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Articles from Reading Time (February 1, 2012)

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Title Author Type Words
A piece of history. Babbage, Lynne Book review 357
About The Boy. Cardwell, Colin; Lowe, Tony 581
Alderson, Maggie (text) Claire Fletcher (illus.): Evangeline, The Wish Keeper's Helper. Harvey, Pam Book review 293
Almond, David: The True Tale of the Monster Billy Dean, telt by hisself. Nolan, John Book review 333
Anyone can become a demon: challenging traditional mythology in Mammon. Thomas, J.B. 793
Anzac day. Book review 253
Arrigan, Mary: The Rabbit Girl. Mauger, Chloe Book review 290
Ashley, Alison: Phoenix. Hillel, Margot Book review 271
Ashley, Bernard: Aftershock. Kemble, Rebecca Brief article 247
Atkin, Anne: Living and Laughing with Parkinson's. Harvey, Pam Book review 205
Bancks, Tristan: First Kids in Space. Nolan, John Book review 249
Bartlett Anna/Monkeystack (design) Robert Moore (text): About Face. Nolan, John Book review 217
Base, Graeme: The Jewel Fish of Karnak. Murphy, David Brief article 215
Black, Birdie (text) Rosalind Beardshaw (illus.): Just Right. Steward, Joy Book review 244
Blake, Stephanie: Poo Bum. Davey, Graham Book review 144
Bowen, Dean (illus.) Jennifer Castles (text): A Song for Lorkie. Clancy, Sue Book review 205
Browne, Anthony: How Do You Feel? Long, Julie Book review 126
Cardwell, Colin (text) Tony Lowe (illus.): The Boy Who Ate Himself. Murphy, David Brief article 209
Carnavas, Peter (illus.) Alex Field (text): Mr Darcy. Clancy, Sue Book review 287
Chandler, Kristen: Girls Don't Fly. Lees, Stella Book review 241
Chatterjee, Debjani & Brian D'Arcy (ed.) Shirin Adl (illus.): Let's Celebrate! Festival Poems From Around the World. Morrison, Penny Brief article 199
Child, Lauren: Ruby Redfort: Look into My Eyes. Long, Julie Book review 185
Condon, Bill (text): Ian Larmont (illus.): Rock and Roll Elephants. Clancy, Sue Book review 204
Corderoy, Tracey (text) Joe Berger (illus.): Hubble Bubble Granny Trouble. Barrett, Leanne Brief article 157
Cottrell Boyce, Frank: The Unforgotten Coat. Gerner, Katy Book review 202
Crazy relief teachers. Porter, Matt 830
Creagh, Lachlan: Wombat went A 'walking. Fornasier, Kylie Book review 200
Creatore, Luigi, Linda Solomon, Hugo Peretti & George David Weiss (text) Shane Devries (illus.) Jay Laga'aia (sung by): The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Martin, Helen Brief article 222
Cronk, Don: The Safe Place. Goodman, Jo Book review 120
Darlison, Aleesah (text) Jill Brailsford (illus.): Quinn's Riddles. Fornasier, Kylie Book review 291
Davies, Nicola (text) Neal Layton (illus.): Talk, Talk, Squawk! How and Why Animals Communicate. Cameron, Elspeth Book review 139
Dawkins, Richard (text) Dave McKean (illus.): The Magic of Reality: How we know what's really true. Brophy, Kevin Book review 261
de Gennaro, Sue (illus.) Mark Macleod (text): Just One More. Davey, Graham Book review 320
Definitely worth a look. Hillel, Margot Book review 373
Denton, Graeme (text) Paul Duff (illus.): Wobbles the Clown. Clancy, Sue Brief article 222
Dickens, Charles (text) Toby Forward (abridged by) Iassen Ghiuselev (illus.): Oliver Twist. Saxby, Maurice Book review 413
Did you miss? 368
Do, Anh & Suzanne (text) Bruce Whatley (illus.): The Little Refugee. Throssell, Kaye Brief article 177
Donaldson, Julia (text) Axel Scheffler (illus.): The Highway Rat. Davey, Graham Brief article 177
Donaldson, Julia (trans) Axel Scheffler (illus.): The Gloomster. Seymour, Sharon Book review 282
