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Reading fun at home!

What better way to spend the weekends, summers, and holidays than to read and participate in fun activities with your child. Most parents believe this to be true, but some have limited access to books and materials. By creating thematic book bags that children and parents can check out of the class, time at home can be spent doing something creative. The children are able to see their parents making reading and school a priority, while bonding and developing lasting memories. The book bags should include: books, lesson sheets, and any supplies needed to complete the lessons. Below are two examples of the lesson sheets.


* Read a book about the life of Johnny Appleseed

* Pretend that you are going to make an apple pie. Write a list of items you would need to buy at the store to prepare it.

* Think about apple expressions (Example: "You are the apple of my eye!"). List as many as you can think of and tell what they mean.

* List several words that have the same short vowel as you hear in the word "apple."

* Draw a chart or series of pictures representing the growth cycle of an apple.

* Buy an apple at the store and figure out the weight, circumference, amount of time it took you to eat the apple, length of the stem.

* Find a basket around your house and estimate how many apples it would take to fill the basket.

* Write a poem about apples.

* Make paper apple pies. Divide the pies into halves, thirds, quarters. Ask questions, such as: How many quarters make a half? How many make a whole pie?

Supplies for September Book Bag:

* a book about the life of Johnny Appleseed

* a science book with the growth cycle of an apple

* scales, measuring tape, timer

* artificial apples (for estimation activity)

* stencil for an apple pie

* construction paper

* several sheets of writing paper

* pencils

* markers

* scissors


* Read a story about the first Thanksgiving.

* Find pictures of a turkey and several other birds. Cut the birds into parts (wings, head, feet, beak), and then glue parts together to make a new bird. Give your bird a name.

* Make a list of unusual ways you could use a turkey feather.

* Create a recipe for turkey pot pie and write it on your own personalized recipe cards.

* Compare and contrast domestic and wild turkeys.

* Compare the prices of turkeys at local grocery stores. What is the average price per pound for turkeys? Using this price, figure out how much you would have to pay for a 15-pound turkey and a 20-pound turkey.

* Make a list of some creative ways to use turkey leftovers.

* Create a GOBBLE acrostic.

* Create a "Turkey Rap."

Supplies for November Book Bag:

* a story about the first Thanksgiving

* pictures of turkeys and several other birds

* scissors

* glue

* construction paper

* pencils

* markers

* laminated pictures of domestic and wild turkeys

* circulars from the grocery store with price per pound for turkeys

* calculator

Be creative! Come up with some new activities or ways to send your supplies home.

Not only will these activities be fun for the children and parents, they will also strengthen skills and provide needed practice at home. This activity was originally created for a 2nd-grade class, but can be modified for any grade level.

This Idea-Sparker was submitted by Amanda H. Leonhardt, Nan Gray Davis Elementary School, Theodore, Alabama. Amanda is a graduate student at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, MS.
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