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Articles from Reading Time (May 1, 2010)

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Aldred, Paul: The Perseus. Murphy, Sally Book review 326
Allen, Scott (text) Judy Nadin (illus.): Jesse the Elephant: The Adventures of Ernest Little Tug Book 1. Mauger, Chloe Brief article 231
Anne Bower Ingrain OAM 1937-2010. Mark Macleod Obituary 464
Backo, Brie-Elizabeth: Alpha-Air Force. Harvey, Pam Book review 221
Ball, Murray: The Mouse that Squeaked. McKenzie, John Book review 179
Bancroft, Bronwyn: W is for Wombat. Dayman, Chris Book review 170
Banx (illus.) Brian & Ellie Andrew (text): I Grow in Grandad's Garden. Goode, Peg Book review 304
Bartlett-Horne, Megan (text) Sue 'Penny' Horne (illus.): The Aussie Outback School. Goode, Peg Book review 184
Bell, Krista (text) Sally Rippin (illus.): Peeking Ducks. Fornasier, Kylie Book review 337
Bishop, Eamonn (text) Sheila Stones (illus.): The Winter Ball. Douglas, Elizabeth Book review 220
Blackwood, Freya: Ivy Loves to Give. Hall, Judithe Book review 115
Blexbolex: Seasons. McKenzie, John Book review 146
Boldiston, James (text) Hye Young Jang & Ayako Kochi (illus.): Toby and the Woolies in Where's the Fruit? Murphy, Sally Book review 128
Boles, Dianne (text) Aki Fukuoka (illus.): Witchy Goes Shopping. McKenzie, John Brief article 197
Boucaut, Anna (text) Jill Brailsford (illus.): The Faraway Seed. Martin, Helen Book review 204
Bowden, Poona: Juno Wonders. Campbell, Jane Book review 161
Brian, Janine (text) Kat Chadwick (illus.): Shirl and the Wollomby Show. Murphy, David Book review 213
Brown, Kerry (text) Lisa Stewart (illus.): Can I Cuddle the Moon? Brophy, Kevin Book review 128
Brown, Tim (text) Andy Geppert (illus.): Little Big Tree Kidiki. Steward, Joy Book review 262
Brzezinski, Monica (text) Brian Tisdall (illus.): What Skin You're In Self. Babbage, Lynne Book review 189
Burke, Di & Mary Small (text), John Dicandia (illus.): Seek! An Illustrated and Pictorial Tribute to Australia's tracker dogs in the Vietnam War. Adams, John D. Book review 396
Callaway, Janece (illus.) Liz Dowsett (text): Nanny's Quite Befuddled. Hanzl, Anne Book review 219
Cameron, Dr Jill: Miffy the Crooked Eyed Cat. Throsscll, Kaye Book review 131
Campbell, M.A.: The Amazing Adventures of the Coolabah Kid. Murphy, Sally Book review 109
Can I Cuddle the Moon? Brown, Kerry; Stewart, Lisa 1057
Carter, Ally: Heist Society. Clancy, Sue Book review 229
Casey, Brendan (text) Chris Nixon (illus.): Farmer Mick: Harvest Time Havoc. Goodman, Jo Book review 153
Chait, Nicola: Saving Water Little. Babbage, Lynne Book review 162
Chichester Clark, Emma: Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Hanzl, Anne Book review 204
Chin, Dr Amanda (text) Luke Feldman (illus.): Pets' Playground: Playing Safe in a Dog-and-Cat World. Campbell, Jane Brief article 172
Ciaffaglione, Sebastian (illus.) Corinne Fenton (text): Flame Stands Waiting. Goodman, Jo Book review 257
Clark, Sherryl (text) Evi O (illus.): Motormouth. Martin, Helen Book review 162
Clarke, John Dennison (text) Greg Holfeld (illus.): Enough is Enough. Steinberger, Kevin Book review 229
Clarke, Judith: The Winds of Heaven. Mauger, Chloe Book review 303
Clode, Danielle: Prehistoric giants: the Megafauna of Australia. Harvey, Pam Book review 230
Cook, Rachel: Closets are for Clothes: a History of Queer Australia. Hall, Judithe Brief article 192
Cooper, Jenny (illus.) Melanie Drewery (text): Stories from our Night Sky. McKenzie, John Book review 196
Cotton, Richie (illus.) Rhonda Cotton (text): Giggly Times, Giggly Rhymes--Poems for Children. Nolan, John Book review 143
