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Articles from Reading Time (August 1, 2011)

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Acton, Sara: Ben & Duck. Fornasier, Kylie Book review 166
And slightly older ones: Queen Elizabeth the First and me. Caro, Jane Column 898
Atkins, Michelle: Australia's Obesity Epidemic. James, Judith Book review 206
Bancks, Tristan (text) Gus Gordon (illus.) My Life & Other Stuff I Made Up. Long, Julie Book review 218
Beale, Fleur: Dirt Bomb. Johnson, Jilaine Brief article 195
Bedford, Martyn: Flip. Steinberger, Kevin Brief article 262
Birkett, Georgie (illus.) Anthea Simmons (text) Share! Goode, Peg Brief article 127
Bland, Nick: Some Dads ... Douglas, Elizabeth Book review 148
Bland, Nick: The Aunties Three. Murphy, David Book review 202
Blaxland, Wendy: Middle Eastern Food. Derouet, Liz Book review 243
Book of the year: early childhood--honour books. Book review 283
Book of the year: early childhood--short list books. Book review 252
Book of the year: early childhood--winner. Book review 116
Book of the year: older readers--honour books. Book review 257
Book of the year: older readers--short list books. Book review 253
Book of the year: older readers--winner. Book review 185
Book of the year: younger readers--honour books. Children's review 263
Book of the year: younger readers--short list books. Book review 276
Book of the year: younger readers--winner. Book review 138
Bos, Simone: Anthems and Songs. Cameron, Elspeth Book review 178
Bow, Erin: Wood Angel. Steward, Joy Book review 361
Bowler, Tim: Buried Thunder. Henderson, Heather Book review 214
Brasch, Nicolas: Australia's Democratic History. Barrett, Leanne Book review 236
Braxton-Smith, Ananda: Tantony. Lees, Stella Book review 204
Bray, Libba: Beauty Queens. Harvey, Pam Book review 231
Brooksbank, Anne: Father's Day. Brophy, Kevin Book review 277
Burke, J. C.: Pig Boy. Capp, Meredith 229
Bursztynski, Sue: Wolfborn. Babbage, Lynne Book review 342
Carnavas, Peter: The Great Expedition. Manger, Chloe 236
Catlow, Nikalas & Tim Wesson (text & illus.) Robots v. Gorillas in the Desert. Harvey, Pam Book review 191
Chataway, Carol (text) Danny Snell (illus.) You Are My Special Baby. Goodman, Jo Book review 132
Collins, Paul: Mole Hunt. Nolan, John Book review 210
Cowley, Joy (text) Gavin Bishop (illus.) Just One More. Martin, Helen Brief article 159
Crumble, P. (text) Chris Kennett (illus) If You're Happy and you Know it (Aussie Version). Clancy, Sue Book review 151
D'Ath, Justin (text) Heath McKenzie (illus.) Snake Escape. de Jongh, Amanda Brief article 209
Dale, Jay: Top 10 Big Cats. Babbage, Lynne Book review 209
Darlison, Aleesah (text) Andrew Plant (illus.) Warambi. de Jongh, Amanda Book review 150
Dessen, Sarah: What Happened to Goodbye. Gerner, Kate Book review 174
Diesen, Deborah (text) Dan Hanna (illus.) The Pout-Pout Fish. Babbage, Lynne Book review 168
Dubosarsky, Ursula: The Golden Day. Capp, Meredith Book review 223
Dunstan, Kylie: The Red Bridge. Throssell, Kaye Book review 130
Editorial. Cohen, John Editorial 267
Else, Barbara: The Travelling Restaurant. Johnson, Jilaine Book review 231
Eve Pownall award for information books--honour books. Book review 186
Eve Pownall award for information books--short list books. Book review 261
Extra! Extra! Brief article 310
Fictionalising history for young readers: Goldie Alexander. 1493
