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The secret to happiness is in reading biographies. Jul 9, 2022 1349
Get into the reading habit. Jun 26, 2022 505
Helpful Hints. Sep 22, 2021 600
Frequently Asked Questions. Chambers, Lucy Jun 22, 2021 713
Why young Pakistanis don't read. Naveed, Sumbal Viewpoint essay Jun 22, 2021 2713
Book Groups. May 1, 2021 926
ON THE CASE, AGAIN AND AGAIN, WITH NERO WOLFE. Mustich, James Critical essay Dec 22, 2020 1531
Diversifying Bookshelves: From Trend to Norm. Ishola, Bunmi Sep 22, 2020 695
3 Online Book Clubs with a Global Perspective. Stevens, Elizabeth Rae Mar 22, 2020 669
BUILDING A CULTURE OF INDEPENDENT READING THROUGH LITERACY CLUBS. Tichenor, Mercedes; Piechura, Kathy; Diedrichs, Robin; Heins, Elizabeth Mar 22, 2020 2698
Hasty Reading and Literary Values: A Pilot Study of University Student Reading Experience in Relation to Critical and Empathetic Engagement. Willmott, Glenn; Crouse, Mitchell Essay Mar 1, 2020 6668
Reading Rocks! Using Illustration to Encourage a Love of Reading. Sands, Leia Jun 22, 2019 1374
Creating a Primary School Reading Culture: At Dogmersfield School. Band, Barbara Jun 22, 2019 1349
Classroom Libraries. Bott, C.J. Interview Jun 1, 2019 3017
Breaking Out of the Box: Breakout Boxes in the Library. Rondinella, Cassandra; Miles, Beka Jun 1, 2019 2422
5 Booktubers to Watch. Bartholomew, Reid List Mar 22, 2019 648
Jinbocho. Bartholomew, Reid Mar 22, 2019 539
Letter from the Editor. Editorial Nov 1, 2018 344
Book Tasting with a 5-Star Rating! "Open the book and read a few pages to see if it intrigues you.". Porter, Marcia Oct 1, 2018 1733
EDITOR'S NOTE. Simon, Daniel Editorial Sep 1, 2018 736
Remediated. Merrill, Judson Short story Jun 22, 2018 4620
Read for Good's Sponsored Read: The Power of Motivation. Smith, Annie Mar 22, 2018 1587
On Boredom. Ossip, Kathleen Poem Nov 1, 2017 978
Promotion of book reading habits, literary activities and culture will help overcome Terrorism. Oct 15, 2017 608
"Swimming through Bricks": A Conversation with Simon Armitage. Roensch, Rob; Weedon, Quinn Carpenter Interview Sep 1, 2017 4577
Culture of literacy across the content areas. Trulove, Lona Aug 1, 2017 1151
Mockingbird, Watchman, and the Adolescent. Eaton, Karly Critical essay Jun 22, 2017 9072
High school, reading, and collaboration: mix, stir, repeat ... Hoppe, Kelly; Wilcox, Jessica Aug 1, 2015 2594
Influence of Gender Difference on Reading Habit and Academic Achievement of Undergraduate Medical Students in University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Ladipo, Sunday Olusola; Gbotosho, Sunmade Ajibola Report Jan 1, 2015 5069
US starts mobile bus library to promote book reading. Brief article Nov 23, 2014 201
Using self-selected literature to teach reading: inspiring engagement and deep thinking. Parker, Mitten Report Oct 1, 2014 2162
"And Then We Went to the Brewery": Reading as a Social Activity in a Digital Era. Fuller, Danielle; Sedo, DeNel Rehberg Essay May 1, 2014 3604
Rekindle the love of reading: giving students Kindles reinvigorates young readers and improves their reading achievement. Isero, Mark Apr 1, 2014 2474
Every day we're shufflin': empowering students during in-school independent reading. Hall, Katrina W.; Hedrick, Wanda B.; Williams, Lunetta M. Report Mar 1, 2014 4008
Turning middle years students on to literature. Clark, Abbey Feb 1, 2014 4823
Young adult literature's sorry state. Gurdon, Meghan Cox Nov 1, 2013 2666
What we and our children can learn from great literature. Flaherty, Micheal Essay Nov 1, 2013 2338
Selling your kids on story time: how--and why--to teach your children to love the written word. Cortes, Ivana Nov 1, 2013 1708
The Taste for Fiction: Re-Reading Novels, Reading the Self. Teleky, Richard Critical essay Sep 22, 2013 3079
