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Articles from Reading Time (August 1, 2009)

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Aguiar, Nadia: The Lost Island of Tamarind. Hall, Judithe Book review 159
Aldrin, Buzz (text) Wendell Minor (paintings): Look to the Stars. Lees, Stella Book review 158
Allen, Pamela: Our Daft Dog Danny. Henderson, Heather Brief article 193
Anahar, Nazam: Scrimshaw. Nolan, John Brief article 215
Antenucci, Naomi: Why am I Different? My First Allergy Book. Harvey, Pam Book review 128
Apel, Kathryn (text) Warren Crossett (illus.): This is the Mud! Murphy, Sally Brief article 179
Bancks, Tristan (text) Heath McKenzie (illus.): Lift Off! Murphy, Sally Book review 143
Banyard, Jen (text) Tracey Gibbs (illus.): Spider Lies. Throssell, Kaye Book review 272
Bates, Dianne (text) Marjory Gardner (illus.): Aussie Kid Heroes. Cameron, Elspeth Brief article 208
Bauer, Michael Gerard: Dinosaur Knights. Murphy, David Children's review 201
Blackwood, Freya (illus.) Roddy Doyle (text): Her Mother's Face. Zahnleiter, Joan Brief article 184
Blunt, Lucy Dr (text) Eloise Osborn (illus.): My Mum's Got Cancer. Harvy, Pam Book review 277
Bodkin, Frances (comp.) Lorraine Robertson (illus.): D'harawal Seasons and Climate Cycles. Babbage, Lynne Brief article 300
Booth, Christina: Kip. Davey, Graham Brief article 195
Bowring, Sam: Zoo of Magical and Mythological Creatures. Campbell, Jane Brief article 180
Burns, Audie: Good Manners A Book of Short Stories. Long, Julie Book review 96
Cali, Davide (text) Evelyn Daviddi (illus.): I Like Chocolate. Steinberger, Kevin Book review 157
Carman, Patrick: Skeleton Creek. Brophy, Kevin Book review 255
Carnavas, Peter: Sarah's Heavy Heart. Martin, Helen Book review 208
Cast, P.C. and Kristin: Marked. Seymour, Sharon Book review 220
Catran, Ken: Nina of the Dark. Johnson, Jilaine Book review 206
Chatterton, Martin (text) Gregory Rogers (illus.): Willy Waggledagger: By the Picking of My Nose. Lawn, Joy Brief article 150
Constable, Kate: Cicada Summer. Long, Julie Book review 230
Costain, Meredith (text) Mitch Vane (illus.): Bed Tails. Mauger, Chloe Brief article 139
Costain, Meredith: A Year in Girl Hell. Murray, Marilyn Book review 198
Crichton Award 2009--judges' report. 410
Danalis, John: Riding the Black Cockatoo. Saxby, Maurice Book review 296
Davis, Sarah (illus.) Sue Whiting (text) Antonia Kidman (narr): Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy: + CD narrated by Antonia Kidman. Hanzl, Anne Book review 276
Dick Bruna--a 'nice' gentle man and a true gentleman. Batchelor, Lindy 1291
Doust, Jon: Boy on a Wire. Saxby, Maurice Book review 322
Dunbar, Joyce (text) Patrick Benson (illus.): Oddly. Derouet, Liz Book review 133
Editorial. Cohen, John Editorial 374
Emerson, Kevin: Oliver Nocturne: The Vampire's Photograph. Brophy, Kevin Book review 242
Extra! Extra! 344
Finlay, Lizzie: Dandylion. Murray, Marilyn Book review 211
Fleming, Kim (illus.) Karen Andrews (text): Surprise! Zahnleiter, Joan Brief article 137
Fox, Mem (text) Helen Oxenbury (illus.): Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes. Throssell, Kaye Book review 258
Fuge, Charles: This is the Way. Dayman, Chris Book review 107
Gardini, Lauryn: Horses: A Complete Guide for Young Horse Lovers. Cameron, Elspeth Book review 151
Gaudin, Michele (illus.) Goldie Alexander (text): Lame Duck Protest. James, Judith Brief article 158
Giles, Stephen M.: Silas and the Winterbottoms. Nolan, John Book review 271
Gill, Maria (text) Vivienne Lingard (illus.): Save Our Seas. Henderson, Heather Book review 280
