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Articles from Readings on Induced Abortion, Volume 1: Politics and Policies (January 1, 2000)

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Abortion and government policy. Callahan, Daniel 5224
Abortion and the 1978 congressional Elections. Traugott, Michael W.; Vinovskis, Maris A. 8997
Abortion attitudes, 1965-1980: Trends and determinants. Granberg, Donald; Granberg, Beth Wellman Polling Data 12059
Abortion in context: Historical trends and future changes. Rossi, Alice S.; Sitaraman, Bhavani Statistical Data Included 10782
Abortion: Understanding differences. Callahan, Sidney; Callahan, Daniel 3434
After the Hyde Amendment: Public funding for abortion in FY 1978. Gold, Rachel Benson 4689
Antiprogestin drugs: Medical and legal issues. (Comment). Cook, Rebecca J. 7248
Attitudes of American teenagers toward abortion. Zelnik, Melvin; Kantner, John F. 2934
Catholic clergy on abortion: Preliminary findings of a New York state survey. Traina, Frank J. 5452
Courts sink new Title X regulations: (Special Report). Klitsch, Michael 2392
Factors associated with the use of court bypass by minors to obtain abortions. Blum, Robert Wm.; Resnick, Michael D.; Stark, Trisha 2970
Fetal research and antiabortion politics: Holding science hostage. Hart, Diana S. 12380
Fetal research under fire: The influence of Abortion politics. Gold, Rachel Benson; Lehrman, Dorothy 7153
Half a loaf: A new antiabortion strategy. Donovan, Patricia 7117
Hospital mergers and reproductive health care. (SPECIAL REPORT). Donovan, Patricia 3577
How patients view mandatory waiting periods for abortion. Lupfer, Michael; Silber, Bohne Goldfarb Polling Data 4812
Is Medicaid pronatalist? The effect of eligibility expansions on abortions and births. (ARTICLES). Joyce, Theodore; Kaestner, Robert; Kwan, Florence Statistical Data Included 7793
Is support of abortion political suicide? Rosoff, Jeannie I. 10551
Judging teenagers: How minors fare when they seek court-authorized abortions. Donovan, Patricia 10034
Late Abortion and Technological advances in fetal viability. Rhoden, Nancy K. 6040
Letting the people decide: How the antiabortion referenda fared. Donovan, Patricia 2842
Measuring public attitudes on abortion: Methodological and substantive considerations. Cook, Elizabeth Adell; Jelen, Ted G.; Wilcox, Clyde 5667
Morality and legality. Henshaw, Stanley K.; Martire, Greg 4678
Parental involvement in minors' Abortion decisions. (ARTICLES). Henshaw, Stanley K.; Kost, Kathryn Statistical Data Included 15367
Parental notice and consent for abortion: Out of step with family law principles and policies. (Comment). Greenberger, Marcia D.; Connor, Katherine 5353
Parental notification: Is it settled? (Law and Policy Analysis). Donovan, Patricia 3886
Pregnancy counseling and abortion referral for patients in federally funded family planning programs. Rosoff, Jeannie I. 3890
Pregnancy, teenagers and the law, 1974. Paul, Eve W.; Pilpel, Harriet F.; Wechsler, Nancy F. 6446
Pregnancy, teenagers and the law, 1976. Paul, Eve W.; Pilpel, Harriet F.; Wechsler, Nancy F. 6235
State abortion policy, geographic access to abortion providers and changing family formation. Lichter, Daniel T.; McLaughlin, Diane K.; Ribar, David C. 7772
State actions on reproductive health issues in 1996. Sollom, Terry 5798
State laws and the provision of family planning and abortion services in 1985. Sollom, Terry; Donovan, Patricia 5662
State legislation on reproductive health in 1990: What was proposed and enacted. (Special Report). Sollom, Terry 5080
Taking family planning out of Title X: The impact of the proposed new regulations. (Comment). Rosoff, Jeannie I. 5608
Teenagers and pregnancy: The law in 1979. Paul, Eve W.; Pilpel, Harriet F. 6500
Telling parents: Clinic policies and adolescents' use of family planning and abortion services. Torres, Aida; Forrest, Jacqueline Darroch; Eisman, Susan 8993
The 1988 abortion referenda: Lessons for the future. (Special Report). Donovan, Patricia 7007
The Abortion activists. Granberg, Donald 6975
The abortion issue in the 1980 Elections. Granberg, Donald; Burlison, James 9224
The abortion issue in the 1984 Elections. Granberg, Donald 4329
The court, the congress and the president: Turning back the clock on the pregnant poor. Lincoln, Richard; Doring-Bradley, Brigitte; Lindheim, Barbara L.; Cotterill, Maureen A. Statistical Data Included 6877
The effect of legalization of abortion on population growth and public health. Tietze, Christopher Statistical Data Included 4897
The effects of economic conditions and access to reproductive health services on state abortion rates and birthrates. (ARTICLES). Matthews, Stephen; Ribar, David; Wilhelm, Mark Statistical Data Included 11461
The effects of mandatory delay laws on abortion patients and providers. (SPECIAL REPORT). Althaus, Frances A.; Henshaw, Stanley K. 5067
The fetus as person: Possible legal consequences of the Hogan-helms amendment. (Comment and Controversy). Pilpel, Harriet F. 1611
The harassment of U.S. Abortion providers. Forrest, Jacqueline Darroch; Henshaw, Stanley K. 4167
The holy war. Donovan, Patricia Statistical Data Included 5660
The impact of requirements for parental consent on minors' abortions in Mississippi. (RESEARCH NOTE). Henshaw, Stanley K. 2765
The impact of restricting Medicaid financing for abortion. Trussell, James; Menken, Jane; Lindheim, Barbara L.; Vaughan, Barbara 8908
The Institute of Medicine reports on legalized abortion and the public health. (Comment and Controversy). Lincoln, Richard 2617
The measurement of public opinion on abortion: The effects of survey design. Bumpass, Larry L. 3973
The People vote on abortion funding: Colorado and Washington. Donovan, Patricia 5480
The restoration of abortion services at Cook County Hospital. (SPECIAL REPORT). Donovan, Patricia 5588
The War between the women. Luker, Kristin 7172
Title X and its critics. Rosoff, Jeannie I.; Kenney, Asta M. 6177
Trends in attitudes toward abortion, 1972-1975. Amey, William Ray; Trescher, William H. 7927
When does personhood begin? (Special Report). Donovan, Patricia 5226
Women who have had abortions. 2986
Women's reproductive choices: The impact of Medicaid funding restrictions. Haas-Wilson, Deborah Statistical Data Included 7220
Your parents or the judge: Massachusetts' new abortion consent law. Donovan, Patricia 5525

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