So who has time to read? Social class and crime writing, Part 1. Davis, J. Madison Critical essay Sep 1, 2013 1887
Just for kids: Tokyo Shimbun and Dentsu launch augmented reality app for children. Yang, Nu Apr 1, 2013 544
What nurses are reading. Jan 1, 2013 364
Electronic storybooks: a constructivist approach to improving reading motivation in grade 1 students. Ciampa, Katia Report Dec 1, 2012 11165
The use of ICTs and audiovisual resources in developing children's reading habits in Nigeria. Igwesi, Uzoamaka; Chimah, J.N.; Nwachukwu, V.N. Report Nov 1, 2012 4785
Younger Americans' Reading and Library Habits. Zickuhr, Kathryn; Rainie, Lee; Purcell, Kristen; Madden, Mary; Brenner, Joanna Report Oct 23, 2012 534
The Strange Case of the Reader and the Invisible Hand. Freely, Maureen Critical essay Sep 22, 2012 3321
Researching the Tintin effect: how can the active promotion of graphic novels support and enhance boys' enthusiasm for leisure reading? Bunn, Val Report Jun 22, 2012 2012
Reading habits of rural and urban college students iln the 21st century. Loan, Fayaz Ahmad Report Mar 1, 2012 4239
People of the book. Jan 1, 2012 446
Children's and Young People's Reading Today: Findings from the 2011 National Literacy Trust's Annual Survey. Clark, Christina Report Jan 1, 2012 402
The school library as a foundational step to childrens' effective reading habits. Busayo, Isaac Oluwadare Report Nov 1, 2011 5581
Impact of motivation to read on reading gains for struggling readers with and without learning disabilities. Melekoglu, Macid A. Report Nov 1, 2011 10144
Poor reading habits among Nigerians: the role of libraries. Aina, A.J.; Ogungbeni, J.I.; Adiaun, J.A.; Ogundipe, T.C. Report Oct 1, 2011 3965
Strengthening reading in the art classroom. Klein, Lisa Lundgren Aug 30, 2011 1090
On my Shelf: no one takes a closer interest in writing about the environment than other writers, so we asked four of Canada's top enviro-journalists to share their bedside green reads. May 1, 2011 674
Doom busters: they came, they read, and now Canadians are taking action. Bonoguore, Tenille May 1, 2011 573
Foreign language teacher trainees' reading attitudes. Kartal, Erdogan Report Apr 1, 2011 6962
Brilliant, narrow minded morons: technology and nerds are reshaping our scope of knowledge. Fleming, Jeff Editorial Apr 1, 2011 459
Reading habits of rural and urban college students in the 21st century. Lone, Favaz Ahmad Report Mar 1, 2011 4146
Reading culture and Nigeria's quest for sustainable development. Igwe, Kingsley Nwadiuto Report Jan 1, 2011 5108
Newspaper reading habits of university students: a case study of Chaudhary Charan Singh University, India. Kumar, Devendra; Singh, Rajkumar; Siddiqui, Jamal Ahmad Report Jan 1, 2011 2608
Openness to experience and night-sky watching interest as predictors of reading for pleasure: path analysis of a mediation model. Kelly, William E. Report Dec 22, 2010 3109
Reading habits of senior secondary students at Allahabad City, U.P., India. Kumar, Devendra; Ansari, M.M.A.; Shukla, Sanjay Kumar Report Dec 1, 2010 2786
Reporting on reading: a survey into the reading attitudes and personal reading habits of year 2 children. Austin, Michelle; Casselden, Biddy Survey Sep 22, 2010 2740
Reading Liberia: an exchange of blueberries and grasshoppers. Stinson, Kathy Jun 22, 2010 1768
The power of story: reading may not change the world--but it changes the reader, and that's a start. Paterson, Katherine May 1, 2010 1879
An assessment of reading culture among students in Nigerian tertiary institution--a challenge to educational managers. Ifedili, Chika Josephine A. Report Dec 22, 2009 3472
To wake, to wake, perchance to read: sleep duration and reading for pleasure. Kelly, William E. Report Dec 22, 2009 2432
