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Articles from Reading Time (May 1, 2009)

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A view from the other side: our convict society from a different viewpoint. Bryan, Gregory Book review 1206
Abela, Deborah: The Remarkable Secret of Aurelie Bonhoffen. Dayman, Chris Book review 182
Albert, Trish L: Discovering Aboriginal Australia. Campbell, Jane Book review 176
Almond, David: Jackdaw Summer. Steinberger, Kevin Book review 314
Also available. 104
Azaro, Victoria: Saffron Mallinson. Johnson, Jilaine Book review 133
Bailey, Martin: My Favourite Places. McKenzie, John Book review 163
Baillie, Allan: Krakatoa Lighthouse. Adams, John D. Book review 341
Bark, Jaspre (text) David Lawrence (illus.) David Hawcock (paper engineer): Inventions. Cohen, John Book review 149
Barker, Elaine: The Day Lit By Memory. Capp, Meredith Book review 254
Bee, Claire: I Have a Bear. Goode, Peg Book review 183
Ben Wood. Personal account 553
Berger, Joe: Bridget Fidget. Murray, Marilyn Book review 227
Blabey, Aaron: Stanley Paste. Davey, Graham Book review 153
Bland, Nick: The Wrong Book. Murphy, David Book review 214
Blokkeerus, Jodi: Chasing Feathers. Derouet, Liz Book review 169
Bollard, Kellie: In the Bin. Douglas, Elizabeth Book review 257
Bortoli, Skye: Eco-warrior. Campbell, Jane Book review 185
Bradford, Chris: Young Samurai: The Way of the Warrior. O'Donoghue, Michael Book review 193
Brashares, Ann: 3 Willows: a new sisterhood grows. Lawn, Joy Book review 151
Bright, Nicola (illus.) Yvonne Morrison (text): My Aussie Mum. Goodman, Jo Book review 178
Brocker, Susan: Saving Sam. Johnson, Jilaine Book review 208
Brown, Shaila (Snr Ed): The Children's Bible. Cohen, John Book review 143
Bruce, Jill B. (text) Jan Wade (illus.): Explorers of Inland Australia. Adams, John D. Book review 244
Bruce, Jill B. (text) Jan Wade (illus.): Farmanimals. Hall, Judithe Book review 134
Brugman, Alyssa: Girl Next Door. Henderson, Heather Book review 284
Burke, Tina: Ruby makes a Friend. Murphy, Sally Book review 132
Bursztynski, Sue (text) Kerry Greenwood (intro) Louise Prout (illus.): Crime Time: Australians Behaving Badly. Lees, Stella Brief article 171
Calabrisello, Antonio (text) Nadia Turner (illus.): Spiderlings and their Families (A Fact Book on Spiders). Capp, Meredith Book review 249
Cameron, Susie, Katrina Crook and Caroline Webster: Small Fry Outdoors. Dayman, Chris Book review 121
Cherry, Frances: Kyla. Johnson, Jilaine Book review 197
Child, Lauren (text) Polly Borland (photos) Emily Jenkins (set creator): Goldilocks and the Three Bears Puffin. Steward, Joy Children's review 277
Cooper, R. P. (illus.) Phil Cummings (text): Little Twitching. Mauger, Chloe Book review 152
Costain, Meredith (text) Christina Booth (illus.): No Noise At Our House. Davey, Graham Book review 206
Cowley, Joy (text) Gavin Bishop (illus.): Snake and Lizard. Goode, Peg Book review 148
Cox, Michele: Sammy Joins the Shooting Stars. Martin, Helen Book review 224
Croasdale, Laurine: Surf Sisters. Capp, Meredith Book review 155
Crossley-Holland, Kevin: Waterslain Angels. Lawn, Joy Book review 146
Cummings, Phil (text) Greg Holfeld (illus.): Chook Shed Snake. Douglas, Elizabeth Book review 218
Davey, Lucy (text) Christine Ross (illus.): Fifi la Belle, Ship's Cat. McKenzie, John Book review 161
