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Ready, set, create! Make a scarecrow.

The summer berries are getting ripe. Ask an adult to help you make this fun scarecrow to keep the birds away!

What You Need:

* Hammer (for adult use)

* Wooden broomstick pole (body)

* Clean plastic milk jug (head)

* Wire coat hanger (shoulders)

* Duct tape

* Safety scissors

* Old clothes (flannel shirt, bandana, hat)

* Permanent markers


What You Do:

1. Have an adult hammer the broomstick several inches into the ground until it stands firm.

2. Place the jug upside down over the broomstick. Push the top of the hanger into the mouth of the jug. Hold everything in place while your adult helper secures it with duct tape.

3. Dress your scarecrow. Use a scarf or bandana to cover the tape.

4. Use the markers to give your scarecrow a face. Your garden pal is ready!


Take a Picture!

Ask someone to take a photo of you with your scarecrow, and send it in along with your name, age, and address. You might see it in an upcoming issue!

Mail if to "My Scarecrow," Humpty Dumpty, P.O. Box 567, Indianapolis, IN 46206. Or e-mail your photo to Submissions become the property of U.S. Kids.

Illustrated by Michael Palan

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Date:Jul 1, 2010
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