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Real Food (2019 Edition): The Strategy That's Transforming Sports Nutrition - Features 10 Case Studies of Products that are Successfully Harnessing the Strategy.

M2 PRESSWIRE-July 25, 2019-: Real Food (2019 Edition): The Strategy That's Transforming Sports Nutrition - Features 10 Case Studies of Products that are Successfully Harnessing the Strategy



The "Real food: the strategy that's transforming sports nutrition" report has been added to's offering.

Positioning real food for sports and fitness is not a future opportunity, it's an opportunity that has been growing in importance for almost 20 years.

This report helps companies develop a real foods strategy for their products, by providing:

- A 10-step plan for a successful Real Food for Sports strategy

- 10 case studies of products that are successfully harnessing the strategy

For 15 years sports nutrition companies and brand consultants have claimed that serious sports nutrition products would go mainstream, filling supermarket shelves and turning brands and foods designed for sports into regular food choices for everyone. But the much stronger trend is in the opposite direction - for real foods to become more attractive for people to use in sports.

Professional elite and high-performing, serious amateur athletes, who previously favored technical sports nutrition products, are increasingly making real food choices - from peanut butter and flapjacks to Nutella and traditional Italian panforte. Positioning real food for sports and fitness is an opportunity that goes beyond the sports nutrition segment, and can provide growth for any brand that has a healthier, convenient profile.

Real food is a message that resonates with a wider audience -not just serious athletes- as, in more and more countries, consumers are trying to build activity and maintaining weight wellness into their everyday lives.

If your strategy does not include -as a minimum- identifying how to position your existing products in ways that appeal to increasingly activity-eager consumers, you need to go away and re-write it.

Key Topics Covered

- Executive summary: Why real food for sports is the big opportunity.

- The sportification of everything. A Real Food strategy for sports.

- 10 steps to a successful Real Food for Sports strategy.

- Maximize success by connecting to the key trends.

Companies Mentioned

- Barnana

- Big Food

- Fuel 10K

- Grenade

- Koia

- Njie

- Soreen

- Veloforte

- Vieve

Case Studies

- Case Study 1: Njie - low-calorie, sugar-free protein promise

- Case Study 2: Veloforte - a gourmet sports food experience

- Case Study 3: Fuel 10K targets breakfast with benefits'

- Case Study 4: Soreen - a traditional brand's sports reinvention drives 180% growth in a flat market

- Case Study 5: Big Food launches real food for sports

- Case Study 6: Manuka honey fuels sports foods

- Case Study 7: Barnana - natural energy in bite-size pieces

- Case Study 8: Vieve drinks combine collagen protein and refreshment

- Case Study 9: Koia - plant-based nutrition for the masses

- Case Study 10: Grenade spots opportunity in war on sugar

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Laura Wood, Senior Press Manager

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Publication:M2 Presswire
Date:Jul 25, 2019
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