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Real estate '89.


As Hawaii approaches the 21st century, owning real estate in the Islands - whether a fee-simple home, a business, an investment in raw land or a commercial lease agreement - will become ever important. The growing population on Hawaii's limited land, coupled with continuing foreign investment, is making property ownership increasingly expensive.

Fortunately, there is an assortment of experts in the real estate field to handle any need. Those in the market for a home or piece of land can choose from a host of knowledgeable brokers and agents. They are ready to show properties ranging from moderately priced condos to exlusive estates to spacious ranches. Experienced lenders, meanwhile, can offer a variety of financing plans that can help clients close those deals.

For those selling properties, brokers are available to help with the sale. Real estate professionals can also lend a helping hand to those seeking to lease property, residential and commercial. Retailers requiring rental space can also take advantage of consultants who know the ins and outs of the market and can help find prime locations.

When a buyer and seller agree on terms, detail-oriented title and escrow companies will smoothly process the transaction. Thanks to new technology like facsimile machines, these companies are steadily reducing the amount of time required for closings. Parties wishing to minimize the hidden risks that sometimes accompany property transfers can take advantage of title insurance. Potential problems like forgery may be a worry of the past.

For those in the real estate industry itself, there is a variety of companies to help. Realtors, appraisers, title companies and others will benefit from data base services that greatly reduce the amount of time necessary to obtain essential tax map key information. Owners of apartment buildings, shopping centers and other properties can hire professionals to take over the headaches of real estate management. Services include rent collection and accounting, tenant liaison, building administration, maintenance supervision, and even landscaping.

Developers working on real estate projects can benefit from expert consulting that answers a number of key question, including how to build for transportation, management and security considerations, and what clientele to target. Respected real estate firms with decades of experience in Hawaii can take the guesswork out of critical planning decisions.

On the following pages, some of Hawaii's leading professionals talk about themselves and the properties they represent.

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