Firth, Melissa (text) Cheryl Orsini (illus.) Red Plane to the Rescue. Barrett, Leanne Book review 147
Fosberry, Jennifer (text) Mike Litwin (illus.) My Name is not Alexander. Brophy, Kevin Book review 193
Foti, Rina A. (text) Ben Redlich (illus.) See you Later Alligator. Saxby, Maurice Book review 231
French, Jackie: Nanberry: Black Brother White. Clancy, Sue Book review 222
Gallagher, Debbie & Brendan: Spiders. Dayman, Chris Book review 110
Gardner, Scot: The Dead I Know. Steinberger, Kevin Book review 291
Gleitzman, Morris: Too Small to Fail. Murphy, David Book review 206
Gordon, Kate: Thyla. Lees, Stella Book review 221
Gorissen, Dean: The Search for Bigfoot Bradley. Nolan, John Book review 180
Gould, Sally (text) Laura Peterson (illus.) Chase through Venice. Poidomani, Katie Book review 145
Greder, Armin (illus.) Libby Gleeson (text) I am Thomas. Seymour, Sharon Book review 302
Green, Susan: The Truth About Verity Sparks. de Jongh, Amanda Book review 194
Guile, Melanie (text) Alicia Braumberger (illus.) Fanny Durack's Olympic Quest. Adams, John D. 337
Harper, Charise Mericle: Cupcake. Gerner, Kate Book review 123
Harper, H. J. (text) Nahum Ziersch (illus.) Lights, Camera, Action Hero! Throssell, Kaye Book review 107
Has Nosy Crow Publishers got something to Crow about? Gervay, Susanne 765
Hawke, Rosanne: Taj and the Great Camel Trek. Steward, Joy Book review 294
Hayes, Gwen: Falling Under. Cameron, Elspeth Book review 171
Herrick, Stephen: Black Painted Fingernails. Kemble, Rebecca Book review 208
Hill, Will: Department 19. Capp, Meredith Book review 133
Hof, Marjolijn (text) Johanna H. Prins & Johanna W. Prins (trans) Ann James & Elise Hurst (illus.) Against the Odds. Martin, Helen Book review 250
Honey, Elizabeth: That's Not a Daffodil! Steinberger, Kevin Book review 244
Horacek, Petr: Puffin Peter. Clancy, Sue Book review 143
Houssenloge, Pam (text) Ana Hanson (illus.) Oscar's Lunchbox. James, Judith Book review 194
Inspiration? Column 822
Ivanoff, George: Minerals. Harvey, Pam Book review 217
Jacobson, Jennifer Richard: Small as an Elephant. Poidomani, Katie Book review 207
Jansson, Tove: Moomin and the Moonlight Adventure. Steward, Joy Book review 165
Jorgensen, Norman (text) James Foley (illus.) The Last Viking. Davey, Graham Book review 267
Kalkipsakis, Thalia: Head Spinners. Lawn, Joy Book review 141
Kelly, Montgomery (creator) Siovan Kelly (illus.) Out of the Storyteller's Hat. Cohen, John Book review 122
Kemp, Anna (text) Sara Ogilvie (illus.) Rhinos Don't Eat Pancakes. Capp, Meredith Brief article 145
Kendell, Sandra: The Bushwalk. James, Judith Brief article 158
Killeen, Gretel (text) Eppie Killeen (illus.) My Brother's an Egghead. Fornasier, Kylie Brief article 120
Kluver, Calya: Legacy. Goodman, Jo Book review 245
Kretschmar, Sonia (illus.) Errol Broome (text) Song of the Dove. Saxby, Maurice Book review 310
Kurlansky, Mark (text) Frank Stockton (illus.) Worm Without Fish. Brophy, Kevin Book review 543
Lassiter, Rhiannon: Ghost of a Chance. Halverson-Green, Zyrus Book review 271
Lawrence, L. S.: Horses for King Arthur. Lawn, Joy Book review 205
Marshall Armstrong is new to our school. Mackintosh, David 742
Mason, Paul: Bushfires. Steinberger, Kevin Book review 260
Matthews, Tina: Waiting for Later. Henderson, Heather Brief article 169
McKenna, Brenton E.: Ubby's Underdogs. Murphy, David Book review 274
McKinlay, Meg (text) Leila Rudge (illus.) No Bears. Barrett, Leanne Book review 169
