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Real Estate: An Introduction to the Profession, 5th ed.

Real Estate: An Introduction to the Profession is a well-conceived, detailed and comprehensive treatment of a variety of subjects covering real estate. Perhaps the author has been even too ambitious in dealing with too many subjects.

The basic plan of the book is quite nice. The author begins each chapter with a listing of key terms, followed by text materials. At the end of each chapter, there is a vocabulary review, a kind of matching exercise, followed by questions and problems, and then additional readings. It seems to me that the key terms might have been set at the end of the chapters and not at the beginning, and the matching exercise eliminated, because such material tends to be confusing and tedious. The questions and problems are somewhat useful, and the additional readings are helpful, if one has the time and inclination to go to the library. On the other hand, this kind of book is designed to be self-contained in its scope.

Looking through the book's content, one sees the result of a great amount of time and careful research. It is also well written. I would have liked to see a separate chapter on property management and a chapter specifically directed to professional responsibility and ethics, although there is basic coverage of these subjects. I also would have liked to see expanded commentary on contracts and agency. I found the index and glossary helpful, although separating them might have been clearer for most readers.

Also, in many chapters the author has included graphs and charts. I think that graphs and charts tend to be difficult to understand. Many of these appear more than basic and introductory, and my preference would be to scan them and then pass them by. However, I have had countless students who say they like this kind of visual presentation.

I do believe Real Estate: An Introduction to the Profession to be much more than an introduction; it seems to be a book taking up sophisticated and comprehensive subject matters and a great range of materials. It doesn't strike me as the kind of work that would be directed toward the beginner or one trying to discover whether there is a like or dislike for the real estate profession.

In summary, Real Estate: An Introduction to the Profession is a comprehensive work and one that readers will find very helpful as a reference work. It may not fill the need for those just beginning in the real estate profession; however, it will find a place on most bookshelves as a valuable addition.

Real Estate: An Introduction to the Profession is available from the Mortgage Bankers Association of America (MBA). The cost is $40 for members and $50 for nonmembers, plus 10 percent shipping and handling. Call 1-800-793-MBAA to order.

Reviewer Dr. Donald R. Brenner is a professor of real estate law and business law at the Kogod College of Business Administration, American University, Washington, D.C., and has lectured on real estate law at the MBA School of Mortgage Banking.
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Author:Brenner, Donald R.
Publication:Mortgage Banking
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Aug 1, 1993
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