Golds, Cassandra: The Museum of Mary Child. Cameron, Elspeth Book review 281
Gordon, Dr Ian: Aliens in the Warrambungles. Babbage, Lynne Book review 152
Grant, Michael: Gone. Brophy, Kevin Book review 308
Green, Jessica: Theodork. Long, Julie Book review 213
Greig, Margaret: Kinki the Cheeky Colt. Capp, Meredith Brief article 144
Griffiths, Andy: Mascot Madness! Dayman, Chris Book review 171
Hall, Susan: Ellis Rowan's Fairy World. Douglas, Elizabeth Book review 159
Harland, Richard: Worldshaker. Babbage, Lynne Brief article 311
Hawkins, Tracey: Martha's Journey. Goodman, Jo Book review 238
Hinwood, Christine: Bloodflower. Harvey, Pam Brief article 189
Hobbs, Leigh: Mr Chicken goes to Paris (Monsieur Poulet va a Paris). Saxby, Maurice Brief article 319
Horacek, Petr: Elephant. Goodman, Jo Brief article 165
Hoy, Catriona (text) Annie White (illus.): Mummies are Amazing. Zahnleiter, Joan Book review 159
Hunt, Des: Cry of the Taniwha. Johnson, Jilaine Brief article 296
Hutchinson, Sascha (text) Heidi Linehan (photos): See Me Move! Throssell, Kaye Book review 222
Interview with M. T. Anderson. Tucker, Ernie Interview 968
Jeffrey, Belinda: Brown Skin Blue. Goodman, Jo Book review 336
Jinks, Catherine: The Reformed Vampire Support Group. Clancy, Sue Book review 169
Keil, Melissa (text) Guy Holt (design): Mummy's Little Farm Babies. Throssell, Kaye Brief article 180
Kerin, Jackie (text) Patricia Mullins (illus.): Phar Lap the Wonder Horse. Cohen, John Brief article 107
Knagge, Greg and Jo Fiedler (text) Shane Devries (illus.): I Only Like Toast. Hanzl, Anne Brief article 221
Lee, Josh (illus.) Mary Murphy (text): The Bus to the Zoo. Murphy, David Brief article 243
Legge, David (illus.) Frances Watt (text): Captain Crabclaw's Crew. Clancy, Sue Brief article 168
Letter to the editor. Lutton, Lindell; Dyer, Ann-Maree Letter to the editor 994
Litchfield, Carla Dr: The Gorilla Book: Born to be Wild. Mauger, Chloe Brief article 208
Lobbecke, Eric: Purple Snow. Brophy, Kevin Brief article 137
Macleod, Doug: Siggy and Amber. Adams, John D. Book review 540
MacMillan Education Australia. List 1262
Martha's Journey. Hawkins, Tracey 1070
McBride, Marc: How to draw Monster Battles. Murphy, David Book review 206
McDonald, Andrew: The Greatest Blogger in the World. Murphy, Sally Book review 205
McGuiness, Dan: Pilot & Huxley. Murphy, David Book review 202
Metzenthen, David: Jarvis 24. Mauger, Chloe Book review 158
Millard, Glenda (text) Annie White (illus.): Mbobo Tree. Zahnleiter, Joan Book review 291
Milligan, Laura: hocus pocus versus the stinky pong. Douglas, Elizabeth Book review 147
Morals, Flavio (illus.) Silvio Freytes (text): In Just One Second. Babbage, Lynne Brief article 331
Morgan, Palo (text) Chris Nixon (illus.): Crocodile Cake. Hall, Judithe Brief article 151
Morgan, Sally, Ambelin Blaze, & Ezekiel Kwaymullina: Stop Watch. Throssell, Kaye Book review 190
Murphy, Kirsten: Half Way to Good. Henderson, Heather Book review 191
Murphy, Sally (text) Heather Potter (illus.): Pearl Verses The World. Capp, Meredith Book review 194
Murray, Kirsty: Vulture's Gate. Finkelstein, Lee Book review 179
Murrell, Belinda: The Locket of Dreams. Babbage, Lynne Book review 294
Norrington, Leonie: The Devil You Know. Hillel, Margot Book review 272
NSW CBCA dinner. Brief article 159
On Blogging (or How I Came to Write The Greatest Blogger in the World). McDonald, Andrew 676
Paice, Christine (text) Wendy O'Malley (illus.): The Great Rock Whale. Finkelstein, Lee Brief article 208