The San Miguel book group. Velte, Luisa Nov 1, 2009 656
Reading habits of secondary school teachers: a study of selected secondary schools in Ado-Odo Ota Local Government Area. Adebayo, Oyeronke Report Jul 1, 2009 1249
Functions of reading and adults' reading interests. Chen, Su-Yen Report Jun 22, 2009 3927
Commentary: O'Reilly Rooting for Newspapers' Demise 'Un-American?'. Shields, Mike May 18, 2009 933
Preadolescents' self-concept and popular magazine preferences. Bosacki, Sandra; Elliott, Anne; Bajovic, Mira; Akseer, Spogmai Report Mar 22, 2009 6274
Reading on the Rise: A New Chapter in American Literacy. Report Jan 1, 2009 416
The Meteor. Shaw, Heather Editorial Jan 1, 2009 595
Graphic novels in the classroom. Lee, Allison Report Oct 1, 2008 2674
Ask doctor Cory. Column Sep 1, 2008 776
The reading habits and literacy attitudes of inservice and prospective teachers: results of a questionnaire survey. Nathanson, Steven; Pruslow, John; Levitt, Roberta Report Sep 1, 2008 5753
Reading and identity: the Google generation. Rennie, Jennifer; Patterson, Annette Report Jun 1, 2008 2613
Diary of a blog: listening to kids in an elementary sohool library. Cowan, Janie Jun 1, 2008 3719
ESSAY: Identity and Reading - The Challenges of Defining American Muslim Identity. Abusharif, Ibrahim Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2008 788
Romancing the Tome: In Praise of the Printed Book. Kane, Lawrence Mar 1, 2008 798
Struggling adolescent readers. Fisher, Douglas Feb 1, 2008 1250
A world without books: the obsolescence of reading is a looming peril. Schroth, Raymond A. Jan 25, 2008 974
Reading. Brief article Jan 1, 2008 93
The common reader: Rosalind Crone introduces a database of readers and reading habits since 1450. Crone, Rosalind Jan 1, 2008 1627
Reading. Nov 30, 2007 318
National consequence. Brief article Nov 23, 2007 156
To Read or Not to Read: A Question of National Consequence. Research Report #47. Report Nov 1, 2007 362
First graders' preferences for narrative and/or information books and perceptions of other boys' and girls' book preferences. Chapman, Marilyn; Filipenko, Margot; McTavish, Marianne; Shapiro, Jon Oct 1, 2007 7307
Factors that influence the decision to read: an investigation of fifth grade students' out-of-school reading habits. McKool, Sharon S. Sep 22, 2007 10079
Learning together through retrospective miscue analysis: Salem's case study. Almazroui, Karima M. Case study Sep 22, 2007 7195
The art of reading: dramatizing literacy. Ortlieb, Evan; Cramer, Neva; Cheek, Earl, Jr. Case study Sep 22, 2007 3276
Sophies on Sophas in Eighteenth Century England an outline of the novel-reading moral panic/on sekizinci Yuzyil ingiltere'sinde Sofalardaki Sophie'ler: Ana Hatlariyla Roman-Okuma Ahlaki Panigi. Vogrincic, Ana Sep 22, 2007 8045
Stylistics meets Cognitive Science: studying style in fiction and readers' attention from an interdisciplinary perspective. Emmott, Catherine; Sanford, Anthony J.; Dawydiak, Eugene J. Jun 22, 2007 7965
What adolescents are reading and what their teachers are not: between the deformed discourse and disdain of the graphic novel. Fitzsimmons, Phil Jun 1, 2007 3008
There is more to reading than fiction! Enticing elementary students to read nonfiction books. Vent, Cheryl T.; Ray, Julie A. Apr 1, 2007 2034
Harry Potter and the goblet of motivation. McPherson, Keith Apr 1, 2007 2658
Understanding the recreational reading patterns of secondary students. Wilson, Janell D.; Casey, Linda H. Mar 22, 2007 4703
Reader development in the UK: an Australian perspective. Prescott, Shirley Mar 1, 2007 1920
Reading girl. Interview Feb 1, 2007 376
Are you feeling negative, depressed, pessimistic? Beating the book group blues. Clerc, Charles Jan 1, 2007 3200
