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Articles from Reading Time (May 1, 2011)

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A starry night. Woodroffe, Jenni 473
Abdel-Fattah, Randa: Noah's Law. Goodman, Jo Book review 306
Abdel-Fattah, Randa: The Friendship Matchmaker. Lees, Stella Book review 213
About Karen Wood. Tan, Shaun 854
Almond, David: My Name is Mina. Lees, Stella Brief article 251
Ambrosio, Gabriella (text) Alastair McEwen (trans): Before We Say Goodbye. Lees, Stella Book review 234
Bartlett, Anna (text) Susy Boyer (illus.): A Penny in Time. Martin, Helen Book review 183
Binder, Jack & Judith: Two's a Crew. James, Judith Book review 229
Blair, Juliet: Arlo and the Vortex Voyage. Murphy, David Book review 177
Blakley-Cartwright, Sarah & David Leslie JOHNSON: Red Riding Hood. Henderson, Heather Book review 231
Book launch. Lawrenson, Diana 478
Bowman, Anne: Count Them While You Can ... Murphy, David Book review 219
Brisland Toni, (text) Peter 'Zane' Haywood (illus.): DemiChat and the Kent Street Mystery. Steward, Joy Book review 227
Brooks, Kevin: iBoy. Lawn, Joy Book review 229
Brooks, Ron (illus.) Margaret Wild (text): The Dream of the Thylacine. Saxby, Maurice Book review 321
Brooks, Ron: Drawn from the Heart. Hillel, Margot Book review 596
Brown, Jacinda: I Spy a Reptile Eye. Roberts, Timothy Book review 160
Bruce, Linda, Zita Hilvert-Bruce & John Hilvert: Challenges for Indigenous Australia. Cameron, Elspeth Book review 207
Caro, Jane: Just a Girl. Lees, Stella 290
Cherbourg State School: Budburra's Alphabet. Dayman, Chris Book review 140
Clarke, Pat (text) Lynne Wilson (illus.): The Magic Forest of Goonoo. Throssell, Kaye Book review 168
Clement, Rod: Feathers for Phoebe. Steinberger, Kevin Book review 186
Collins, Paul (text) Jo Thompson (illus.): The Glasshouse. Lees, Stella Book review 171
Collum, Karen (text) Serena Geddes (illus.): Samuel's Kisses. Long, Julie Book review 124
Condie, Ally: Matched. Lawn, Joy Book review 240
Cooke, Julia (text) Marjorie Crosby-Fairall (illus.): My Little World. Kemble, Rebecca Book review 265
Countess de Segur (text) Stephanie Smee (trans) Simon Sturge (illus.): Sophie's Misfortunes. Clancy, Sue Book review 316
Cox, Lisa: Does My Bum Look Big in This Ad? Henderson, Heather Book review 204
Curzon, Brett: Bill the Fish. Goode, Peg Book review 120
D'Ath, Justin: Phoebe Nash: Girl Warrior. Campbell, Jane Book review 232
Darlison, Aleesha (text) Sandra Temple (illus.): Puggle's Problem. Henderson, Heather Book review 187
Dashner, James: The Maze Runner. Steward, Joy Book review 291
Davies, Juliette H.: JJ Halo Book 1 Super-cool Spyling. Dayman, Chris Book review 115
de Pierres, Marianne: Burn Bright. Kemble, Rebecca Book review 229
Dodd, Michele: Cats, Bats & Witches Hats. Henderson, Heather Book review 202
Dunlap, Susanne: Anastasia's Secret. Harvey, Pare Book review 237
Editorial. Cohen, John Editorial 278
Eimann, Celine (illus.) Anne Morgan (text): The Sky Dreamer. Mauger, Chloe Book review 335
Ellis, Deborah: No Safe Place. Goode, Peg Book review 200
English-Hawke, Kiri: The Handkerchief Map. Douglas, Elizabeth Book review 190
Eulberg, Elizabeth: Prom & Prejudice. Goodman, Jo Book review 198
Extra! Extra! List 292
Fabry, Amber (text) Jodie Mullaley (illus.): Sam's Hats. Roberts, Timothy Book review 174
Falkner, Brian: The Project. Steinberger, Kevin Book review 245
Fanning, Mick & Tim Baker: Surf for your Life--Grommets' Edition. Nolan, John Book review 261
Faranda, M. J.: Abacus Aardvark and the Arctic Adventure. Adams, John D. Book review 315
Fisher, Vicky: Bonsai Warriors. Seymour, Sharon Book review 180
Flint, Shamini (text) Sally Heinrich (illus.): Diary of a Soccer Star. Lawn, Joy Book review 130
Fox, Mem (text) Roland Harvey (illus.): The Little Dragon. Douglas, Elizabeth Book review 289
Freeman, Pamela: Ember and Ash. Harvey, Pare Book review 210
French, Jackie: A Waltz for Matilda. Murphy, David Book review 206
