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Readership has its privileges. (Editor's Prologue).

The e-mails and phone calls come in periodically. Best's Review readers, having misplaced their past copies of the magazine, need to know in which edition certain articles appeared. Or an interested reader wants to know where he can find on the magazine's Web site the interview with W.R. Berkley Corp. founder William R. Berkley. (He can't, because that edition--August 2001--is no longer online.)

In this time of instant information, waiting a day--or even an hour--for a response to such requests can be too long. In a variation of the adage, "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush," information is only useful to those who possess it. And readers have indicated they want to possess the information in Best's Review, even if they don't stockpile old copies of the magazine. More than half of the visitors to the magazine's Web site,, go to the archive, where only cover features were available--until now.

With this edition of Best's Review, subscribers have access to all the magazine stories that were published during the past two calendar years--2000 and 2001. This access requires a password, and a new password will be published each month on the Table of Contents. (This month's password is on the bottom of page 5.) Those who subscribe online will receive the password in an email that will allow them to access the archive instantly. That means there will be no waiting to find Out when that article on genetically modified foods (June 2000, page 49) or finite quota-share reinsurance (January 2001, page 58) ran in Best's Review

So, don't worry if you've misplaced those old magazines--just remember to hold on to the current one, which has the password.

David Hilgen is editor.
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Publication:Best's Review
Date:Jan 1, 2002
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