Cowley, Joy (text) Philip Webb (illus.): Fly Pie Scholastic. McKenzie, John Book review 180
Cox, Karin (text) Steve Parish (photos): Early settlers. Adams, John D. Book review 293
Cronk, Don (ed.): Ghost Stories from Down-Under. Murphy, David Book review 196
Cullen, Theo: Follow the O Wherever They Go. Lees, Stella Book review 91
Davidson, Leon: Zero Hour: The Anzacs on the Western Front. Adams, John D. Book review 524
Delacour, John (text) Gavin Delacour (illus.): The Little Moo Cow. Jarnes, Judith Book review 209
Derek Landy:-Irish horror fantasy down under. Gervay, Susanne 725
Doughty, Rebecca: Iniquity. Goodman, Jo Book review 199
Du Toit, Ashley: Nemesis and the Fairy of Pure Heart. Finkelstein, Lee Book review 138
Durand, Jean-Benoit (text) Robin Gindre (illus.): The Adventure of Life. McKenzie, John Book review 254
Editorial comment. Editorial 99
Editorial. Cohen, John Editorial 373
Edwards, Hazel (text) Ryan Kennedy (illus.): f2m. the boy within Ford Street. Kemble, Rebecca Book review 413
Eggers, Dave: The Wild Things. Brophy, Kevin; Lloyd, Andrea Book review 221
Extra! extra. Bibliography 420
Fantaskey, Beth: Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side. Lees, Stella Book review 203
Farmer, Lucy (text) Kevin Burgemeestre (illus.): Uncle Eddie and the Hippo. Douglas, Elizabeth Book review 149
Ferguson, Jenny: The Incredible Pound Dogs: Two Adventure Stories. Clancy, Sue Book review 218
Finnegan, Margaret: The Australis Suckola. Steinberger, Kevin Book review 188
Fivefold Creative (des): M is for Mates: Animals in Wartime from Ajax to Zep. Adams, John D. Brief article 293
Foli, Gianluca (illus.) Davide Call (text): The Bear with the Sword. Lawn, Joy Book review 136
Freeman, Heather (text) Peter Townsend (illus.): Koala Sam. Throsscll, Kaye Book review 187
Freeman, Pamela (text) Kim Gamble (illus.): Victor's Challenge. Fornasier, Kylie Book review 189
French, Jackie (text) Sue DeGennaro (illus.): The Tomorrow Book. Martin, Helen Book review 226
Fuge, L. M.: When Courage Came to Call. Harvey, Pam Book review 306
Gee, Maurice: The Limping Man. Johnson, Jilaine Book review 177
Germein, Katrina (text) Tamsin Ainslie (illus.): Littledog. Fomasier, Kylie Book review 192
Goldstein, Nikki (text) Melissa Contreas (illus.): Butterfly's Circus. Book review 210
Grantford, Jacqui (illus.) Norma Spaulding (text): Molly's Memory Jar. Clancy, Sue Book review 244
Hackner, Beryl: Lightning at Frog Rock. James, Judith Book review 166
Hall, Juliet (text) Kim Woolley (illus.): Dale the Duck. Throsscll, Kaye Book review 246
Hallahan, Geraldine Goretti: My Feathered Friend Magoh Magpie. Goodman, Jo Brief article 122
Harvey, Jacqueline: Alice Miranda at School. Dayman, Chris Book review 97
Hess, Kerrie: Girls Only: everything you need for a girls' night. Campbell, Jane Book review 122
Holmes, Janet (text) Jonathan Bentley (illus.): Duck. Kemble, Rebecca Book review 202
Horton, Ben (text) Christian Scheurer (illus.): Monster Republic. Brophy, Kevin Book review 273
Hoy, Catriona (text) Andrew Plant (illus.): Puggle. Babbage, Lynne Book review 302
Hunt, Des: The Crocodile Nest. Johnson, Jilaine Book review 174
Inkerman, David: My Fishing Adventure. Douglas, Elizabeth Book review 263
Judge, Astrid: Police Officer. Nolan, John Book review 282
Jurevicius, Nathan: Scarygirl. Seymour, Sharon Book review 291
Kacer, Kathy: The Diary of Laura's Twin. Clancy, Sue Book review 236
Kane, Glenda (text) Lisa Allen (illus.): Anzac Day Parade. McKenzie, John Book review 308
Kate, Lauren: Fallen. Hall, Judithe Book review 173