Davis, Tony (text) Leigh Hobb (illus.): The Mad Mad World of Sports. Harvey, Pam Book review 179
Dawson, M. S. (illus.) Gyan Evans (text): How Weird is That? Seymour, Sharon Book review 210
Doctorow, Cory: Little Brother. Finkelstein, Lee Book review 269
Dowd, Siobhan: Bog Child. Cohen, John Young adult review 156
Dowd, Siobhan: Solace of the Road. Cohen, John Book review 220
Dowd, Siobhan: The London Eye Mystery. Cohen, John Book review 151
Dubosarsky, Ursula (text), Andrew Joyner (illus.): The Terrible Plop. Steinberger, Kevin Book review 208
Durant, Alan (text) Ross Collins (illus.): Cinderella: The Fairytale Files. Lees, Stella Book review 142
Editorial. Cohen, John Editorial 342
Ellis, Deborah: Off to War: Soldiers' Children Speak. Hillel, Margot Book review 200
Erlbruch, Wolf: The Fearsome Five. McKenzie, John Book review 185
Falkner, Brian: The Tomorrow Code. Lees, Stella Book review 276
Ferguson, Berryl: The Littlest Hummingbird. Hillel, Margot Book review 191
Firth, Melissa (text) Cheryl Orsini (illus.): Fredrik Goes Bananas! Martin, Helen Book review 209
Foley, Sher (text) Brain Lovelock (illus.): The Cat with No Name. McKenzie, John Book review 156
Fox, Lee (text) Mitch Vane (illus.): Jasper McFlea Will Not Eat His Tea. Davey, Graham Book review 185
From the west: Making a Difference, the Better Beginnings Family Literacy Program. Allen, Nola 440
Gardner, Marjory (illus.) James Stead (text): Grandma's Place. Goode, Peg Book review 172
Gee, Maurice: Salt. Murphy, David Book review 243
Gibb, Dave (illus.) Ingrid Mauger (text): Hello Honeybunch. Campbell, Jane Book review 173
Goldstein, Nikki: Girlforce Friends: A Girl's Guide to Friendship. Steward, Joy Book review 292
Goodman, Alison: The Two Pearls of Wisdom. Mauger, Chloe Book review 226
Goss, Mini (illus.) Hazel Edwards (text) Antonia Kidman (narr): Flight of the Bumblebee. Hanzl, Anne Book review 227
Gott, Robert: Man with a Mission John Flynn. Murphy, David Book review 236
Gray, Nigel (text) Simon Scales (illus.): Don't Be Afraid! Douglas, Elizabeth Book review 223
Greenwood, Elinor & Alexander Cox: 100% ME: the How, Why and When of Growing up. James, Judith Book review 162
Greig, Rhondda: Noa's Calf. McKenzie, John Book review 158
Griffin, Paul: Ten Mile River. O'Donoghue, Michael Book review 155
Gurney, Chris (text) Ross Kinnaird (illus.): Cindy and the Lost Jandal. McKenzie, John Book review 264
Hall, Margaret: Return for the Gold. Johnson, Jilaine Book review 276
Hartnett, Sonya: Butterfly. Lees, Stella Book review 367
Hawke, Rosanne & Lenore Penner (text) Michelle Mackintosh (illus.): The Wish Giver. Finkelstein, Lee Book review 128
Henderson, Alan & Deanna and Jessie Sinclair: Bugs Alive!: A Guide to Keeping Australian Invertebrates. Steward, Joy Book review 251
Henderson, Don: Keepinitreal. Steinberger, Kevin Book review 253
Higgins, Gwyn: Where can our Precious Pelican be? Murphy, David Book review 182
Hills, Lia: The Beginner's Guide to Living. Harvey, Pam Book review 249
Hines, Sue: The Water Boy's Story. Finkelstein, Lee Book review 251
Hirsch, Odo: Darius Bell and the Glitter Pool. Goodman, Jo Book review 245
Hitchcock, Sue (illus.) Margaret Beames (text): Oliver Goes Exploring. McKenzie, John Book review 149
How I came to write The Adventures of Nanny Piggins: R.A. Spratt. Personal account 476
