the economy.

"In 2005, we had 2,920 mortgages, and in 2012 we have 10,433 mortgages in the amount of over 5 million euros," Trpeski said.

The cadastre, as he informed, performed control of the operations of the geodesy firms, handed down fines to 47 of them in which irregularities have been determined and suspended the operating license of three of them.

In addition to geodesy firms, controls have also been performed at regional cadastre offices in, as criminal charges have been pressed against six employees. In regard to the registration of the legalized illegally constructed buildings, Director Trpeski informed that 25,000 illegally constructed buildings have so far been entered into the register and appealed to all citizens, who have legalized their buildings, to enter them into the cadastre considering that based on the records of the Ministry of Transport, legalized houses total 35,000. The procedure takes 5-7 days.



Established REC 100.00%

Without established REC 0.00%

Note: Table made from pie chart.
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Publication:Macedonian Business Monthly
Date:Dec 1, 2012
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