Pajalic, Amra: The Good Daughter. Derouet, Liz Book review 219
Parker, Steve (text) Stuart Martin (illus.): Extreme Animals. James, Judith Brief article 176
Peet, Mal: Exposure. Cohen, John Book review 203
Perera, Anna: Guantanomo Boy. Brophy, Kevin Book review 402
Pignataro, Anna: Together. Zahnleiter, Joan Brief article 110
Plitzco, Adrian and Alex Geringas (text) Polly J Mittermeier (music) David Tredinnick and Anne Phelan, plus others (readers): Lancelot The One-Armed Kangaroo. Brophy, Kevin Audiobook review 258
Posse. Welshman, Kate 477
Rakusin PhD, Wolfe: How to Explain Death to a Child: a Guide for Adults. Brophy, Kevin Book review 414
Reilly, Carmel: History of Democracy. Adams, John D. Brief article 251
Riddle, Tohby: The Lucky Ones. Capp, Meredith Book review 237
Riordan, Rick (ed): Demigods and Monsters. Hanzl, Anne Brief article 197
Rippin Sally (illus.) Megan de Kantzow (text): Me Oliver Bright. Davey, Graham Book review 231
Rippin, Sally (text) Sonia Dixon (illus.): Go Girl! Two Sides to Every Story--Twin Trouble. Derouet, Liz Book review 265
Roberts, David (illus.) Paul Fleischman (text): The Dunderheads. Steinberger, Kevin Brief article 161
Rosoff, Meg (text) Sophie Blackall (illus.): Jumpy Jack & Googily. Davey, Graham Brief article 123
Ross, John and Anna Booth: Every Picture Tells a Story Adventures in Australian Art. Zahnleiter, Joan Brief article 263
Rui, Paolo (illus.) Wendy MacDonald (text): Galileo's Leaning Tower Experiment. Babbage, Lynne Brief article 293
Sequels. List 382
Sheward, Tamara: Little Aussie Opposites Book. Throssell, Kaye Book review 121
Sirett, Dawn (text) Rachel Parfitt (illus.): Love Your World: How to Take Care of the Plants, the Animals, and the Planet. Hall, Judithe Brief article 150
Siwanowicz, Igor: Animals Up Close. James, Judith Brief article 186
Snell, Danny (illus.) Diana Lawrenson (text): Crocodile River. Nolan, John Brief article 232
Spratt, R. A.: The Adventures of Nanny Piggins. Clancy, Sue Brief article 238
Squire, Jenna (text), Ian Jeanneret (photos): Scaddy. Throssell, Kaye Brief article 167
Starbuck, Sara (text) Adam Relf (illus.): The Dread Pirate Fleur and the Ruby Heart. Douglas, Elizabeth Brief article 195
The Children's Book Council of Australia judges' report 2009. 5881
The Coolest Job in the World. Bancks, Tristan 845
The Great Rock Whale. Paice, Christine; O'Malley, Wendy 925
The Museum of Mary Child. Golds, Cassandra 720
The Zoo of Magical and Mythological Creatures. Bowring, Sam 850
Thompson, Colin: Free to a Good Home. Douglas, Elizabeth Book review 169
Thompson, Tony: Shakespeare, The Most Famous Man in London. Zahnleiter, Joan Brief article 364
Tillman, Nancy: On the Night You Were Born. Lawn, Joy Book review 102
Todd, Barbara (text) Helen Taylor (illus.) I am a Penguin. Henderson, Heather Brief article 173
Vidal, Beatriz Martin (illus.) Meredith Costain (text): My Baby Love. Mauger, Chloe Brief article 148
Watson, Gretel and 1-2W Curl Curl North Public School: How Big is big? Dayman, Chris Brief article 124
Welshman, Kate: Posse. Finkelstein, Lee Book review 246
Whitfield, Peter (text) Nancy Bevington (illus.): Zen Tails--The Know It All. Martin, Helen Brief article 171
Wilkinson, Lili: Pink. Campbell, Jane Book review 259
Willems, Mo: Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed. Martin, Helen Brief article 193
Willis, Jeanne (text) Adam Stower (illus.): Bottoms Up! Seymour, Sharon Brief article 86
Wilson, Mark: Journey of the Sea Turtle. Long, Julie Brief article 247

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