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Ready-Drives Hard Disks Pre-Configured with TRON Computer Performance Solutions.

Acton, CA, January 13, 2011 --( Ready-Drives, a leading supplier of hard disks will apply TRON Computer Performance Solutions to Hard Disks and Computer Systems shipped to customers early in the first quarter of 2011. Hard Disks will ship pre-configured with TRON Data Safe Partitions, TRON Directory Structures and include a host of software updates and utility programs loaded on a Computer System Installation Drive.

Hard Disks and Computer Systems are configured with four to six Data Safe Partitions depending on the purpose, size and configuration of the hard disk. Data Safe Partitions segment data storage by the space accessible to each of the drive heads. Strategic creation of directories and proper configuration of application settings further allow users to isolate hard disk read/write operations to increase performance.

"Ready-Drives Hard Disks and Computer Systems configured with Data Safe Partitions and TRON Directory Structures outperform traditional computer configurations with the same operating system and installed applications" said Jeremy Murtishaw, CEO and Co-Founder of Ready-Drives. "A combination of logical drives, operating system and application settings are required to get the most proficient use of a Hard Disks' internal components. " Hard Disks will also ship with TRON Computer Performance Solutions User Guide and TRON Computer Performance Scripts. These tools provide a step-by-step computer configuration guide that help users achieve maximum performance with Scripts to speed up the process.

Additional software included with Ready-Drives Hard Disks allows users to instantly configure the Desktop of a new Windows installation for maximum performance and data safety. These settings simplify Desktop operation, navigating user files and access to programs.

Preloaded Driver Packs, pre-load the Device Driver Section of a System Installation Drive. Preloaded Driver Packs is an optional service offered by Ready-Drives. Computer owners download a script from that list all the hardware components installed in a computer. The script produces a text file that can be emailed to ready Ready-Drives who downloads and all the device driver packages and stores them in Device Driver Folders created on logical Drive F: called the System Installation Drive.

Computer System Installation Drives are very different than Drive Restore Solutions offered by Computer OEMs or the System Restore feature in Windows operating systems. One of the functions of Logical Drive F: is storing files that are installed after a fresh operating system installation. Those files include at minimum: Device Drivers, Service Packs and Patches, utility programs and applications downloaded from the Internet.

"PCs configured with a Single User Drive restrict resource utilization which results in diminished performance" said Eddie Ruisch, COO at TRON.COM. "A single User Partition also places personal data and program settings at the same risk OEM tools that restore that partition to an original factory configuration. "

About TRON

TRON has been the leading authority on remote management infrastructures (RMI) for nearly twenty years gaining international recognition in both financial and technology circles in 1994 as co-author of the first industry standard white paper on Keyboard, Video and Mouse Switch technologies. As the industry's leading Systems Integrator of KVMS (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) and A/V (Audio Visual) Type Matrix Switch Systems, TRON introduced dozens of innovations that are standard features in today's matrix switch products. TRON also licenses intellectual property, proprietary technology, copyrights and trade mark solutions to OEM and systems integrators.

About, offers Hard Disk and Computer Solution pre-configured to get the maximum performance from the Hard Disk component(s). Ready-Drives ships hard disk preconfigured with Data Safe Partitions and Directory Structures, Software Service Packs, Service Patches, Device Drives and Utility Programs ready to be installed directly from the hard disk. Advanced Product Solutions include Device Drivers Packs for the customers specific computer configuration.

For more information about Ready-Drives Performance Hard Disk and Computer Systems, TRON Computer Performance Solutions User Guide and Scripts visit


Sydney Green

Ready-Drives, Inc.

(866) 422-0603


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Ready-Drives, Inc.

Sydney Green

(866) 422-0603
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Date:Jan 13, 2011
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