Dowson, Nick (text) Patrick Benson (illus.): North: the Greatest Animal Journey on Earth. Steinberger, Kevin Book review 285
Dubois, Michael, Katri Hilden & Jane Price: The Travel Book (Not-for-parents). Lees, Stella Book review 255
Editorial. Cohen, John Editorial 305
Evans, Katie: Little Things for Busy Hands. Henderson, Heather Book review 170
Extra! Extra! Recommended readings 381
Fallon, Leigh: Carrier of the Mark. Poidomani, Katie Book review 155
Finn, N. T.: Zoltan and the 31st Century. Brophy, Kevin Children's review 299
Flanagan, John: The Outcasts. Murphy, David Book review 223
Foot, Mandy: Come Fly with Captain Kangaroo. Lees, Stella Brief article 140
Foye, Jon (illus.) Jol & Kate Temple (text): Parrot Carrot. Fornasier, Kylie Book review 128
Frankel, Elizabeth (text) Garry Duncan (illus.): Hairy Nose Itchy Butt. Dayman, Chris Brief article 154
Gargett, J. L.: Axel the Western Swamp Tortoise. Dayman, Chris Brief article 146
Garth, Richard (text) Vicky Duncan (illus.): Rabbits & Snakes. Douglas, Elizabeth Brief article 247
Gier, Kerstin: Girl about Time. Hillel, Margot Book review 239
Gleitzman, Morris: Pizza Cake: and other funny stories. Kemble, Rebecca Book review 211
Gouldthorpe, Peter: No Return: Captain Scott's Race to the Pole. Saxby, Maurice Book review 413
Graham, Bob: a bus called HEAVEN. Gerner, Katy Brief article 175
Graves, Keith: Chicken Big. Campbell, Jane Brief article 190
Greenberg, Nicki: BOM! Went the Bear. Douglas, Elizabeth Brief article 143
Griffin, Paul: Stay with Me. Goodman, Jo Book review 306
Hart, Rhiannon: Blood Song. Martin, Helen Brief article 202
Hartnett, Sonya (text) Lucia Masciullo (illus.): Come Down, Cat! Morrison, Penny Brief article 174
Haynes, Simon: The Secret Signal. Steinberger, Kevin Brief article 188
Heirs of immortality. Forsyth, Kate 2511
Honey, Elizabeth: Ten Blue Wrens and what a lot of wattle! Seymour, Sue Book review 150
Ibatoulline, Bagram (illus.) Linda Sue Park (text): The Third Gift. Cohen, John Book review 190
Inkpen, Chloe & Mick: Zoe and Beans: The Magic Hoop! Mauger, Chloe Book review 193
Janeczko, Paul B.: Requiem (Poems of the Terezin Ghetto). Capp, Meredith Brief article 291
Johnson, Maureen: The Name of the Star. Poidomani, Katie Brief article 133
Jones, Andy (text) David Puekeridge (illus.): The FART-ionary. de Jongh, Amanda Book review 182
Jordan, Mary Ellen (text) Andrew Weldon (illus.): Lazy Daisy, Busy Lizzie. Babbage, Lynne Book review 209
Kehoe, Stasia Ward: Audition. Steinberger, Kevin Brief article 281
Kiernan, Celine: Taken Away. Martin, Helen Book review 197
Klassen, Jon: I Want My Hat Back. Seymour, Sharon Book review 296
Knight, Fran: Literature to support the Australian curriculum: annotated lists of fiction and poetry. Wells, Julie Book review 340
Kwaymullina, Ezekiel: The Not-so-Goblin Boy. Barrett, Leanne 207
LaFleur, Suzanne: Eight Keys. Long, Julie Book review 245
Lapus-Di Santo, Czarina (text) Corinna Aranguren (illus.) Jet Di Santo (drawings): My Friend Aytoo Zee. Dayman, Chris Book review 131
Lawson, Sue: Pan's Whisper. Harvey, Pam Book review 313
Leyden, Paula: The Butterfly Heart. Derouet, Liz Book review 259
Liberman, Cassy: Wildflower the Life and Art of Ellis. Cohen, John Book review 155
MacIntyre, Pam & Susan La Marca: Things a Map Won't Show You: Stories from Australia and Beyond. Cohen, John Book review 201
MacLachlan, Patricia (text) Elizabeth Zunon (illus.): Lala Salama--a Tanzanian Lullaby. Poidomani, Katie Brief article 121
Mafi, Tahereh: Shatter Me. Campbell, Jane Book review 240