Hudson, Peter and Gurindji Country children (illus.) Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody (text): From Little Things Big Things Grow. Murray, Marilyn Children's review 285
Hunt, Des: Whale Pot Bay. Johnson, Jilaine Book review 239
Hunt, Paula (text): The Wild Colonial Boys: Australia's Most Notorious Bushrangers. Hanzl, Anne Book review 248
Hutley, Tania: Tough Enough. Johnson, Jilaine Book review 199
Hyde, Lily: Dream Land. Saxby, Maurice Book review 309
Ian Horrocks--an abbreviated history. Personal account 491
Inglis, Mark with Sarah Ell: High-Tech Legs on Everest. McKenzie, John Book review 223
Jennings, Paul: The Nest. Nolan, John Book review 252
Jonsberg, Barry: A Croc Called Capone. Seymour, Sharon Book review 147
Kendell, Sandra: Quoll. Capp, Meredith Book review 189
Kilmeny Niland 16 September 1950--27 February 2009--Margaret Hamilton. Obituary 370
Larbalestier, Justine: How to Ditch Your Fairy. Derouet, Liz Book review 206
Letter to the editor. Hamilton, Margaret A.M. Letter to the editor 403
Lia Hills. Personal account 838
Liddiard, Chris (illus.) Mark Laurent (text): Rufus and the Rain. McKenzie, John Book review 178
Lightfoot, Kiri (text) Ben Galbraith (illus.): Every Second Friday. McKenzie, John Book review 207
Living and working with Kilmeny Niland--Deborah Niland. Personal account 721
Ljungkvist, Laura: Follow the Line Through the House. Lawn, Joy Book review 156
Love, Carrie, Caroline Stamps, Ben Morgan (eds) Rachael Smith (design): Science Encyclopedia. Dayman, Chris Book review 115
Lowe, Roger (text) R.P. Cooper (illus.): The Venom Patrol. Cameron, Elspeth Book review 212
Lowry, Brigid: Juicy Writing. Inspiration and Techniques for Young Writers. McKenzie, John Book review 199
Lu Rees Archives of Australian children's literature--highlights of 2008. Alderman, Belle 502
Macmillan Education Australia. 1462
Matthews Penny (text) Tom Jellett (illus.): Something About Water. Nolan, John Book review 273
McCarthy, Maureen: Somebody's Crying. Cameron, Elspeth Book review 210
McDermott, Eleni (text) Susan Syddall (illus.): Alexander's Extraordinary Gift. Finkelstein, Lee Book review 171
McKenzie, Heath (illus.) Andrew Kelly (text): The Number One Aussie Counting Book. Steward, Joy Children's review 245
Mead, Richelle: Vampire Academy. Hall, Judithe Book review 196
Morpurgo, Michael (text) Christian Birmingham (illus.): This Morning I Met a Whale. Saxby, Maurice Book review 285
Morrison, Yvonne (text) Deborah Hinde (illus.): Brian, the Big-brained Romney. McKenzie, John Book review 179
Mortenson, Greg & David Oliver Relin: Three Cups of Tea. Hillel, Margot Book review 313
Muchamore, Robert: Henderson's Boys--The Escape. Nolan, John Book review 264
Negus, Patricia (illus.) Felicity Bradshaw (text): A Tale of Honey Possums + DVD. Hanzl, Anne Book review 331
Nicholls, Catriona and Janet Paterson (text) Rod Waller (illus.): Chicken. George, Howard Book review 124
Nicholson, Trudy: Ripple and the Wild Horses of White Cloud Station. Johnson, Jilaine Book review 209
O'Brien, Gregory: Back & Beyond. New Zealand Painting for the Young & Curious. McKenzie, John Book review 283
Owen, Dylan: Creatures Aotearoa. McKenzie, John Book review 141
Oxford University Press: Oxford Atlas Project. Dayman, Chris Book review 134
Page, Jake: Do Dogs Laugh? Nolan, John Book review 209
Parkinson, Karl: ifinkysaurus. Hall, Judithe Book review 153
Platt, Richard & David Hawcock: Moon Landing. Lees, Stella Book review 154
