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Ready, Set, Respect! GLSEN's Elementary School Toolkit.

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"Ready, Set, Respect!" provides a set of tools to help elementary school educators ensure that all students feel safe and respected and develop respectful attitudes and behaviors. It is not a program to be followed but instead is designed to help educators prepare themselves for teaching about and modeling respect. The toolkit responds to elementary educators' suggestion that they rarely teach about the kinds of topics (name-calling and bias, gender roles, and family diversity) addressed in the "Ready, Set, Respect!" toolkit. While educators have said that these topics simply "don't come up" it is known that young children often have their own way of communicating what in fact is coming up, or identifying that which they are ready to explore or learn about. These kinds of issues reveal themselves in dramatic play, student to student dialogue, the informal rules of the playground and in a myriad of other ways. To that end, "Ready, Set, Respect!" asks educators to think comprehensively about "readiness" and in so doing consider what a ready child, ready school, and ready community look and feel like. The toolkit also assists educators in recognizing and understanding the readiness cues that may in fact suggest that these issues are indeed "coming up." To this end, the "Ready, Set, Respect!" poses the following pre-teaching questions: (1) How will I know when my students are ready for explicit learning about respect and how can I get ready to engage them in this learning?; (2) Do my classroom practices set-up and/or reinforce what I hope students will learn?; and (3) What evidence will I have to demonstrate that my students are acquiring respectful attitudes and behaviors? The toolkit provides three sets of thematically developed and grade-span specific (K-2 or 3-5) lessons aligned with both Common Core and McRel standards as well as resources with which educators can extend learning or design other lessons. Each set of lessons is introduced with actual "teachable moments" encountered by educators in schools. Tips for everyday inclusion, respectful recess, and developmentally appropriate responses to disrespectful behaviors complete the kit. [For related report, "Playgrounds and Prejudice: Elementary School Climate in the United States. A Survey of Students and Teachers," see ED528732.]

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Date:Jan 1, 2012
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