Gaiman, Neil: Odd and the Frost Giants. Saxby, Maurice Book review 256
Gibson, Kathy (text) Jack Bell (illus.): Fantome Island. Adams, John D. Book review 292
Goode, Shari (text) Janette Goodey (illus.): Webcam Nan. Capp, Meredith Book review 116
Grant, Neil & David Williams (eds): From Kinglake to Kabul. Derouet, Liz Book review 288
Griffin, Vicki (text) Vicky Duncan (illus.): Nanna's Storm. Kemble, Rebecca Book review 193
Griffiths, Andy (text) Terry Denton (illus.): What Body Part is That? Lees, Stella Book review 131
Gross, Mary & Kathleen Khreim: Simba....? So I Must Be A.... Book 1. Gerner, Kate Book review 168
Hackett, Dave: Hamilton's Handstand. Cohen, John Book review 122
Hall, Susan: Incy Wincy Spider. Steward, Joy Book review 118
Hardy, Elisabeth (text) Sarah Hardy (illus.): Barnowlby Bubbles. Long, Julie Book review 144
Hauxby, Reece: Justin Gale Deals With Death. Cohen, John Young adult review 209
Henry the Goat: Ella Watkins. 782
Hobbs, Leigh: Mr. Badger and the Big Surprise. Nolan, John Book review 276
Horsfield, Yvonne (text) Garth Horsfield (illus.): Miss Molly Meets Little Joe. Clancy, Sue Book review 173
Horvath, David: Bossy Bear. Henderson, Heather Book review 177
Houston, Bronwyn: Staircase to the Moon. Capp, Meredith Book review 163
Humphries, Simon (text) Kia Maddock (illus.): Silly Sausage's Birthday. Davey, Graham Book review 154
Jaffe, Michele: Rosebush. Goode, Peg Book review 206
Jobling, Curtis: Wereworld: Rise of the Wolf. Cohen, John Book review 137
Jonsberg, Barry: Being Here. Capp, Meredith Book review 276
Joyner, Andrew: Boris. Fornasier, Kylie Book review 215
Kacer, Kathy: Hiding Edith: a true story. Cameron, Elspeth Book review 232
Kennedy, Melissa: Government in Australia. Throssell, Kaye Book review 156
Kennett, Chris: Alpha Monsters. Nolan, John Book review 209
Kirby, Matthew J.: The Clockwork Three. Saxby, Maurice Book review 319
Kunze, Nansi: Dangerously Placed. Campbell, Jane Book review 220
Laguna, Sofie (text) Lucia Masciullo (illus.): Meet Grace 1808. Douglas, Elizabeth Book review 525
Laidler, James: The Taste of Apple. Brophy, Kevin Book review 367
Lee, Jacqueline (text) Clint Cassell (illus.): Excuses and More! Throssell, Kaye Book review 155
Lemon, Jennifer (text) Donna Perkins (illus.): Where Are Your Manners? Fornasier, Kylie Book review 148
Lemon, Jennifer (text) Jodie Parkinson (illus.): The Little Cloud. Lees, Stella Book review 127
Lionetto-Civa, Angie (text) Christina Booth (illus.): In the Deep Red Desert ... Roberts, Timothy Book review 180
Lowry, Bridget (text) Kim Fleming (illus.): Triple Ripple. Clancy, Sue Book review 205
Lukic, Marie C.: Galaxy Trotters. Henderson, Heather Book review 142
Machowiak, Aleksandra & Daniel Mizielinski: H.O.U.S.E. Harvey, Pare Book review 222
MacKintosh, David: Marshall Armstrong is New to Our School. Cohen, John Book review 171
Mahoney, Karen: The Iron Witch. Seymour, Sharon Book review 236
Martin, Eve (text) Phil Martin (illus.): What Day is it Today? Long, Julie Book review 112
Masson, Sophie: The Understudy's Revenge. Hillel, Margot Book review 274
McFarlane, Susannah (text) Lachlan Creagh (illus.): Amazing Amelia. Cameron, Elspeth 201
Noyes, Deborah: The Ghosts of Kerfol. Cameron, Elspeth Book review 208
Obama, Barack (text) Loren Long (illus.): Of Thee I Sing A Letter to My Daughters. Martin, Helen Book review 177
Okalyi, Sandy (illus.) Doug Macleod (text): Mozzie and Midgie. Davey, Graham Book review 113
Orr, Wendy: Raven's Mountain. Fornasier, Kylie Book review 253
Pak, Janet R.: Genie of the Rainbow Beanie. Throssell, Kaye Book review 121
Palmer, Tony: The Valley of Blood and Gold. Adams, John D. Book review 426
Park, Linda Sue: A Long Walk to Water. Harvey, Pare Book review 297
Pascoe, Kerryn (text) Elise Hurst (illus.): My Boots in Season. Dayman, Chris Book review 116
Perkins, Stephanie: Anna and the French Kiss. Kemble, Rebecca Book review 232
Phelan, James: Alone. Steinberger, Kevin Book review 211