Kenna, Anna: Viola Vincent Reporting. Johnson, Jilaine Children's review 208
King, Stephen Michael: You. Long, Julie Book review 112
Kirkwood, Dr Roger: The Emperor's Kingdom: Penguins on Ice. Hanzl, Anne Brief article 313
Kitzelman, Kerry (text) Steve Parish (photos): Say "Hello" Wombat. Cameron, Elspeth Book review 228
Konnecke, Ole: Anton can do Magic. McKenzie, John Book review 168
L.M. Fuge (Lauren Fuge) When Courage Came to Call. 760
Lardner, Oliver (illus.) Kym Lardner (text): The Dragon's Lie. Cameron, Elspeth Book review 199
Lawrinson, Julia: Chess Nuts. Steward, Joy Book review 285
Laws, Judi Anne (text) Katherine Ann Ludley (illus.): Demelza and the Dream Machine. Goode, Peg Book review 201
Lever, Casey Headgames. Steinberger, Kevin Brief article 313
Litchfield, Jo: Everyday Words in Maori. McKenzie, John Book review 162
Lofts, Pamela (illus.) Marcia Vaughan (text): Snug as a Hug, An Australian Lullaby. Murray, Marilyn Book review 209
Long, John: The Big Picture Book of Human Civilisation. Harvey, Pam Children's review 221
Lush, Shannon & Erin (text) Rick Lush (photos): Kids Can Clean. Derouet, Liz Brief article 222
Macinnis, Peter: Australian Backyard Explorer. Hall, Judithe Brief article 185
Macintosh, Cameron: Australia at the Commonwealth Games. James, Judith Brief article 170
Marchetta, Melina: The Piper's Son. Finkelstein, Lee Book review 289
Masciullo, Lucia (illus.) Sonya Hartnett (text): The Boy and the Toy. Davey, Graham Book review 244
Masson, Sophie: The Hunt for Ned Kelly. Hanzl, Anne Book review 328
May, Ruthie (text) Tamsin Ainslie (illus.): Count My Kisses, Little One. Mauger, Chloe Book review 141
McDougal, Jill (text) Tim Ide (illus.): Vikings: Raiders and Traders. Henderson, Heather Book review 208
McFadden, Clare: The Flying Orchestra. Saxby, Maurice Book review 260
McFarlane, Susannah: Hot and Cold. Long, Julie 290
McGrath, Raymond: Bedtime Countdown. McKenzie, John Book review 194
McKENZIE, Heath (illus.) Adam Wallace (text): Mac O 'Beasty. Cohen, John Book review 146
McKenzie, Heath: The Number One Aussie Alphabet Book. Murphy, David Book review 177
McLean, Andrew (illus.) Dorothea Mackellar (text): My Country. Saxby, Maurice Book review 311
McMullin, Neridah (text) Aaron Pocock (illus.): Ponkidoodle. Murphy, Sally Book review 108
Meadows, Foz: Solace and Grief--The Rare: Book One. Henderson, Heather Book review 301
Measday, Stephen: Send Simon Savage. Cohen, John Book review 178
Miesen, Christina (illus.) Caroline Stills (text): Magic Mummy. Murray, Marilyn Book review 163
Millard, (text) Rebecca Cool (illus.): Isabella's Garden. Cohen, John Book review 138
Morpurgo, Michael (text) Laura Carlin (illus.): The Kites are Flying! Cameron, Elspeth Book review 232
Morrison, Yvonne (text) Ross Kinnaird (illus.): Kiwi Mums. McKenzie, John Book review 185
Murdoch, Jane with students of Mornington Island State School: Painting with Sally. Seymour, Sharon Book review 115
Niland, Kilmeny: Two Bad Teddies. Finkelstein, Lee Book review 170
Noontil, Lucienne: Possum Tale. Long, Julie Book review 157
Norman, Dr Mark (text): Poles Apart: Life at the Ends of the Earth. Brophy, Kevin Book review 472
Paterson, A. S. (illus.) Alexander Wyclif Reed (text): Maori Tales of Long Ago. McKenzie, John Book review 337
Patricia Wrightson OBE 1921-2010. Saxby, Maurice Obituary 704
Patrick Ness and the Chaos Walking trilogy. Cohen, John 990
Patrick, Tanya (text) Nicholas Hutcheson (illus.): Polar Eyes: a Journey to Antarctica. Lees, Stella Book review 151
Pelling, Lenn: Summer Days. Clancy, Sue Book review 207