McRobbie, David: Vinnie's War. Adams, John D. Book review 416
Miller, Barnabas & Jordan Orlando: 7 Souls. Kemble, Rebecca Book review 199
Ness, Patrick: A Monster Calls. Saxby, Maurice Book review 351
Nimmo, Jenny: The Secret Kingdom. Steward, Joy Book review 248
Nix, Garth & Sean Williams: Trouble Twisters. Long, Julie Book review 271
Norrington, Leonie (text) Tamsin Ainslie (illus.) Brigid Lucy Wants a Pet. Poidomani, Katie Book review 176
Orwin, Joanna: Sacrifice. Johnson, Jilaine Book review 185
Panckridge, Michael: #1 The Boy Who Wasn't There. Nolan, John Book review 240
Perera, Anna: The Glass Collector. Henderson, Heather Book review 238
Picture book of the year--honour books. Book review 240
Picture book of the year--joint winners. Book review 283
Picture book of the year--short list books. Book review 186
Prentice, Jeffrey: The Little Bookroom. Cohen, John Book review 190
Ransom, S. C.: Small Blue Thing. Manger, Chloe Book review 256
Reading time: 200 issues--an appreciation. Saxby, Maurice Editorial 2390
Reeder, Stephanie Owen: Feeling Fine! Martin, Helen Book review 172
Reilly, Carmel (text) Adrian Hogan (illus.) Comets, Asteroids and Meteoroids. Nolan, John Book review 204
Reynolds, Peter H.: Rose's Garden. Fornasier, Kylie Brief article 207
Richter, Georgia (ed) The Kid on the Karaoke Stage and Other Stories. Derouet, Liz Book review 233
Rodda, Emily (text) Craig Smith (illus.) Bungawitta. Goodman, Jo Book review 253
Rubin, Sarah: Dreamer Ballerina. Cameron, Elspeth Book review 207
Ruiz Zafon, Carlos: The Midnight Palace. Babbage, Lynne Book review 292
Salmon, Michael: Bobo My Superdog. Davey, Graham Book review 145
Schossow, Peter (text) Sally-Ann Spencer (trans) My First Car was Red. McKenzie, John Book review 122
Sepetys, Ruta: between shades of gray. Goode, Peg Book review 170
Sequels & more. List 400
Smith, Craig (illus.) Brett Avison (text) A Bigger Digger. McKenzie, John Book review 140
Stephens, John: The Emerald Atlas. Lawn, Joy Book review 204
Stephens, Michael: The Road to Belgrandia. Saxby, Maurice Book review 297
Stirling, Adrian: The Comet Box. Long, Julie Book review 296
Street, Rosalie (illus.) Zacharey Jane (text) Tobias Blow. Davey, Graham Book review 210
The birth of Thyla. Gordon, Kate 713
The Children's Book Council of Australia judges' report 2011. 2622
The Emily Rodda event 2011. Alderman, Belle Conference notes 761
Waechter, Philip (text) Moni Port (illus.) Bravo! Lawn, Joy Book review 147
Wakefield, Vikki: All I Ever Wanted. Henderson, Heather Book review 168
Walker, Kate: Soil. Douglas, Elizabeth Book review 106
Watkins, Steve: Down Sand Mountain. Derouet, Liz Book review 197
Webster, Allayne: Stresshead. Manger, Chloe Book review 221
Westwood, Chris: Ministry of Pandemonium. Harvey, Pam Book review 228
Whatley, Bruce; Nog and the Land of Noses. Lees, Stella Brief article 114
Wheatley, Nadia (text) Ken Searle (illus./design) Jackie Huggins (Indigenous cons) PLAYGROUND Listening to stories from country and from inside the heart. Gerner, Kate Book review 217
Whittaker, Helen: Energy. Henderson, Heather Book review 181
Whittaker, Helen: How Toys Roll. Adams, John D. Book review 208
Wilkinson, Lily: A Pocketful of Eyes. Goodman, Jo Book review 266
Write about what you know. Masson, Sophie Column 856
Yamaguchi, Kristi (text) Tim Bowers (illus.) Dream Big, Little Pig! Kemble, Rebecca Book review 150

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