Pootchemunka, Eva and Pat (text) Garry Namponan (illus.): Crocodile Story Unpaged. Murphy, Sally Book review 139
Pulford, Elizabeth (text) Jenny Cooper (illus.): On a Rabbit Hunt. McKenzie, John Book review 110
Pyers, Greg: Mice and Rats. Henderson, Heather Book review 181
Quay, Emma (text) Anna Walker (illus.): Yummy Ice-Cream. Dayman, Chris Book review 99
Ramage, Jan (text) Ellen Hickman (illus.): Tuart Dwellers. Douglas, Elizabeth Book review 166
Richardson, Duncan: Jason Chen and the Time Banana. Adams, John D. Book review 215
Riordan, James: The Sniper. Saxby, Maurice Book review 289
Rittman, Anne: Willy and Tilly in Spongeland. Murray, Marilyn Book review 229
Rogers, Gregory: The Hero of Little Street. Cohen, John Book review 228
Roy, James: Hunting Elephants. Steinberger, Kevin Book review 284
Rushby, Allison: Blondetourage: Homeschooling ... Hollywood style. Hall, Judithe Book review 178
Rushby, Pamela: When the Hipchicks Went to War. Goodman, Jo Book review 226
Shanahan, Lisa (text) Wayne Harris (illus.): Sleep Tight, My Honey Lothian. Martin, Helen Book review 176
Shaw, Tina: About Griffen's Heart. Johnson, Jilaine Book review 263
Shields, Gillian (text) Sebastian Braun (illus.): The Beginners' Guide to Teddy Bears. Mauger, Chloe Book review 145
Siobhan Dowd. Cohen, John Brief biography 83
Spang, Monika (text) Sonja Bougaeva (illus.) Monika Smith (trans): The Big Yawn. McKenzie, John Book review 136
Spirelli, Sara (illus.) Greg Mack (text): Captain Australia. Murphy, Sally Book review 128
Stephen M. Giles. Personal account 802
Stroud, Jonathan: Heroes of the valley. Derouet, Liz Book review 231
Stynes, Miwa (text) Toshi Handa (illus.): The Angel Who Was Accidentally Born on Earth. Campbell, Jane Book review 154
Sue deGennaro. Personal account 498
Sugden, Greg: The Big Think. Derouet, Liz Book review 169
Taitz, Jonny: The Australian Kid's Health Book. Harvey, Pam Book review 256
The children's book council of Australia awards 2009 short list. Table 492
Using the Web creatively in novels. Merlin, Isabelle 827
Victoria Bowen--the writing of War's End. Personal account 578
Wang, Gabrielle: A Ghost in my Suitcase. James, Judith Brief article 255
Watkins, Ella: Henry's Holiday. Martin, Helen Book review 146
Weta Workshop: The Crafting of Narnia. The art, creatures and weapons from Weta Workshop. McKenzie, John Book review 308
Whiting, Sue (text) David Stanley (illus.): Looking for Animals. Henderson, Heather Book review 240
Williams, Sean: The Changeling. Lees, Stella Book review 205
Wilson, Jacqueline (text) Nick Sharratt (illus.): Cookie. Murray, Marilyn Children's review 253
Wilson, Tony (text) Andrew McLean (illus.): The Minister for Traffic Lights. Mauger, Chloe Book review 213
Wilson, Tony (text) Sue deGennaro (illus.): The Princess and the Packet of Frozen Peas. Saxby, Maurice Book review 230
Winer, Yvonne (text) Syd Winer (photos): Shadow Shadow. Seymour, Sharon Book review 111
Winston, Robert: Evolution Revolution: From Darwin to DNA. O'Donoghue, Michael Book review 193
Wolfer, Dianne (text) Brian Simmonds (illus.): Lighthouse Girl. Harvey, Pam Brief article 271
Woodford, Chris: Cool Stuff Exploded. Motion, Laurinda Book review 231
Zurbo, Matt (text) Ben de Quadros-Wander (illus.): Lu-Lu's Wish. Seymour, Sharon Book review 142

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