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Ready, set, create! Weather chart.

Ask your adult to help you make this awesome weather chart. Then use the felt icons to display the weather every day of the week!

What You Need:

* Weather icon pattern pieces from

* Safety scissors

* Pencil

* 6 9-by-12-inch sheets of felt: 1 yellow, 1 pink, 2 white, and 2 dark blue

* 20-by-30-inch white foam board

* Craft glue

* Ruler

* Colored markers

* Thin cardboard box (we used a tea bag box)

What You Do:

1. Print and cut out pattern pieces.

2. Trace each pattern seven times onto felt. Use a blue marker to make a frost design on the snow icons. Cut out icons and set aside.

3. Fold and cut each sheet of blue felt in half, then in half again, to make eight squares the same size.

4. Apply glue to outer edges of four blue squares and place them side by side on the foam board, five inches from its top. Glue three more squares three inches below top row. Let dry.

5. Use markers to write the days of the week above blue squares, starting with Sunday. In large letters, write "My Weather Chart" at top.

6. Glue the box to the right corner of the board, low enough so the lid, when raised, doesn't cover the felt. Let dry. Keep your weather icons in the box when not in use.

Illustrated by Michael Palan

Email a photo of you with your weather chart to or mail it to "Creative Kids," Humpty Dumpty, P.O. Box 567, Indianapolis, IN 46206. Include your name, age, and address. Submissions become the property of U.S. Kids.

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