Reading for Pleasure: A Research Overview. Clark, Christina; Rumbold, Kate Report Nov 1, 2006 427
Nurturing lifetime readers. Sanacore, Joseph Sep 22, 2006 3030
Learning to read in mathematics classrooms. Meaney, Tamsin; Flett, Kirsten Jun 22, 2006 3160
Preview. Graham, Steve Jun 22, 2006 568
Yaoi 101: girls love "boys' love". Camper, Cathy May 1, 2006 2610
In practice: reading good books. Schlumpf, Heidi Brief article Apr 1, 2006 110
Self-efficacy and interest in the use of reading strategies. Putney, LeAnn G. Dec 22, 2005 6851
Collaborative literature-based reading programs with motivation components. Haycock, Ken Dec 1, 2005 408
Reading lifelong literacy links into the school library. McPherson, Keith Dec 1, 2005 1761
Parental guidance: gangsta lit: do you really know what your teenager is reading? Stovall, TaRessa Jul 1, 2005 1494
How to keep up with your reading: join a club. Frank, Doug Jul 1, 2005 1125
Is anybody out there? A closer look at the dire picture unearthed in the NEA's Reading at Risk study turns up some hopeful signs. Dawkins, Wayne May 1, 2005 941
Reaching teens: back to the future: how teachers are using old favorites to hook the newest generation of reluctant adolescent readers. Grillo, Thomas Feb 1, 2005 1770
POINT OF VIEW - The SAT and the Assault on Literature. Ruenzel, David Nov 1, 2004 1155
Book worms: endangered species? Brief Article Oct 11, 2004 121
Shoptalk: Risks Are Required. Rosensteil, Tom Industry Overview Apr 1, 2004 811
Directed readings: paratext in a Game at Chess and The Tragedie of Philotas. Alt, Christina Mar 22, 2004 7219
The fiction reading habits of the Tichborne claimant. Morgan, Patrick Biography Nov 1, 2003 1874
The implications of reading preferences of future educators. Fowler, Rachel; Whitsett, Glee Sep 1, 2003 2659
Bragging writes: how presidential candidates try to impress reporters with their reading lists. Kendall, Brent Apr 1, 2003 2007
Reading on a jet plane: what executives are reading for fun. (Executive Living). Bjorklund, Todd Apr 1, 2003 746
Boy books, girl books: should we re-organize our school library collections? Doiron, Ray Feb 1, 2003 2224
Where the boys are ... Haupt, Allison Feb 1, 2003 3926
From boy's life to thrasher: boys and magazines. Cox, Ruth E. Feb 1, 2003 1176
Proletarian paperbacks: the Little Blue Books and Working-Class Culture. Schocket, Eric Critical Essay Sep 22, 2002 3934
Librarians Under Siege. Flanders, Laura Brief Article Aug 5, 2002 939
Beach bliss-outs. (Wild reads: waves, winds, and a good book you can take while you bake--isn't that what summer's all about?). Stockwell, Anne Brief Article Jul 9, 2002 216
Giving life a theme. Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 112
Preliminary results from the BIBR reader survey. Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 186
Building a mystery. Lehoczky, Etelka Jun 19, 2001 1341
on the shelf. BASHIR, SAMIYA A. Nov 1, 2000 609
children's bookshelf. Abif, Khafre K. Nov 1, 2000 206
Choosing Books for Reading: An Analysis of Three Types of Readers. BURRISS, KATHLEEN GLASCOTT Brief Article Sep 15, 2000 229
Choosing Books for Reading: An Analysis of Three Types of Readers. Kragler, Sherry Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2000 4167
What Do You Like to Read? Urso, Josephine Sep 1, 1999 1687
Effects of extrinsic reinforcement for reading during childhood on reported reading habits of college students. Flora, Stephen R.; Flora, David B. Jan 1, 1999 3896
Harnessing the power of words: a teacher recalls her rookie year--when she learned that kid's words can change worlds. Mar 1, 1997 725
'Dhalgren:' the city not yet fallen, the novel still unread. Laidlaw, Marc Sep 22, 1996 2691

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