Penberthy, Stephen (text) Leigh Brown (illus.): The Adventures of Birddog and Friends Book I. Finkelstein, Lee Book review 143
Pons, Michele Mira (text) Marion Puech (illus.): All about Food. McKenzie, John Brief article 116
Pratt, Kieron (illus.) Mimi King (text): Poppy Tried to Sleep. Davey, Graham Book review 195
Reeder, Stephanie Owen: Lost! A True Tale from the Bush. Saxby, Maurice Children's review 405
Rhys Muldoon with Jasper and Abby and the Great Australia Day Kerfuffle. 1493
Rippin, Sally(text) Aki Fukuoka (illus.): Billy B Brown: The Bad Butterfly. Cohen, John Book review 165
Robyn Bavati on Dancing in the Dark. 626
Rosen, Michael (text) Joe Berger (illus.): Michael Rosen's A to Z, The Best Children's Poetry from Agard to Zephaniah. Nolan, John Book review 264
Ross, Helen (text) Dee Texidor (illus.): 10 Yellow Bananas. Seymour, Sharon Book review 100
Rothwell, Jo (text) Bryce Rothwell (illus.): The Big Hungry Tree. Hall, Judithe Book review 237
Rowen, Michelle: Demon Princess, Reign or Shine. Capp, Meredith Book review 157
Rudd, Kevin & Rhys Muldoon (text) Carla Zapel (illus.): Jasper & Abby and the Great Australia Day Kerfuffle. Mauger, Chloe Book review 188
Said, Aimee: Finding Freia Lockhart. Murray, Marilyn Brief article 276
Saxby, Claire (text) Cassandra Allen (illus.): There Was an Old Sailor Walker. Dayman, Chris Book review 158
Schwarz, Viviane: There are cats in this book. Davey, Graham Book review 177
Sellin, Glee J. (text) Mary A. Tolputt (illus.): Gundanoo's Christmas. Capp, Meredith Book review 143
Sequels. Brief article 301
Shingleton, Elizabeth Jane (text) Paula Ferendinos (illus.): Swat! Lees, Stella Book review 120
Simpson, Judith A.: In the Shadow of the Palace. Hillel, Margot Book review 278
Sparrow, Rebecca: Find your Tribe. Dayman, Chris Book review 173
Spradlin, Michael P.: The Youngest Templar. Cohen, John Book review 226
Spudvilas, Anne (illus.) Isobelle Carmody (text): Night School. Steward, Joy Book review 363
Stark, Jon: Funny As.... Martin, Helen Book review 151
Stiefvater, Maggie: Shiver. Lawn, Joy Brief article 97
Sykes, Gordon: Pelican Pell Finds New Friends. Hillel, Margot Book review 144
The children's book council of Australia Awards 2010 short list. Table 535
The Journey thus far ... Harvey, Jacqueline 983
The music that is everywhere. McFadden, Clare 475
Thompson, Cats: Luna, The Little Moon Bear Cub. Throsscll, Kaye Book review 173
Thompson, Michael: The Other Bears. Capp, Meredith Book review 171
Treanor, Karen (text) Louise Fowler-Tutt (illus.): Where's Our Dad? Campbell, Jane Book review 202
Try these on for size. Warger, Michael List 258
Tu'akoi, Feana (text) Samantha Asri (illus.): Jonah's First Day. McKenzie, John Book review 112
Vernon, Leeanne & Gillian Lee: Netball Dreamz. Capp, Meredith Book review 249
Victoire, Sasi: Crockee's Country. Derouet, Liz Book review 181
Waaiariki, Kerehi (text) Brian Gunson (illus.): Where's Koro's Hat? McKenzie, John Brief article 136
Walliams, David (text) Quentin Blake (illus.): Mr Stink. Long, Julie Book review 152
Wang, Gabrielle: Little Paradise. Kemble, Rebecca Brief article 239
Watt, Lexie: Chookies! Goode, Peg Book review 196
Whitmore, Cathie (text) Cathy MeCulloch (illus.): Twinkle the Christmas Star. Murphy, David Book review 186
Wignell, Edel (text) Carl Pearce (illus.): Big Eves, Scary Voice. Henderson, Heather Book review 140
Wild, Margaret (text) Bridget Strevens-Marzo (illus.): Hush, Hush! Hillel, Margot Book review 204
Wolfe, Richard: Crikey! Talk about Kiwiana. McKenzie, John Brief article 135
Wood Lindsay: This Way Up. Johnson, Jilaine Brief article 230

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