Marriott, Zoe: Shadows on the Moon. Capp, Meredith Book review 218
Marwood, Lorraine: Note on the Door. Henderson, Heather Book review 157
McGahan, Andrew: The Coming of the Whirlpool. Steinberger, Kevin Book review 353
McKeown, Althea (text) Monique Russell (illus.): Sissy's Secret. Morrison, Penny Brief article 141
McKinley, Meg: Surface Tension. Goodman, Jo Book review 222
McNaughton, Colin (text) Emma Chichester Clark (illus.): Have You Ever Ever Ever? Capp, Meredith Brief article 186
Meloy, Colin (text) Carson Ellis (illus.): Wildwood. Kemble, Rebecca Book review 275
Moore, Inga: A House in the Woods. Goode, Peg Book review 195
Morpurgo, Michael (text) Emma Chichester Clark (illus.): The Pied Piper of Hamelin. Cohen, John Brief article 174
My motivation for writing Blood Song. Hart, Rhiannon 678
Newton, Robert: When We Were Two. Goode, Peg Book review 278
Olin, Sean: Brother/Sister. Cameron, Elspeth Book review 187
Papademetriou, Lisa: Siren's Storm. Derouet, Liz Brief article 208
Parnell, Robyn Opie: Maya and the Crystal Skull. Jagger, Judi Book review 166
Paterson, Katherine and John (text) John Rocco (illus.): The Flint Heart: A Fairy Story. Adams, John D. Book review 337
Perkins, Stephanie: Lola and the Boy Next Door. Jagger, Judi Book review 243
Porter, Matt: Mr Sergeant and the Dodgeballs of Doom. Dayman, Chris Book review 130
Prince, Alison: No Ordinary Love Song. Steward, Joy Book review 278
Pryor, Michael: The Extraordinaires. Brophy, Kevin Book review 412
Robertson, Fiona: The Perfect Present. Goodman, Jo Brief article 162
Rohan, Johanna: Quiros, Torres, Hartog, Tasman and Dampier. Adams, John D. Book review 279
Rosoff, Meg: There is No Dog. Harvey, Pam Book review 285
Said, Aimee: Little Sister have you heard the latest? Henderson, Heather Brief article 217
Sendak, Maurice: Bumble-Ardy. Cohen, John Brief article 200
Series--to be or not to be. McGahan, Andrew; Kings, Ship 695
Shields, Gillian (text) Francesca Chessa (illus.): Library Lily. de Jongh, Amanda Brief article 163
Simon, Francesca: The Sleeping Army. Steward, Joy Book review 428
Something special. Book review 242
Stiefvater, Maggie: The Scorpio Races. Campbell, Jane Brief article 316
Streich, Michel: Grumpy Little King. Jagger, Judi Book review 235
The day we remember. French, Jackie 690
The Eve Pownall judges. 747
The fiction judges. 1543
The Mask of Destiny. Newsome, Richard Brief article 340
The Topp Twins (text) Jenny Cooper (illus.): There's a Hole in my Bucket. Cameron, Elspeth Brief article 216
Thomas, J. B.: Mammon. de Jongh, Amanda Brief article 216
Thompson, Colin: The Naughty Corner. Throssell, Kaye Brief article 131
Toft, Kim Michelle: Tick tock tick tock What's Up Croc. Goode, Peg Book review 293
Tucker, Clancy: Gunnedah Hero. Adams, John D. Book review 551
Turner, Tracey (text) Clive Goddard (illus.): Wee on a jellyfish sting: and other fibs that simply aren't true. Babbage, Lynne Book review 217
Underwood, Deborah (text) Liwska, Renata (illus.): The Loud Book. Henderson, Heather Brief article 143
Walliams, David (text) Tony Ross (illus.): Gangsta Granny. Throsell, Kaye Book review 337
Wilsdorf, Anne (illus.) Reeve Lindbergh (text): Homer The Library Cat. Saxby, Maurice Book review 259
Wilson, Kate (text) Christine Cafarella Pearce (illus.): Can we go home now? Douglas, Elizabeth Book review 229
Wulff, Alana: Decoding Hayley Williams. Barrett, Leanne Book review 257
Zephaniah, Benjamin (text) Prodeepta Das (photos): When I Grow Up. Gerner, Katy Book review 225

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