Phommavanh, Oliver: Con-Nerd. Cohen, John Book review 195
Pilkey, Dav: The Adventures of Ook and Gluk: Kung-Fu Cavemen From the Future. Steinberger, Kevin Book review 250
Priestley, Chris: The Dead of Winter. Steward, Joy Children's review 312
Prue, Sally: Ice Maiden. Gerner, Kate Book review 131
Redlich, Ben (illus.) Bruce Atherton (text): COWZAT! Goodman, Jo Book review 239
Revis, Beth: Across the Universe. Derouet, Liz Book review 196
Rippin, Sally: Angel Creek. Capp, Meredith Book review 327
Robaard, Jedda (illus.) Melissa Keil (text): Rabbit's Year. Clancy, Sue Book review 140
Rundell, Katherine: The Girl Savage. James, Judith Book review 210
Russell, Elaine (illus.) Lolla Stewart (text): Savannah Dreams. Derouet, Liz Book review 189
Saffioti, Trina (text) Norma MacDonald (illus.): Stolen Girl. Derouet, Liz Book review 216
Sebastian, Azmen: The Snake and the Boy. Seymour, Sharon Book review 102
Sequels & more. Brief article 275
Shea, Louis (illus.) P Crumble (text): There Was An Old Bloke Who Swallowed A Chook. Davey, Graham Book review 161
Sheldon, Dyan: The Crazy Things Girls Do For Love. Martin, Helen Book review 226
Shirvington, Jessica: Embrace (The Violet Eden Chapters 1). Babbage, Lynne Book review 399
Simner, Janni Lee: Bones of Faerie. Mauger, Chloe Young adult review 251
Smith, Rosie (text) Bruce Whatley (illus.): My Mum's the Best. Hillel, Margot Book review 176
Sparkes, Ali (text) Ross Collins (illus.): Fly Frenzy. James, Judith Book review 232
Staircase to the Moon: Bronwyn Houston. 788
Stanley, Peter (text) Michelle Dawson (illus.): Simpson's Donkey A wartime journey to Gallipoli and beyond. Gerner, Kate Book review 145
Steele, Philip: Trains. Wheeler, Keith Book review 185
Steggall, Vieki (text) Danny Snell (illus.): The Goannas of No. 1 Martin Place. Murphy, David Book review 221
Svendsen, Mark: To Die For. Brophy, Kevin Book review 251
Szirtes, Helen & Richard Horne (text) Richard Horne (illus.): 101 Things to Do to Become a Superhero ... or Evil Genius. Adams, John D. Book review 278
Tan, Shaun: The Bird King and other sketches. Seymour, Sharon Book review 184
The dark side. Recommended readings 113
The Snake and the Boy: Azmen Sebastian interview. Interview 739
Thurner, Zoe: Dress Rehearsal. Campbell, Jane Book review 160
van Os, Joanne: The Secret of the Lonely Isles. Gerner, Kate Book review 139
Visser, Helga: The Bush Concert. James, Judith Book review 204
Watkins, Ella: Henry the Goat. Brophy, Kevin Book review 204
Watt, Marg (text) Jenny Finn (illus.): Tales from Hallowed Hollow. Long, Julie Book review 159
Watts, Christine: Once Upon a Wombat Time. Davey, Graham Book review 140
Watts, Frances (text) David Francis (illus.): The Song of the Winns: The Gerander Trilogy Book One. Mauger, Chloe Book review 220
Why I am a 15 year old author: Reece Hauxby. Tan, Shaun 852
Wiesner, David: Art & Max. Cohen, John Book review 133
Wignell, Edel (text) Elizabeth Botte (illus.): Christina's Matilda. Brophy, Kevin Book review 294
Wignell, Edel (text) Peter Allert (illus.): Long Live Us! Douglas, Elizabeth Book review 182
Wilby, Sorrel (text) Michelle Pike (illus.): Guess Who's Coming for Dinner. Babbage, Lynne Book review 230
Wilcock, Lizzie: Extinction. Lees, Stella Book review 253
Wilkinson, Carole: Fromelles--Australia's Bloodiest Day at War. Martin, Helen Book review 252
Willinge, Anthony (text) Murray Gill (illus.): The Sheep that couldn't Sleep. Goodman, Jo Book review 141
Willmore, Sean (concept) Alison Reynolds (text): Diablo's Doom. Roberts, Timothy Children's review 325
Wilson, Mark: The Little Wooden Horse. Saxby, Maurice Book review 253
Wiltshire, Jonah, Evie Wiltshire & Sheryl Hamilton: The Lighthouse Kids of Maatsuyker Island: a True Tasmanian Adventure. Babbage, Lynne Book review 289
Wood, Karen: Diamond Spirit. Goode, Peg Book review 299
Yardley, Liz: The Firefly Legacy--Book 1, Secrets of the Four. Nolan, John Book review 229

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